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Posted by Mookie (Member # 52401) on :
My boyfriend and I have had sex multiple times without protection. I believe I might be pregnant but my cycle has been coming on time regularly. I have all the symptoms of pregnancy such as nausea, headaches, feeling fatigue, abdominal cramps, frequent urination, and constant hunger. I took a pregnancy test when I first had suspicions but I took it too early and it came out negative. I haven't been to my GYN to get checked, because I am in college in a differnt state. I just wanted to know what the best thing for me to do was as far as pregnancy suspicions go, or should I treat my symptoms as a cold and move on from the idea?
Posted by KatWA (Member # 42505) on :
The first symptom of pregnancy is usually a missed period. If your period is late, then the pregnancy test will be accurate. If you are having sex without any protection, you will likely get pregnant if you are not yet. Are you trying to get pregnant or did you want to talk about using a method of birth control?
Posted by Mookie (Member # 52401) on :
No I am not trying to get pregnant;my boyfriend has never "released" while inside of me he pulls out beforehand, but I know there is still that chance with having unprotected sex. Althugh I'm not trying to get pregnant, it wont be the end of the world because I have a wonderful support system behind me. I am a little scared from the whole situation though, so I wanted some advice on how I should think of my symptoms. Even though the first sign of pregnancy usually is missed period, some women don't miss their period and receive them throughout the entire pregnancy.
Posted by KatWA (Member # 42505) on :
Even though the first sign of pregnancy usually is missed period, some women don't miss their period and receive them throughout the entire pregnancy.<
No, that is not true. You cannot get your period while pregnant.

I am concerned that you are not trying to get pregnant but also not trying to prevent it... You know it requires more than a support system (while that is certainly good) to raise a child? Why don't you check out these articles:
I Want It NOW!
The Reality of New Mommyhood

As well, unprotected sex poses a high risk of STIs. Are you and your partner up to date on STI tests?
Posted by Mookie (Member # 52401) on :
Actually it is very true and possible to get your period while pregnant, that's one reason some women are not aware of their pregnancy during the term. Yes my partner and I are up to date in regards to getting tested. I am well aware that a good support system is not the only factor for raising a child, although it is a great asset. I appreciate the article you provided the link to. I decided to go home for the weekend and schdule an appointment with my GYN to be certain.
Posted by KatWA (Member # 42505) on :
The definition of a period is the shedding of the uterine lining and an egg. So by definition, you can not be pregnant and have a period. You can have other kinds of vaginal bleeding while pregnant, but I assure you it is not a period. (It won't come regularly like a period does and usually doesn't look like a period either.) Some women might mistake other kinds of bleeding as their period but that does not make it so.

You can get a pregnancy test at a drug store, you don't need to go to your Gyn, although that's fine as well.

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