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Posted by tifa528 (Member # 1484) on :
This is be a stupid question...

But I was wondering when... hm, how do I word this... when is the "pre-cum" there? I know I must sound smart... Thanks...

Posted by mcb3 (Member # 528) on :
Well, we could help you a little easier, if you gave us a little more info

Clear something up for me, here...
Are you referring to how you would know when a man's pre-ejaculatory fluid is present?

And you know what? That sarcasm that you threw in your post about how "this question must sound so smart", well, I have one answer for that.

It does. It sounds smart, because you're asking instead of just guessing or not knowing at all


Posted by tifa528 (Member # 1484) on :
I'm always sarcastic... and I guess your right...

Yeah, I'm sorry, I didn't quite know how to word it correctly, but that's what I was trying to ask:

How do I know when a man's pre-ejaculatory fluid is present?

Ahh, that sounds much better!


Posted by ErinK (Member # 1371) on :
Well, pre-cum, or pre-ejaculatory fluid, is a fluid that emerges from the penis when arousal is reached. Since arousal happens *before* ejaculation (orgasm), precum cam emerge at any time during the, uh, process.

Precum can make you pregnant and it can trasmit STDs; therefore, it's important that if you're playing with a penis, to get a condom on it.

You can read more about the male anatomy at or you can check out the boyfriend part of scarleteen.

Oh, and it's always smart to ask questions.


Posted by Rona2003 (Member # 1492) on :
If a guy is already aroused before having sex can the pre-cum still happen doing sex? Even if its been like an half hour?



Posted by Gumdrop Girl (Member # 568) on :
Rona: yep. the "pre-cum" (i don't like this term) is still secreted because it's the male's way of lubricating the vagina. if the man's body is still preparing for intercouse, even an hour later, he's still going to be secreting the fluid. trick is, the fluid shouldn't be in the vagina unless you're trying to conceive because, as mentioned earlier, it contains germs and sperms.

use a condom and some Astroglide®

if you get the molasses, i'll set up the trampoline.

Posted by AtashiWaAtashi (Member # 6706) on :
I've been looking all over the internet for information on Pre-ejaculatory fluid. I finally found a site that gave a little information on it, but it said that it only contains sperm if the male had ejaculated recently. It pretty much said that sperm is in pre-cum (hate it. easy to type.) only because some sperm may stay in the uretha and comes out with whatever fluid comes out next. So, after ejaculation, if he pees and wipes the tip of his penis off , there should be no sperm in his pre-cum. I'm really confused now that I've found Scarleteen, because everyone says that sperm IS in it. Someone please un-confuse me.


"Why are we walking like this?"

Posted by AtashiWaAtashi (Member # 6706) on :
here's that site, by the way

"Why are we walking like this?"

Posted by kythryne (Member # 5460) on :
I just read the article, and I want to point out that the author of that article strongly stressed that this is not a good option of birth control for teens. And, of course, it provides absolutely no protection from STDs.

So why risk a pregnancy or an STD? Use condoms!


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Posted by jessica_4789 (Member # 12922) on :
does precum contain enough sperm to get someone pregnant. After sperms dries on a finger and then you are fingered with that finger can you get pregnant?
Posted by Ashy (Member # 4764) on :
Yes, pre-ejaculate can make you pregnant. A good rule of thumb for assessing your pregnancy risk is that you have a risk if ejaculate or pre-ejaculate comes in contact with your vulva.
What's The Risk? - Five Easy Pregnancy Risk Assessment Flow Charts

sperm can survive for about 20 minutes in hostile conditions such as in open air. So if you get some on your hands, wash them with some soap and water.

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