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Posted by speakerhead12 (Member # 52234) on :
Ok, so this has been a more rough month than usual for my girlfriend in terms of birth control timeliness.

It started out on the day she was supposed to start a new pack of birth control. We had had sex that day, didn't think anything of it, until she couldn't find her birth control. I didn't think anything would be wrong, but I wanted to be safe, so we got a morning after pill and she took it that night.

So fast forward to now. She normally is spot on with the pill at the same time everyday, but this month she's been a little off. Has never completely missed a pill by a day, but has been off by a few hours pretty frequently. We had sex this past Saturday night, but I did not ejaculate inside of her. I still didn't think this was a big deal until today when she said that she had "orange discharge". Being the hypochondriac I am, I immediately thought of implantation bleeding. She said that she was pretty sure it wasn't blood and that everything was ok, but I'm still a little worried.

Thanks everyone for your help.
Posted by RaeRay2112 (Member # 49582) on :
Hi speakerhead, welcome to ST.

It's very rare to have bleeding with implantation. Have you read this yet? About Implantation Bleeding

Also, if your partner has not missed a pill by a day, your risk is very low here, as taking the pill within a window of a few hours is still counted as perfect use. As you also used the withdrawal method with perfect use, we can say you've had a 99.98% effectiveness rate if it's the combined pill your parter has been taking, or a 99.99% effectiveness rate if it's the minipill. So, we can say that your risk is pretty close to zero here.

On top of that, different colored discharge - such as orange and yellow - is very common. It may be a sign of a very common infection, so your partner might want to check in with their doctor about that if the have any concerns. However, if they've recently had a period, leftover blood may have discoloured the discharge, which is also very common.

Here are some more links to check out:

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