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Posted by tropicanapple (Member # 30636) on :
This whole issue came from my friend asking a teacher about his grade and why he deserved it. She scoffed at him and questioned his integrity which led him to be upset. His homeroom teacher, which he had for about two years now, wanted to try to make things right and showed the teacher a piece of his writing, some random joke of a treasure hunt after death but within the email, he had jokingly referred to suicide because of the whole issue he had with the grade the day prior. Something happened and the letter ended up in the counselor's hand, his homeroom teacher had the best intentions, they even replied jokingly to each other. He was then sent home for being suicidal and he needed a psychiatrist to sign papers for him, saying he was going to be psychoanalyzed or something. I mean, knowing that his homeroom teacher had taught for about ten years, I'd assume she knew what she was doing when she dismissed his comments, they have an understanding relationship. Myself and a lot of other students feel that it was a low blow that was elongated for spiteful purposes. I know for a fact that a lot of people have said things similar, out of stress, anger, etc in a non-joking way to this counselor and teachers. I just question the motive for an action against this and I wanted to know if there was any way I could possibly get some info if anyone has any?
Posted by orca (Member # 33665) on :
You have to understand though that teachers HAVE to report those kinds of things. It really isn't a matter of choice for them if they want to keep their jobs. They have to report it if a student says anything implying that they will hurt themselves or those around them. They also have to report it if a student tells them of any abuse going on in their lives. Even working as a tutor in a middle school, they told me to report it anytime a student says things of that nature (abuse, suicide, homicide, etc.). While it may suck for your friend to have to see a counselor, he should take the time to go over whatever problems he may be having in life. I do question though why the school sent home a student they thought was suicidal. To me, that just doesn't make sense.
Posted by tropicanapple (Member # 30636) on :
I understand. Something just came up. We've made signs, just ones that say free my friend and people have told me that school officials have actually ripped off the signs from our bags/backpacks. Many were asked to remove them. A senior who wore it had his ripped off and the official threatened that if he didn't stop, he wouldn't graduate.

Is this in any manner legal? I go to a Charter school.
Posted by ookuotoe (Member # 5375) on :
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