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Posted by Cha Cha Nicole (Member # 31203) on :
Last Friday night, I had sex with my boyfriend. Everything was fine until I realized I was bleeding. I wasn't hurting or anything and I wouldn't have noticed I was bleeding if I hadn't of looked down so I told him to stop. At first I thought it was my period starting since I was suppose to start the upcoming Sunday, but when I went into the bathroom, I realized it was too much blood to be my period.

A few months ago, I had this problem when I masturbated. (I had made a thread about it too if any of you remember that far back.) So I had simply stopped doing that. And this was the first time I had sex since I had masturbated.

The next night, we had sex again and I told him to try and be more gentle to see if maybe he was just being a little rough. So he was gentle and I didn't end up bleeding that night.

Should I be concerned about this and see a doctor? Or was he just being a little too rough? (Even though it didn't hurt me at all?)

And no, it wasn't my period because the bleeding stopped after an hour and I ended up getting my period last Monday.

Thanks for any replies. (=

Oh and I just remembered another thing.
I had talked to my boyfriend about it and he said he thinks I probably wasn't wet enough at the time because he said he started to feel a pain so he had stopped or something and "fixed the problem". (Just thought I'd bring that up.)

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Posted by Surferchk07 (Member # 32276) on :
The one thread your talking about from your past:;f=2;t=009354;p=1

Sounds as though you need more lube...So my suggestion is buy some lube and see if that will work.
If it doesnt maybe you should talk to your gyno about all this.
Posted by Heather (Member # 3) on :
Bear in mind, too, that this isn't always just about more lube.

If you're not fully aroused in the first place, and/or you're not interested in/really turned on by intercourse in the first place, the right thing to do isn't to just add lube to make it tolerable.

It's to GET more fully aroused first and to be sure intercourse -- and the way you're having it -- is even what you're really into doing and really get pleasure from.

if both THOSE things are in place and you're still having issues, then adding more lubricant is the right thing to do. [Smile]
Posted by Cha Cha Nicole (Member # 31203) on :
Hm, alright thanks.
That could just be it. Thank you, both of you. (=
Posted by Cha Cha N. (Member # 31203) on :
Alright, bringing this back up again.
A few days ago my boyfriend and I had sex again. Same thing happend and we made sure I was fully aroused.
I still didn't feel like anything was hurt or anything. I just randomly start bleeding in the middle of it. Enough to fill a pad and it happens pretty fast. I don't know when it starts happening, but neither of us even notice until we see it.
I'm going to see a gyno, but I'm curious; could this mean something is majorly wrong with me?
Posted by JamsessionVT (Member # 17924) on :
Bleeding enough to soak a menstrual pad (I'm assuming something like a maxi pad) in a short amount of time is something that needs to be tended to by a doctor. It could be an injury, but either way you should get checked out.

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