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Posted by alaska (Member # 1896) on :
We've been saying it for ages, and today, a German health news cast reported it too, which made me search for some articles on the study beyond the news bit:

You can indeed get pregnant on any day of the cycle.

Surprise, surprise. Don't claim we didn't tell ya.

A study by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences in the US, which was published in the British Medical Journal earlier this year indicated:


Others could be fertile almost any day, says obstetrician/gynecologist David Harari, MD, of Scripps Mercy Hospital in San Diego. “Some women ovulate and are fertile in an earlier time in their cycle, other women may ovulate later in their cycle,” reports Harari. “Patients assume that if they are ‘on their period’ it is OK to have intercourse without any type of contraception, because they are not going to get pregnant: that just isn’t true.”


The federally funded study indicates that those women are potentially fertile on almost any day, even the day menstruation begins. Seventeen percent of study participants were found to be starting their fertile window by Day 7 (with cycle Day 1 being the time when menstrual bleeding begins).

Schouldn't come as a surprise for Scarleteeners. We've been saying that all along.

To read a little more on this study, check out:

Study Outline @
Top Quote:

"The timing of the fertile window is even less predictable for women with less regular cycles, such as adolescents, stress the authors. Women should be aware that no calendar method for identifying fertile days is completely effective, they conclude."

Pregnancy Surprises: Using a calendar to determine fertility could backfire (from

When does pregnancy occur? (from

Please remember though that the "calendar method" (i.e. identifying fertile days by the sue of a calendar) should NOT be confused with practising fertility awareness (through basal body temperature, observation of changes in the cervical mucous) combined with constant use of condoms and completely abstaining during the most fertile days as identified.
The latter is -when practised religiously- indeed a good method of birth control.

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Posted by John Doe (Member # 3836) on :
In other words, the Pope ain't exactly Keith Moon when it come to s sense of rythem.

Posted by blackbird (Member # 4159) on :
yes. otherwise women who are trying to get pregnant wouldn't need to see their gyno and come up with their "fertility calendar" to figure out when they are actually ovulating.
Posted by Celtic Daisy (Member # 2971) on :
Thank you for posting that. On other forums so many people have been saying that you can only get pregnant one day out of the month (!!!) They just wouldn't be swayed, but i linked them to the forum and some are coming around, thank goodness.

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