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Posted by Kabith (Member # 95148) on :
I have to take a thyroid medicine called "Levothyroxine," and I am supposed to take it in the morning on a fasting stomach. I am also supposed to wait 30-60 minutes after that before eating, and at least 3 hours after that before taking any vitamins. Could I take my birth control pill in the morning with the thyroid medicine without disrupting the effectiveness of either?

(Also, I know that BC lowers the efficiency of thyroid medicine in general, so I am on a higher dosage of thyroid medicine to counteract the birth control c:)

I just ask because it would be nice to only have to take my medicine once a day, instead of having to remember to take one when I wake up and one when I go to bed >.<
Posted by September (Member # 25425) on :
This is a question you'll want to ask your pharmacist or prescribing doctor.
Posted by Kabith (Member # 95148) on :
Ok, thank you September!
Posted by Heather (Member # 3) on :
Just so you know -- in case you don't -- when doctors prescribe medications to patients, they look at all and any other prescriptions they are talking to make sure that it's okay to take those medications together.

So, if at least one of your prescribing physicians (if they're not the same person) for even one of those meds knows you're taking the other? You can rest assured taking both is fine, because evaluating that for you is part of their job when prescribing you anything.

Ditto for if there is some special way you need to take one or both of those medications with -- or without -- the other. They'd have told you if you needed to do that for either or both to remain effective.

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