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Posted by IntangiblexBella (Member # 40426) on :
when a tragic event happened in my life back in june and i turned to an old friend "J" i'd met in middle school. Being Graduated Now we reminisced and got really close that night. After that we started spending lots of time together as well as his best friend "R"now after 5 months or so of getting close and hanging out I've slept with both of them. And I think I'm pregnant. I'm late eating wierd heightened sense of smell. I wish i was kidding If I was how do i tell them and what should i do. "J" has always been someone I could trust and love to death with all my heart hes a good person and I think i'm falling for him. Got caught up in the mess of things. . "R" is going no where in life and i did it because hes got this bad boy style that i wanted...This Message board feels like the only place i can ask these questions.
Posted by Alice (Member # 28346) on :
How long ago was your pregnancy risk? The only way to tell for sure that you're pregnant is by taking a pregnancy test. Info on that here: Peeing on a Stick: All About Pregnancy Tests

If you get a positive result then we will be happy to discuss your options with you, as in if you want to terminate or continue your pregnancy. In the meantime, you don't have to tell either of them anything, unless you want to.
Posted by IntangiblexBella (Member # 40426) on :
Thank you for the reply. Around a month ago is when it could of happened if thats what you mean. The Pregnancy test makes everything official and real if it's really going on I'm just being a big scaredy cat i'm sorry i hope you don't feel like im wasting your time.
Posted by orca (Member # 33665) on :
You're not wasting anyone's time. [Smile] If it's been around two weeks (and you say it's been around a month), then you can go ahead and take a home pregnancy test. Perhaps you could ask a close friend or family member to be there with you when you take the test and they can read the results for you if you think that would make you less nervous. The thing is, it's better to take a test sooner rather than later otherwise you have fewer options available to you if you are pregnant.

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