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Posted by anonymous229 (Member # 108616) on :
I'm currently on Yaz BC and also taking antibiotics (minocycline) for acne. I take the BC every day at the exact same time, haven't missed a day this month. We also always use condoms to be safe. After sex, we run the condom under the faucet to make sure water doesn't leak out, just for peace of mind. When we did this, a drop of water fell from the bottom of it. My bf didn't think it was a big deal (that somehow water had gotten on the exterior), but I think it could have been a potential hole. Now (1.5 days later) I'm getting paranoid. Is this worth being concerned about? Would the BC be enough, even with the antibiotics effecting them? I am considering taking Plan B just to be safe.

I'd appreciate an answer ASAP.
Posted by Molias (Member # 101745) on :
First off, you definitely don't need to check condoms for holes like this - when condoms fail, it's going to be easy to notice, like a tear in a balloon. The idea that condoms have tiny pinprick holes in them is just not true. So I'd suggest ditching the water balloon test after sex, if for no other reason than it probably gets pretty messy.

If you're using your birth control pill properly, there's really nothing for Plan B to do. I don't know if that particular antibiotic lessens the effectiveness of your pill, but you can always check with your doctor or pharmacist to find out.
Posted by anonymous229 (Member # 108616) on :
Thank you for the response. I have heard mixed things about the effect of this antibiotic on BC. The doctor who prescribed them to me said the effect was negligible, but almost every result when I google it says that it can interfere with BC. Not sure what to think.

So would you say that I'm most likely fine?
Posted by Molias (Member # 101745) on :
I'd certainly trust your doctor over something you find through a google search, unless you're looking at actual medical data from a trustworthy source vs. anecdotal evidence online. If you're still concerned you could ask your doctor if they can give you more detail on what "negligible" effect means in terms of real-world data, if they have access to any.

But even if the medication did impact your pill's effectiveness, that doesn't mean it would be completely ineffective, plus you were also using a condom (that again, showed no signs of breaking). So that's two forms of birth control right there. Your chances of becoming pregnant are still extremely small here.

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