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Posted by Maryha (Member # 7897) on :
You know, I had an interesting experience in which my friend helped me with something for which I am inherently grateful, and I'm sure many of you would have a similar experience to share (though, not necessarily similar to the actual story line). So, I just figured I'd make an open forum in which to thank friends for. . . whatever!
I personally want to thank one of my girlfriends for getting condoms for me. Over a dozen from Planned Parenthood. It's true that I could have gotten some for myself, but I think it was totally sweet of her to offer to get me some and be so supportive of me. Thanks hun, always.
Posted by CutiePie4eva (Member # 7052) on :
my two closests friends sit and listen to my ranting and raving for hours on end... its sooo great of them! my bf and i broke up in july... and they sit and listen...

on a few occassions when i was really upset and didnt want to leave my room one of my friends who lives like two blocks away dragged me out of the house and we watched movies or walked around the neighborhood...

if they werent here for me... i'd still prob be locked up in my room still... argh... lol

they listen to all my lil crushes and "ooo this kid is sooooooo cute" stories...

can ya tell i'm a lil tiny bit boy crazy lol... its all good...


dont worrie b happie... its like a law! =)

Posted by Daydreamer24 (Member # 5578) on :
At a birthday party I had, it ended up being a total mess. I said "Oh great, I get to clean up all of this tomorrow!" and only 2 of my friends offered to clean [and did]. It was so sweet.
Posted by West1001 (Member # 8317) on :
My friends have always been there when I need some harsh cheering up. They always make me smile and laugh, and whenever I'm around them those dreadful grey clouds always seem to clear up. My friend Marissa, has stuck by me nomatter what, and Marion is always there to listen, and give in her two cents. They're great!
Posted by mnsouthpawjr (Member # 9384) on :
Shortly after I graduated from high school, a friend I hadn't seen in 3 years went above and beyond his call of duty. He helped me get re-adjusted to the city. He'd always listen to me and be a great friend.

Many Christmases, he'd invite me to be with his family. Since my family typically got together 2 weeks after Christmas -- that made my holiday brighter.


Posted by SirenRose (Member # 8384) on :
my friends have always been there for me and listen to me complain about my petty love life, and always make sure to give me their advice before i make a big decision. my friend Tiff has always been there, i'd be sooo dredfully confused without her, and all my friends have, really. i have no idea what i'd do without some of em! :-D

~*your winning me over with everything u rip my heart right out...and when i let you closer i only want you rip me apart...

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