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Posted by Roxie102 (Member # 72015) on :
I'm looking into Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies as a possible major or minor. Does anyone here have experience with this program or know someone who does? If so, would you recommend it? Did you enjoy it? Was it worth it in the end? What kinds of careers are possible with this degree? Any insight would be appreciated. [Smile]

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Posted by Heather (Member # 3) on :
Those three combined sounds awesome!

I think the tricky thing is that any given school's program around any of these areas -- or, like yours, all three combined -- is going to tend to vary, just like it will vary for any given field of study.

But obviously, if you have a strong interest in these areas and, depending on the reason you're getting your education either a) have a strong enough interest it's what you want to pay for and spend four + years studying, and/or b) think you want to work in and want the education for that reason, then it seems it's be worthwhile.

With a degree like that and paying work, you'd likely be looking at teaching in those fields. That'd be where that kind of degree and major would most likely equal a stable paycheck. Certainly, a degree like that could also be helpful in writing about any or all of those issues, or doing something like teaching sex ed, but writing and doing sex ed rarely equal stable paying work, degree or no, and a degree won't likely equal any greater pay or access to it when using it for freelance work like that.
Posted by Cian (Member # 44405) on :
I currently minor in Gender studies which cover's Women's Studies, Gender and Sexuality Diversity and Critical Men's Studies. It is absolutely thrilling and while it isn't really making me any more employable, I am thoroughly enjoying myself studying the subject. At my school you can study up to Bachelor's in Gender Studies.

I would recommend it as a means of broadening your own personal horizons and hopefully educating those around you. (Careful, people who haven't a problem with patriarchy will quickly label you a humorless femi-overlord who hates men...) As per career choices, there appears to be three jobs those with a major in Gender Studies do: Educators, or researchers for either gender or history and culture. Of course Finland is rather strict about degrees and occupations so chances are what you can or can't do will depend on where you are.

My personal opinion as a minor student: I love it.

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