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Posted by Stork (Member # 36306) on :
My girlfriend and I have been together for just over three months now but we have known eachother since 6th grade. Neither of us have been with anyone (besides us as of now) even kissing. We are thinking about having sex for the first time soon and we would like to know the risks about STIs. We will of course be using protection and such (except for the pill because she is scared it will mess with her system). My question would be that even though there is protection and we have not been with anyone, is there a real risk for STIs? I've read the articles and I know that there is a risk that one of has something with no symptoms but the only prominent one I have heard of is oral herpes being transmitted. What other STIs could there be that pose a real risk? Thanks so much.
Posted by cool87 (Member # 29292) on :
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The risk of STIs for you both is just incredibly small since you two haven't been intimate with anyone else before.

There is a small risk for herpes though--which everyone can get given it's transmitted by non-sexual contact such as simply by kissing your grandma or any other person-- but that's mostly it. So yeah looks like you heard right. [Wink]

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Posted by ErinK (Member # 1371) on :
Well, since you'd be using condoms for pregnancy prevention anyways, as you've said that she doeosn't want to use hormonal birth control, you're already taking steps to cut down on your risk for STDs. Other than oral herpes, the only infections you could pass back and forth would be things like bacterial or yeast infections -- people can get those even when they're not being sexually active and then transmit them sexually.

Given what you've described, your risks for STD/STIs are pretty low, and using condoms (and gloves/dams, if necessary) help to cut that down even further.
Posted by Stork (Member # 36306) on :
Sorry for the late reply but I just wanted to thank you guys for the input. I love the site and it really helps to figure out all of the truths before its too late. Once again, thanks!

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