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Posted by 708 (Member # 100948) on :
Hello again,

As per my previous thread detailing my worries I went and had an exam done down there. The doctor said I was perfectly normal and the tightness had some sort of name (I forget it now [Frown] ) but that it wasn't a disease and happened to a lot of women wanting to have sex. She showed that there should be enough space down there should I relax (the doctor got two fingers, something my boyfriend cant even do, he was probably not going slow enough it seems.)

So I'm perfectly normal! I was so relieved to hear this but after a chat with the doctor I realised I was getting too hung up over sex. We've decided to give the trying sex thing a break and not do it just because we want to, but to wait until the right time when our bodies are ready too.

That worry is out of the way, but I have a new issue at hand :/ I was taking cerezette (mini pill) up until two days ago and decided to stop it because of the side effects I was getting. I didn't take it on saturday, bled a tiny bit then nothing but a brown stain. Among others the no period thing was beginning to make me paranoid. My boyfriend wore condoms both times we attempted sex though we didn't even get penetration so I know I have no reason to be worried about getting pregnant.

On the first time, we had really BRIEF genital contact without a condom on (3 seconds if at all) before he had ejaculated but I still went and got the morning after or plan B pill. The nurse said it would probably cause my bleeding to mess up or make me bleed. Still no period. This was about 3 weeks ago now.

We are always so careful not to get any semen on me. If I get it on my hands I wash up with warm soapy water and he goes to wash himself up too. Sometimes when we're doing stuff we both have no clothes on, but I've never gotten any semen on me down there. I don't now why it's bothering me so much but I think being worried about it is even getting me worried about sex itself, making me tight down there, and then the whole cycle continues.

I'm getting some phantom craps but still no period... I've read the articles on here obviously but wanted to talk to someone about my lack of period.

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Posted by Robin Lee (Member # 90293) on :
HI There,

Yay. I'm so glad to hear that the doctor was helpful and reassuring to you. It sounds like she was really supportive. [Smile] It sounds like you're in a much happier space with figuring out what works and doesn't work for you right now.

Just so I understand: Up until 2 days ago you were taking hormonal birth control in the form of the mini pill. You also took Plan B recently; when you saw the nurse for the Plan B, did you tell her you were already taking hormonal birth control?

It's not unusual for someone not to bleed right away after stopping hormonal birth control. It can often take the body a while to figure out what's going on and to re-establish it's own hormonal pattern. So, not tstarting to bleed right away is not a cause for alarm.

As you may have read in our articles, indirect contact with semen, such as getting some semen on your hands, then touching your own genitals shortly after, does not pose a pregnancy risk. Germs and bacteria survive on the hands for a lot longer, so the handwashing is still a good idea to reduce the risk of any kind of infection.

As always, if you're concerned about pregnancy, you do have the option of taking a pregnancy test, but I'm not hearing anything here that's a cause for alarm.
Does this help?
Posted by 708 (Member # 100948) on :
Hey Robin [Smile] Yes she was great, we discussed some of the things that may be worrying me about sex. It was very helpful and reassuring, and I think I'm feeling a lot more positive about it now.

Yes, the nurse would have been aware I was on the mini pill, they have all my records. It's a family planning clinic I go to to get my pill and I went to the same place to get plan B. It was more of a extreme precaution but I don't think you should take chances, no matter how small, when it comes to this sort of thing. I've tried to be more careful since.

Thanks for the speedy response [Smile]
Posted by 708 (Member # 100948) on :
Also, thought it would be important to add that I had one period on the mini pill that arrived when my period would normally otherwise. it was slightly heavier/longer than normal but apart from that nothing much was different. I was due to get mine just under two weeks ago from now, but no signs.
Posted by Robin Lee (Member # 90293) on :
How long had you been on the mini pill? Sometimes bleeding can be a little erratic when on hormonal birth control.

Again, I'm not hearing anything here that would indicate a pregnancy risk, and Plan B does tend to alter things (some people bleed sooner, some people don't bleed for a while) so there are some plausible explanations here. If you're feeling concerned, and feel like taking a pregnancy test would give you more certainty, you can by all means do that.
Posted by 708 (Member # 100948) on :
I've been on it for 2 months.

I'm glad you said it, I sort of interpreted the nurse saying that as I will bleed as if that were some proof that the plan B worked and everything is ok.

If I were to change my pill (to something with a placebo period, where I will have a bleed, thus not get so concerned over this anymore) how long would I have to wait before switching onto a new pill?

Thanks Robin [Smile]
Posted by Robin Lee (Member # 90293) on :
HI There,

No, Plan B doesn't cause bleeding as a sign that it worked.

It's not at all uncommon for someone to not get regular bleeds in the first few months of taking hormonal birth control.

You'd have to ask your prescribing clinician what they suggest for you in terms of when to start a new type of birth control, but from what I know, you could do so at any time.
Posted by 708 (Member # 100948) on :
This has been a great help. I'll go and speak to them this week and consider taking a pregnancy test just to put my mind at ease.

Thanks again for all your help and information!
Posted by Robin Lee (Member # 90293) on :
You're most welcome. [Smile]

Come on back if you have any more questions.

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