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Posted by kick_artist (Member # 28575) on :
(more out of curiosity than personal application...)

How long does sperm survive in water, and is it water-soluble? i.e. if a male were to ejaculate into a bathtub, what are the chances of it impregnating a woman in the same tub, even if they weren't having intercourse? How about in a lake (hence the water-soluble question: would it clump together and sink, or dilute and "contaminate")?

If a man ejaculates into his hand, and then fingers a woman, could she plausibly be impregnated? What if she'd, unknowingly, shaken his hand and then masturbated? (ick)
Posted by wobblyheadedjane (Member # 11569) on :
Sperm are pretty hardy, but not hardy enough to swim through water to impregnate someone. Similarly with your other example - if a man had a hand full of semen and fingered a woman, that might present a risk, but handwashing with soap and/or using a condom to masturbate would decrease that risk. And I doubt any woman would shake hands with someone on the street if he was dripping semen from his hands! Otherwise, there is no risk. Dry hands = dead sperm.

(Of course, on a general health note, washing your hands often, like before masturbating, after meeting someone, shaking their hand, etc. cuts down on getting colds and other illnesses, too.)

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