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Posted by Christina k (Member # 96498) on :
I had sex during my ovulation period(11th day of my 29-days-cycle), I am not really sure about whether that was my ovulation day(most fertile day) or not
We used a condom and my bf felt like coming, so he told me that theres Pre ejaculate in the condom (volume is about 1/5 of the semen),
Suddenly the condom broke and of course the Pre ejaculate is all in my vagina
I took a plan b pill after 22 hours
I was quite wet for a few days after taking that pill
It's been the 11th day after I took in the pill, but my period is not yet come. I got cramps these few days.
I did the finger test to test the cervical mucus, the discharge is white in colour and quite sticky, is it normal?
Is that just the side effects of my plan b pill?
we supposed to be dry if period is gonna come , but in my case, I can feel the wetness when I insert my finger to my vagina,does that indicates my period is not yet coming?
Posted by Robin Lee (Member # 90293) on :
HI C.K. and welcome to Scarleteen.

Taking Plan B can alter the menstrual cycles for a few months after it is taken, so your period may not come when it is expected. For some people it comes sooner, and for some people, as in your case, it takes a while to arrive. Again, the changes to your cycle could last for a couple of months but they're nothing to worry about.
Posted by Christina k (Member # 96498) on :
Hi robin, thanks for your reply. Still, I want to ask, why some people took in plan b within 24 hours,they still get pregnant?

In my case, I keep convincing myself that the pill is working and I'm not pregnant by Pre-cum. That totally makes me so stress.
Why would I have the cramps for like 10 days after the pill? But my period doesn't seem to come soon though. And what kind of cervical mucus I'm suppose to have if I'm almost having my period, i can't say not I'm very wet, but I can still feel the moist and sticky feeling when I do the cervical mucus test
Thanks for answering me

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Posted by Christina k (Member # 96498) on :
When I did a cervical mucus test again today, the cm is still white in colour
After awhile (few hours later), it turns out to have some blood when I insert my finger
Is that I hurt my vagina or it's implantation bleeding or what ? Me got freak out
Posted by Karybu (Member # 20094) on :
Plan B, just like any other kind of birth control, isn't 100% effective. So there is still a chance of pregnancy. But you took it within 24 hours of a pregnancy risk, so it's very likely that it did work and you did not become pregnant.

Cervical mucus just before a period is usually a bit thicker, and a bit less than other points in your cycle, so what you're describing sounds pretty typical. The blood you saw earlier today is very possibly from the Plan B - it can cause some spotting or heavier bleeding when you're not expecting it. If you don't have a reason to think that you've injured yourself, that's probably it.
Posted by Christina k (Member # 96498) on :
Thanks karybu. My period hasn't come after 13 days I took in the pill, I'm just freaking out and worrying all the time.
Posted by Rei (Member # 49582) on :
Plan B can often cause periods to come later than we expect them to, so that's not unsual. Periods can also arrive later for many other reasons, which are outlined here: M.I.A: or Dude, Where's my Period?

However, after 14 days since the risk, a pregnancy test will be able to give you a definate answer.

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Posted by Christina k (Member # 96498) on :
So that means I gotta wait for a little longer to wait till the next period
Is it normal not having any bleeding but have cramps after taking in plan b ?
Posted by Heather (Member # 3) on :
The potential side effects of Plan B are just that: potential side effects. Bleeding and cramps are both of those things. Some people experience them, some don't.

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