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Posted by MusicFan (Member # 13432) on :
With new camera cell phones out on the market, people could take inappropriate pictures of other people. The "victims" (if that's the correct label for them) might not even know that someone is taking a picture of them.

If this is the case, then why are camera phones not banned from public places?

Posted by Milke (Member # 961) on :
Probably for the same reason cameras in general aren't banned, despite the fact that they can be used to do such nasty things as make child pornography. That's not what they exist for, people who want to use them for legal things still deserve that privelege, and someone who's determined enough will still find a way. Have you ever actually seen an image from a real cell camera (and not from an ad, or something on TV)? The resolutions's extremely low, there's no flash, and the quality's poor; even the most artfully taken upskirt is likely to come out looking like a picture of someone's dog or desk. In other words, the technology doesn't really support such fears.

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Posted by froggy_dear (Member # 14139) on :
I saw or read a news report that cell phones have been banned in some places, to prevent innapropriate use of the camera. The report was talking about gyms and locker rooms specifically, where it could be easy to snap a camera picture of anyone without their knowledge. The gym had to ban all phones (or have them checked in at the front counter) because it's hard (I guess) to tell at a glance which have cameras and which don't.
Posted by BruinDan (Member # 3072) on :
Such phones have also been banned at several large corporations and defense industries due to fears of industrial espionage.

But you know, those places are the same sorts of facilities that wouldn't allow cameras anyway. So it all comes down to common sense. If you've got a phone like that and are in a place where cameras aren't welcome, don't be using the phone. It's not all that hard, right?

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Posted by summergoddess (Member # 11352) on :
Actually, it's interesting that you bring this up.. I read an article in my university's newspaper that our local gyms are starting to ban cellphones even the ones that don't have "digital cameras". The university was also looking into it and deciding whether to ban cellphones in certain places. But that's all i know so far.. It just been recently out so i don't know if it'll be banned some places publicly.


Posted by mem310 (Member # 15735) on :
It is funny you bring that up. I have a camera phone, and that thought had never crossed my mind about taking nude pictures of myself or others until my mom accused me of taking pictures of my was so strange.

Posted by Ashy (Member # 4764) on :
In Japan, where they tend to be a bit ahead of America in terms of cool gadgetry, they've faced this issue for a while. In Japan all cell phones with cameras are required to make a clearly audible noise when taking pictures...perhaps this is an easy way to solve this issue?
Posted by BruinDan (Member # 3072) on :
Originally posted by Ashy:
In Japan all cell phones with cameras are required to make a clearly audible noise when taking pictures...perhaps this is an easy way to solve this issue?

Sure...until some wiseacre figures out how to disable it.

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