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Posted by icanthinkofaname (Member # 12481) on :
Today I rented Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street. I really want to see these movies, but I'm almost scared to watch them. I'm only 13, do you think that they're too scary? Also, which is less scary, in your opinion?

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Posted by Gumdrop Girl (Member # 568) on :
depends on the kind of grasp you have on reality. if you're really good at differentiating between what's real and what's a movie, then you'll be able to watch dang near anything. but if you tend to be superstitious, or you like to take what's on tv to be true of real life, then hold off. horror flicks tend to be rated R, and since you're 13, your parents may object to you renting them. ask your folks if it's okay.

as for me, i remember watching The Blair Witch Project maybe a day or two after it came out (it came out early in my city), so i caught it before most of the hype. I'm usually good about horror flicks, but even then, i slept with *ALL* the lights on for 4 days straight.

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Posted by MarvellousPurple (Member # 8776) on :
Just another recommend--I've seen the Silence of the Lambs at least 4 times, and I STILL hide my eyes at certain parts. I'm such a wimp, jeez.
Posted by Milke (Member # 961) on :
Older horror movies (mid-seventies and before) tend to be less gruesome than newer ones, and often more cleverly put together. Just a tip.


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Posted by sachie (Member # 9895) on :
i haven't seen either "friday the 13th" or "nightmare on elm street", sorry. but if you want a good movie that has kind of a scary feel to it and is also funny, try watching "the crow".

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Posted by icanthinkofaname (Member # 12481) on :
I saw both movies, as well as Jason X. They aren't as scary as they're cracked up to be. I also saw Freddy vs. Jason on Saturday. Did anyone else see this movie, and if you did, what did you think of it?

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Posted by DarkChild717 (Member # 139) on :
If you want a good comparison of older versus new movies, watch House on Haunted Hill--the old one. With the strings attaced to the skeleton.

As far as which is more scary, they are different movies. Each may be frightening in it's own way. I haven't seen either of them. I tried to convince my mom to let me watch Friday the Thirteenth, but I was only 8. I didn't stand much of a chance.

Posted by Lucky1402 (Member # 894) on :
I saw Freddy vs. Jason on Friday, with my boyfriend and his mother. Apparently it didn't get very good reviews by the critics, but I never pay much attention to those- they said the League of Extraordinary Gentleman was awful too, but I loved that movie. I must admit, however reluctantly, that I did like Freddy vs. Jason- I expected it to be really cheesy, but it was surprisingly decent (in my opinion). Granted, it didn't scare me, but I thought the special effects were cool, and the writers did a pretty good job of giving it the "feel" of other Nightmare on Elm Street movies.

But that's just me.

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Posted by Dude_who_writes (Member # 5640) on :
I am such a horror movie buff -- more towards the spectrum of psychological thrillers and slasher flicks. I absolutely loved the Scream Trillogy, the Hannibal Lecter movies (although, when it comes to Red Dragon and Hannibal the books were far better than the movies, while Silence remained a fairly true-to-the-novel interperation... and Jodie Foster absolutely rocks my world), The Blair Witch Project, and virtually anything directed by Alfred Hitchcock -- Psycho is at the top of that list.

(Watching b- and c-list "horror" movies, like Jason X simply to make fun of them is also a fun past time for me. As an FYI, Mystery Science Theatre 3000 -- even though it's finished with original productions, still has residual episodes being aired, most of which are available on DVD -- does this brilliantly and, IMHO, is still the best thing next to sliced bread)

But, like everyone, I have my own limits when it comes to what I can take and what I cannot. I, to this day, will still not watch any of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, because Freddie Kruger scares the bejezzus out of me, and I'm not sure if I could handle those movies. Like Gummy said, it all comes down to what you can handle.

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Posted by BabyGurl8706 (Member # 13227) on :
Im a chicken! Bok Bok BoK! LOL! I can watch Pet Semetary uo til Gage dies then after the girl talks about her sister I cant watch any more.It scares the HELL out of me.I've seen Jason and that scared me too!
Im just more of a Sweet Home Alabama type girl! Haha.Or Bring It On! I try to ster clear of Scary movies.Unless I have a bf and he is there.
Now everyone knows Im a chiiiicken! haha.


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Posted by RumpusParable (Member # 2295) on :
personal opinion on the two:

Jason movies tend to be more gore.. Elm Streets tend to be more suspense/startle.

i prefer the Elm Streets because of the comedy in them (intended & unintended).

but either/or when in a good scary-movie-mood will have you looking around you

i say work up to The Exorcist slowly in a few years. classic & the best horror i've ever seen. both the original & new re-dubbed original. my poor mom saw it as a teenager when it came out & still refuses to have the tape in her house. i only watch it outside of my house, too, but i have additional reasons on that.

a good classic horror that's not really scary, but a very good film is Rosemary's Baby. it's more a suspense/drama.

man, i gotta hook up with some friends & have a horror-flick sleepover sometime...

Posted by Pumpkin_Pie (Member # 5822) on :
You know, I'm like a lot of people in that I can watch all the gore you can throw at me, but a psychological thriller will have me sleeping with the light on for about a month.

Like Silence of the Lambs, the Exorcist to a lesser exent, and any of the Freddy movies.

Just the thought of someone chasing me in my dreams like that.


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