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Posted by Doe_Eyes (Member # 12916) on :
First, I would like to say "thanx" to those who replied to my first post on this fine site. My question is the other night my boyfriend and I were messing around and he stuck his hand in my panties (something that I have never experienced before) and very gently let his finger graze over what I can only expect to be my hymen.There was no penetration and he was gentle taking in to consideration Iam a virgin. The thing that sort of bothers me about this is the fact that it kind of hurt. He didn't push or stretch or anything but, it was kind of painful. Why did this happen???
Posted by AlwaysWorried (Member # 8472) on :
I can think of a few suggestions:

1) If you weren't aroused then lack of lubrication doesn't help much for that sort of thing.

2) His fingernail might have caught something.

3) It was a new sensation that your brain interpreted as pain.

Posted by Heather (Member # 3) on :
How about YOU take a look at your own genitals, touch them and find out, honey?

Really. Sit down with a mirror, get out a clean hand, and take a little tour.

You can use this to help: Pink Parts – Female Sexual Anatomy.

It's pretty rare for normally active women to have a fully intact hymen. Partial hymens are more common, though no hymen at all also can happen. If you have a partial or full hymen, some pressure might hurt a little the first few times.

But too, genital tissue is tender. hands tend to have callouses, hangnails, the whole works. So it'd be possible for touching any part of your vulva to possibly hurt or be tender.

To boot, sometimes, pleasure and pain walk a pretty fine line. When you touch your own genitals, does it hurt in the same way?

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Posted by Doe_Eyes (Member # 12916) on :
Ok, I have never really looked at my genitalia before but, it's worth a shot though right???How will I know IF I do have a fully intact hymen???Or someother physical attribute that may have caused this pain?
Posted by Heather (Member # 3) on :
Read the article I linked you to.

It talks about the hymen.

Good rule of thumb, honestly? Before other people start exploring your body, explore it yourself. It truly is important.

(And if you menstruate, you do not have a fully intact hymen.)

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