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Posted by DryEyeRelief (Member # 10154) on :
Just out of curiousity, has anyone heard of that theory when you soak yourself in scalding water it stops sperm production? I mean it makes sense that heat would stop it but is it a safe method of lets say "birth control" for men? Not recommending anyone doing this of course but has anyone read up on it?
Posted by lemming (Member # 33) on :
Extreme heat can kill sperm which are in the testes. However, new sperm are being made all the time, rendering this moot as a birth control method.

I've read it has been used at some points in history as birth control, but so have such things as inserting lemons into the vagina, douching with Coca Cola, and using linen condoms.

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Posted by Heather (Member # 3) on :
....and I should note that it's safe to say condoms are a LOT more comfy (and effective!) than trying to boil your testicles.


Posted by AlwaysWorried (Member # 8472) on :
And personally I think most people would prefer condoms to first degree burns

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