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Posted by soccer06 (Member # 92108) on :
I am currently on the Junel 1/20 birth control pill.

I didn't get my withdrawal bleed last month (my first month of being on it) and am on 3 of my last days of the "no pill" week on my second week. I'll start taking the active pills again on Sunday night.

Anyways, I still haven't gotten my period and I was wondering if it is normal not to get my bleed again this month? I haven't missed a pill, haven't taken it more than 1 hour within each other and have never had direct genital-to-genital contact, or sexual intercourse.

Does the type of pill have anything to do with it? When can I take a pregnancy test for it to be accurate?
Posted by September (Member # 25425) on :
So this is your second month on the pill, you missed your first withdrawal bleed and the second one, so far, is late?

Late or missing withdrawal bleeds are fairly common side effects during the first three months on the pill. Since it doesn't sound like you've engaged in any activities that pose a pregnancy risk, I'd not sweat it for now.

If your third bleed is a no show, too, it would be a good idea to call your prescribing doctor and let them know.
Posted by soccer06 (Member # 92108) on :
Okay, thanks for your help. Is it always an apporopriate time to take a pregnancy test the day that I start to take my "active pills" again?

Like tonight I will start active ones again. Could I take a test tomorrow (just to ease my mind) and know it will always be accurate on that day for testing?
Posted by Robin Lee (Member # 90293) on :
Talking about whether a pregnancy test is going to be accurate when there's been no pregnancy risk in the first place is frankly not terribly useful. [Smile]

It sounds like you know that taking the test and seeing the negative result is to ease your mind more than anything else, and given that you can take it any time. Make sense?
Posted by soccer06 (Member # 92108) on :
But if I would have had a pregnancy risk...would that be a good time to take it?

I quit involving myself in activities that had no pregnancy risk (but still scared me). But the one at the beginning of the month still kinda freaks me out.
Posted by Robin Lee (Member # 90293) on :
If you had a risk a month ago, then yes, according to the testing recommendations you've read here before, it would be a good time to test.
Posted by soccer06 (Member # 92108) on :
Thank you! [Smile]

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