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Posted by Scorpio (Member # 4154) on :
The holiday is approaching fast! What are you getting/doing/making for that your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife? Do you have some ritual that you do every valentines day? I'm stuck on ideas so i thought if other people shared there ideas people like me, who are stuck, could learn something.

Also does your family do something on Valentines day to show your love for each other? What about with your friends? My family always gives/makes each other cards and maybe some chocolate for my mom!

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Posted by Munchy (Member # 6463) on :
My mom always gives my sister and me cards on Valentine's Day. She used to give us candy, too, but I think she's decided that we don't really need the extra sugar and fat. Valentine's Day at my house is usually pretty tame. When we first got together, my guy and I would give each other gifts, but lately we're economically challenged. Valentine's Day comes at the end of a very long holiday season for us. First there's Halloween (and the candy to buy to hand out, plus a costume for our girl), then Thanksgiving (no gifts to buy, but traveling back home for the weekend eats up gas money), Christmas (he has a very large family, plus we try to let our daughter have a nice Christmas, and there's the gas money for the trip to visit everyone we saw at Thanksgiving), then our anniversary is Dec. 31 (no gifts this year, just a bottle of champagne and some midnight lovin', we're so economically challenged), then his birthday is Jan. 26 (which means another trip to visit our families and possibly a gift if we can afford it). So, by Valentine's Day, we usually buy a box of chocolates to share, and stick silly love notes to the computer.

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Posted by Dude_who_writes (Member # 5640) on :
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Posted by CallMeBuffChick (Member # 2101) on :
I'm going to spend Valentine's Day with my friends and my drama teacher. Why? Because we have a tech reharsal that night and I'll be spending my evening up in a box giving light and sound cues.

After words we'll make our way to Burger King and spend hours in there! Personaly I feel like this is going to be my best Valentine's Day ever.

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Posted by Daydreamer24 (Member # 5578) on :
Since I don't and haven't ever had a boyfriend, I'm just going to give Hello Kitty valentine cards out. I'll probably just give my parents actual Valentine cards. And I have afterschool art that Thursday and we're having a party. It'll be fun!

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Posted by Daniel (Member # 2870) on :
As with seemingly all "major" days, I'm working St. Valentine's Day (well, the evening, at least). However, I sometimes make up for this by surprising my girlfriend a few days beforehand with a gift or something nice... it's much more of a surprise that way, which makes the response so much more pleasing
Posted by star1120 (Member # 1624) on :
last valentine's day, there was this guy i liked at another school where my friend and i knew some people. i was going to do something for him, but then i decided not to. well, my best friend and i went to deliver a Vday gift for someone who couldn't to his girlfriend at the same school the boy i liked went to.

(sorry for any confusion there!)

well, i saw him and he asked me to his prom! and that was my best valentine's day yet because, well, i've never had anyone to share it with before.

this year there's a new boy, he goes to college 4 hours away... i made up a package to send him, it contains play money, some silly putty, scratch and sniff stickers, heart shaped snack cakes, some moo town snack thingies, 6 packs of ramen noodles and gummi bears. he LOVES gummi bears and any holiday little debbies and he eats ramen noodles religiously at school because they're cheap and he loves them anyways. heh heh.

so yeah. that's my Vday.

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Posted by Miss Thang (Member # 5508) on :
i'm going to make all my friends the valentines from the martha stewart living magazine- martha stewart rocks. for my boyfriend, we're both responsible for planning a fun evening (like a concert) instead of buying gifts. i'm sick of buying/receiving gifts. it gets old quick.
Posted by Gumdrop Girl (Member # 568) on :
last year was nice, despite me being really ill. he came over, brought me flowers in a heart-shaped vase and cooked dinner for me. we sat around in our underwear (i gave him silk boxers with hearts all over them -- how cliche!), snuggling and watching movies. then we went to bed early because i was totally out of it.

this year, i don't know what's up. i got him a gift already. It's Issey Miyake cologne. It smells nice. But it's kind of a stupid gift. I only got it because he doesn't have nice cologne. and i about gave myself a headache going around Macy's Mens store, smelling everything to figure out which one was best.

Dunno what he's going to do for me. i told him to get dinner reservations somewhere. i hope he'll pick the italian restaurant down the street from his place. i mean, i'd love to go to Chez Panisse, but that requires reservations several months in advance.
aside from going out to dinner, i haven't got anything else in mind ... except a little naughtiness later in the evening

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Posted by Scorpio (Member # 4154) on :
Well i'm going to reply to my own topic since i've figured out what i'm going to do. My boyfriend and i have this thing where we don't buy each other gifts, we make gifts from the heart. That way they're more special and they hold meaning. His birthday and valentines day are 5 days so i'm going a lot. I'm making both him and me friendship bracelets to replace the hair bands we wear around our wrists (silly i know but has meaning for us) because they keep breaking, i'm making him a dream catcher and writing a poem to go with it, i'm giving him a plant box with "suprise" plants which he gets to raise as a symbol for our love, i'm giving him a very small suprise party and baking him dinner and a cake for his birthday. I still haven't worked out some other things, but overall i think he will be suprised!
Posted by Aria51 (Member # 653) on :
2 years ago, I bought my guy a Furby. I took care of it for a week before giving it to him, and it was able to say a ton of things when I gave it to him. We went to dinner at a little mexican place called El Maguey's, and took out a hotel room since I had a prenatal appointment the next morning. We turned in early, and the next day I had my ultrasound.

A year ago, we didn't see eachother. Evan was 6 months old and I wasn't comfortable leaving him with a sitter, and J. had work in the morning.

This year, we won't see eachother until that Friday. I'm going to make dinner for us, complete with candles and a nice wine (gotta love that whole being-21 thing! ) My mom's helping me make him some home-made peanutbutter cups that hopefully won't be too terrible, or contain any sort of insecticide (long story)

Yeah. We aren't big holiday people.

Posted by Zae~Zae (Member # 2946) on :
I was gonna give my boo an erotic massage either after or during we take a long, warm, romantic bath together. I want to have scented candles lit around the bath tub with soft music playing in the background and rose petals floating in the water. I'll use some scented body oils to rub his body down and I also have a stuffed white tiger for him (since that's his fav animal).
Posted by Zae~Zae (Member # 2946) on :
Posted by Celtic Daisy (Member # 2971) on :
I guess we have a tradition. My mom gives us all some yummy type of candy and my dad brings home a box of chocolate and we'll have a special dinner.

Same thing this year, but tonight i have soccer. My friends usually give out candy or little kid valentines. It's fun!

P.S. Happy Valentine's Day!

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Posted by ErinK (Member # 1371) on :
I gave my sweetie Allan some video games and a package of peanut butter cups (which he's utterly overjoyed with), and my other two partners got cards since their stuff is on back order.

My sweetie David sent me roses, which was really nice of him.

Tonight I'll be doing work, as usual, and they will be too.


Posted by Milke (Member # 961) on :
Well, my partner's mum just had a heart attack, and is in hospital, so I'm at home dealing with icky mesntrual cramps, and taking screen captures from old music videos. I'm still waiting to find out what needs to be done, and maye end up walking over to her place later to make sure he's alright (he's there caring for her dog), and probably bringing over chocolate milk and cookies and giving foot massages. There's nothing I can do for her, but maybe I can make him feel a bit better.

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Posted by Dude_who_writes (Member # 5640) on :
Well, I spent my Valentines day tooling my best friend around in her "wheel chair" (it consisted of one of those old-fashioned desk-chairs) because of her recent foot surgery, gave carnations to three of my better friends, and was totally ignored by my crush because he was in a bad mood (which, subsequently put me in a bad mood). All in all, Valentines day didn't turn out so awful... aside from the lack of sex, passion, or relationship-esq activity.
Posted by justagirl04 (Member # 3824) on :
I got my friend Fred a stuffed black and white doggy and a Valentine's Day card. We spent the day together... that was enough of a present for me!!!

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Posted by Gumdrop Girl (Member # 568) on :
imagine the following scenario: there's a man wearing only silk boxer shorts standing in my kitchen, holding a flaming blow torch.

that was valentines dinner. he cooked for me and made creme brulee for dessert. and i gotta admit, the blowtorch made it all sexier somehow
his gift to me was a very rad radiohead poster. they played Slim's (a tiny nightclub venue in San Francisco) in 1995 right before The Bends came out, and this was the artwork from that show. It's numbered 213/300 from a series and signed by the artist who designed it. he bought it at an art gallery where you have to make an appointment to view the artwork, then got the poster custom-framed.

i'm no antiques roadshow type of gal, but i'd have to estimate this cost upwards of over $200. it's awesome. i have to find a good place to hang it.

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Posted by Kasper (Member # 5439) on :
My valentines day was great. After me and my bf got outta college he came over my house. He brough me a dozen re roses, chocolates, kissing teddys, and a TRIP TO FLORIDA for spring! It was great. I had night class, but he picked me up from that, and we just had a really realy nice evening alone!
Posted by Sun Wu (Member # 7018) on :
this valentines day my family did nothing... It just wasn't needed. We all get along and aren't traditionalists either. =P I didn't do anything myself, no sweethearts I'm lusting after this year.
Posted by Gumdrop Girl (Member # 568) on :
'tis the season...

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Posted by BlueRaine (Member # 21938) on :
Seeing as V-day is... *glances around* 6 days away... I'll be unable to do anything fun with my girlfriend at all.

Every V-day, I get sick. Ever since I was born, I always got sick around that time. Never have I gone to a V-day party because I'm always sick... and right now, I am in fact sick with a terrible cold that lasts about two weeks or so...

*sigh* It's a curse, I swear. Must be a karma or past life thing playing up.

Anyways, that's my V-day tradition. To stay in bed, sick.

Then again, if I'm feeling up to it, me and my girl would probably go see a movie, and eat dinner. Fun stuff that we do anyways ^^

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Posted by Glam (Member # 14117) on :
My boyfriend and I aren't much for big fusses, especially over Valentine's Day (we try to be sweet to each other all year long, not just one day!) so we didn't make a big deal of it.
We decided to celebrate it today since I have classes/rehearsals until 10:30pm tomorrow. I went over to his house, I gave him a mix cd, we went out to lunch at the Chinese buffet and he gave me a fantastic neck massage. It was nice to just get to spend some 'alone' time together, too.

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