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Posted by Etch (Member # 182) on :
I was wondering what everyone thought about PDA (Public Display of Affection). Are you comfortable showing your affection for your boyrfiend or girlfriend in front of people? And if so how far would you let it go before it is TOO much for public? Hugging? Kissing? More?
Posted by Necka11 (Member # 467) on :
I am all for PDA to an extent. I think it's great that couples can show their affection for eachother in holding hands, hugging and kissing but there comes a point where it's not for the public eye to see: groping her breasts and even heavy duty kissing i think is a bit much for say hanging out in the mall or something, but that's just my opinion, i am sure there are people who would have sex in public but, whoa people that's just out of control!!
Posted by AbercrombieBabe (Member # 310) on :
I'm all for PDA! I agree with Necka11 with the "it's okay to an extent" b/c no one wants to see some couple almost tearing each other's clothes off in the middle of the mall, at least I don't! *hehe* I mean me and my b/f will be at the mall and hold hands or have our arms around each other and occasionally he'll lean over and give me a kiss but I think other than that ppl should tell them it's time to get a room!!


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Posted by PEZgirl (Member # 394) on :
I agree with everyone else. I think it's cool when people aren't emabarassed to be with their bf/gf and can show the world how they feel. But there are times when it just gets out of hand and makes you wonder what are they trying to prove? Somethings are just better kept private.

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Posted by Etch (Member # 182) on :
Yeah thats how i feel too. But one time i was trying to prove something. If you read my "crush me" post about that guy ty it was to prove to him i can get someone. it was evil and childish what i did but he told me i will never get anyone but my own hand so i wanted to prove him wrong when my current b/f came here. my b/f was all for it too cuz he wanted to get back at this guy for hitting me but he didnt want to be violent. All we did was a little groping and kissing and such. nothing too serious. but we got the desired effect.
Posted by ktroub (Member # 456) on :
I too am in agreement with everyone's response. I am all for PDA to a point. When it starts to be people practically having sex with their clothes on then it's too much. I think however, most people are guilty at some point of being a little too affectionate in public. I think it's all to do with what you're comfortable with and what is appropriate for the situation. For example, I don't generally kiss my boyfriend in front of his parents but we do hold hands.


Posted by mentalxashtray (Member # 416) on :
PDA is good to an extent. Only, unlike most people here, I'd go for a little of heavy kissing. A little tounge isn't going to hurt anyone.

But, as my friend, Lisa, would say: "Hey, if you're at the mall, and you hate PDAs, find a dressing room!"

Its silly, but as strange as it is, it makes sense. Tah-tah.

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Posted by HotGrrl99 (Member # 105) on :
I think some people take PDAs way to far! I've seen guys sliding their hands under girls skirts and over girls asses, putting their hands in girls shirts and squeezing their boobs... I've even seen a girl with her hand in a boys pants playing with his thing! How anyone could think that this kind of behavior is acceptable in public, is just totally beyond me!!
Posted by Jayjers (Member # 382) on :
PDA is great as long as its just a little kiss or hug, not a huge suck your face thing. Last night I went to the HotTub @ my Apartments (I live with roomates away from the parents- hehe) Anyway, me and a friend was waiting on some other friends . We got in the hottub after about 20 minutes got in the pool. Then this couple came out to the hot tub. They turned on the bubbles and there is a timer on thgem of 15 minutes. The whole time it was on the were having sex, Right infront of me and my friend! After it the bubbles went off the guys yells "Hell Yeah, ONE MORE TIME!!!!" and the chick hit the button to turn them on again. Me and my friend were stuck in the pool for 35-40 minutes while they had sex because we didn't wanna get out and look at them. Thats just inconsiterate and rude of them. Anyway, sorry to get off into a long story, but its a PDA thing that is just NOT acceptable. Ickie!


Posted by WildChica (Member # 459) on :
I've gotta agree with Mental on this one. Unless there's a bunch of little kids around, a little tongue isn't gonna hurt anyone.
Posted by Beppie (Member # 94) on :
I think I'll just add my general agreement, hugging, a little kissing is fine. As for the tongue question, I think it all depends on the situation. If you're with friends at a cafe, a short kiss is fine, but getting into a long makeout session would be really unfair to your friends, as well as the other people in the cafe who would be trying to enjoy their food without having two people slurping all over each other. However, if you're with your partner in say, a public park, more serious pashing might be acceptable, so long as you're in a place that you can mind your own buisness. Anything more than that though should be kept in private- other people might not want to see it, and it's unfair on them.

On a related note, what do people think of PDAs in schools. I've heard of kids getting in a fair bit of trouble (and remember it happening when I was in high school) for kissing at lunchtimes, which I always thought was a bit extreme, so long as they weren't doing anything more than that, and so long as they weren't doing it in class. But I would say that keeping it to the cafe-level I spoke about before would be reasonable- after all, teachers can get in trouble from parents, and letting people get into heated pashing sessions probably isn't the best idea in that case.

Posted by ryanluver (Member # 351) on :
i've actually heard teachers in my school talking to one another and complaining about the PDA in my school! I think PDA is okay as long as it doesn't get out of control. One time I was at a concert and this couple in front of my friends were totally groping each other..sticking their hands everywhere!! then suddenly people in back of me started chanting "GO AWAY PDA" repeatedly. It was pretty funny, but they still didn't back off one another!! It was pretty awkward standing next to them. But I can imagine it was nothing like being next to a couple havin sex--twice!!
Posted by 007 (Member # 486) on :
I think PDA's are great to an extent. Holdhing hands, hugging, having your hand on her butt is all fine. Kissing is fine, even a little tongue sometimes. But not over doing it, no making out, etc.
Posted by PepSi (Member # 534) on :
I think PDA is cool until u get some of those ppl that just straight out start humping each other bascially. Other then that its cool.
Posted by Sedi Tlugvi (Member # 21797) on :
The vice-principle of my high school practically stalks me and my boyfriend to make sure we don't 'do anything.' We've been yelled at several times for PDA. The first time wasn't even massive PDA, IMO. We were sitting at our lunch table and I was just playing with the hair behind his ear. The vice came over and started ranting about how he '...wouldn't have any of this in [his] school!' I think it's insane.
Posted by funkymonkey572 (Member # 23774) on :
PDA is great! just not at lunch when your trying to eat! showing your love to your girlfriend or boyfriend in public may seem weird because people might see you but whatever! if you want to hug or kiss in public do it just like nike says! well if you wanted to have sex in public that`s your choice.. but i personally thing that`s a special moment that the two of you should share.
Posted by Gumdrop Girl (Member # 568) on :
Originally posted by funkymonkey572:
... if you wanted to have sex in public that`s your choice.. but i personally thing that`s a special moment that the two of you should share.

sex in public is a pretty bad choice considering in a lot of states, it's lewd behavior, which is a criminal sex offense. it's not fun to be on a sex offender registry...

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Posted by funkymonkey572 (Member # 23774) on :
yes i know. i said it`s your own choice if you wanted to do that or not but MY personal opinion is to do that between the two of you not in frotn of starngers!
Posted by *Bballgirl* (Member # 23726) on :
I think that a little kissing and hugging is just fine. It's cool that you want to show people how you feel about each other. The tounge thing is not very good in public. The only public place that me and my boyfriend have ever kissed with tounge was at the movie theater....but its dark in there and not as noticable. But some people just make to big of deal out of it.
Posted by Brite Crayon83 (Member # 23517) on :
Me and my boyfriend are very big on PDA, but you know we dont even notice we are doing it or offending anyone.

We hug, hold hands, and kiss in public. Well maybe we might go a lil over board. We do use tongue quite a bit in public, but we love each other, so I think thats ok.

Posted by Cactus9 (Member # 22679) on :
I don't mind small amounts of PDA, like holding each other, hugging, small pecks, and playing with hair. But make out sessions, groping, and anything above that gets my thumbs-down. I used to not really care, but ever since I had this goth couple beside my locker making out, I'm pretty sickened by more intimate forms of PDA.
Posted by ceresbaistat (Member # 23736) on :
As far as I'm conceerned, PDA's are fun. I love kissing my boyfriend in public, not because I want to show anyone anything, but because it's out in the open. Personally, I never do anything beyond some brief tongue, but as far as everyone else goes, I don't care (call it freedom of expression). I've never even thought of PDA's as a display to anyone but the recipient of the affection. Sorry to sound rude but where I live, if you don't want to see it, don't look.

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