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Posted by Angelica Maria (Member # 96266) on :
I decided to risk my relationship to line-crossing. Since I took the risk, guess what? She's beginning to cross the line. It's not necessarily the abuse thats driving me away, its on top of it that I am getting mixed messages about whether she's coming here or not. They said she's coming here this summer and it is now and I'm being led on and screwed over. I can't trust her or her family. I'm done being led on. I'm done being the only one who goes where she lives. I know she ain't putting any effort.

The bottom line is, I remember my last topic I posted I was told that I can be helped with ending the relationship. I feel like I need advice on how I can break up properly not so hurtful and stuff. Also how I can make it less harder for me. This is just like quitting smoking, which I'm doing better at then breaking up with her. This is my first love, keep in mind. Yes, I had boyfriends b4 but they weren't "loves". I didn't love them. This girl is the first person I've been with that I actually loved.
Posted by Robin Lee (Member # 90293) on :
Hi Angelica Maria,

I totally hear you on it being emotionally hard to get out of this relationship. It hurts, and sadly there's not always a way around hurting except through it.

Maybe a good place to start here would be for you to figure out what you want to say to her, then you can go from there to figure out how to make what you say less hurtful to you (and hopefully to her) and how and when you want to tell her.
Posted by Angelica Maria (Member # 96266) on :
I'm having trouble figuring that out bc now shes telling me she and her family are gonna come and there figuring out when they can come, but I don't know what to believe. They led me on before but idk if I should say this is different or not fall for it. I decided to give them the whole weekend to see if it changes because I am not wasting my summer for this. This is my summer! After its over I have a paid internship leading to a job being an adult, so I wanna enjoy this summer. I'm not gonna sit around all summer waiting. I'm giving it the weekend to see what happens.
Posted by Robin Lee (Member # 90293) on :
Sounds like a plan then. It sounds like you're thinking about this in the big picture, in terms of what you want and need, which seems to me a sound way to look at it. Sometimes loving someone isn't enough to sustain a relationship.

If you need anymore help figuring out how to manage this break-up you know where to find us. [Smile]
Posted by Angelica Maria (Member # 96266) on :
For the record, this is the last long distance relationship. Next girl has to be local. Haha.

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