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Posted by sunkissedx (Member # 48752) on :
I have finally found the courage to leave my boyfriend and be single , the only thing is we had unprotected sex thinking we were going to be together long term. The unprotected sex was during the space of a week before my period started and the day before my period started.
I know sperm can last in the body quite a while but how likly is it that a girl releases an egg during her period ? could i be pregnant
Posted by Heather (Member # 3) on :
If your period started after you had the sex, you can be quite certain you did not become pregnant. That period would be an indication you didn't.

You'll just want to make sure that in the next month, again, you get some STI tests to manage the infection risks you may have taken, okay?

I'm glad you were able to make a choice that I think, in the short and long-term, is more likely to be a good one for you. Are you doing okay, having done that?
Posted by RebeccaM (Member # 5822) on :
Hi Sunkissed,

If you have got your period then you're not pregnant.

However it might be a good idea to get an STI test as unprotected sex can leave you open to all kinds of infections.

Can I ask why you opted for unprotected sex with your boyfriend? Do you want to talk about how you can protect yourself in the future during sexual encounters?
Posted by sunkissedx (Member # 48752) on :
Heather : i found out that he sniffed coke and that really put him off i tried to help him through and and i text his mam telling her and then he read them and went off it with me .
we went out saturday and he told me to go home after being drunk but he went out himself ! so he basically wanted to get rid of me, he also has a really bad poker addicttion. I feel so much better about myself and making steps towards finding myself a part time job as its been hard as there has been no vaccancies available. He has my stuff and weve been split up for 1 week and a half he wants me back but im too happy to ever go back, he is refusuing to give me my stuff back because he thinks i'll never see him again and hes probablies right ! you were so right i was in denial and im a MUCH happier person . I really want to say thankyou because youve helped me so much!x

RebeccaM : I am going to the docters to have a full sti check i have had a chylamidia one it came back negative .
Posted by Heather (Member # 3) on :
Sounds like you are being really strong, working really hard to advocate for yourself: that is so fantastic! I'm super-proud of you. Glad to have been able to help in any way. [Smile]

In terms of your stuff, if it's stuff you want, it can help to send someone over to an ex like that to get it for you, someone that person feels intimidated by, like a parent, perhaps, or a fried of yours you know can be assertive and firm.
Posted by sunkissedx (Member # 48752) on :
yes i really am a much stronger person , I didnt realise how strong i was ! im actually thinking more clearly and although it will be hard to move on when i see him with a new girlfriend ive wrote a list of all his bad points to keep myself reminded hahaha!

yeah well im going to go down with my older sister she has offered, hes making excuses that he wont be in but if he isnt i will ask his mam for my stuff back politly [Smile] x
Posted by Heather (Member # 3) on :
Sounds like a good plan.

And I also am willing to bet that as the months and years go by, you're going to be able to discover that you're stronger with each one that passes. I have faith in you!
Posted by sunkissedx (Member # 48752) on :
yes independent women in the making haha ! x thankyou so much for your help , dont think i'll be using this site much now haha !
Posted by Heather (Member # 3) on :
I fully support anyone who uses this site less and has a better life more. [Smile]
Posted by sunkissedx (Member # 48752) on :
[Smile] [Smile] [Smile] [Smile]

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