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Posted by xXxSweetxAngelxXx (Member # 32543) on :
I have recently done anal with my boyfriend and i was wondering if its dangerous and if it is how dangerous because he wants to do it again and im not to sure bout it [Confused]
Posted by dailicious (Member # 22471) on :
If you're performing unprotected oral sex, there is a risk for STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection) transmission. So, if you and he have not both received a full STI screening, you should do that soon, and use protection (ie, a condom on him) if you engage in oral sex in the future.

However, if you're not sure about performing it again, there's certainly no reason you need to, or need to feel obligated to.

A couple of our articles may help you out:
Mouthing Off On Oral Sex
STI Risk Assessment
Posted by xXxSweetxAngelxXx (Member # 32543) on :
i was talking about anal sex not oral
Posted by dailicious (Member # 22471) on :
I completely misread! I'm so sorry! My advice, luckily, still applies, as it's similar to any type of sexual intercourse.

Anal intercourse can pose pregnancy and STI risks if not protected, and if you don't take it slowly and use a lot of extra lubricant, you can risk injury (anal tissue is really sensitive).

Here's our article on anal sex (again, so sorry!):
Anal Sex: No Different?

So, did you enjoy engaging in anal sex at all? Is it, or any anal play, something you feel interested in trying again, if you take things slowly and use lots of lubricant? If you're not sure about, that may be a good sign that you should refrain from anal sex in the future, unless you reach a point that you are interested in trying ti again. [Smile]
Posted by September (Member # 25425) on :
Small missunderstanding on our part. However, the advice remains pretty much the same: as long as you are using condoms for anal sex and making sure to use lubricant as needed,you're fine. If the anal sex you have engaged in was unprocted, you and your partner need to get tested for STIs, and you should also continue to do that annually (even if you're having protected sex - just to be on the safe side).

And, just like Dai said: There is no reason to engage in something you're not confomrtable with. So if you're not comfortable with anal sex, don't do it.

[Dai beat me to it.]

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Posted by xXxSweetxAngelxXx (Member # 32543) on :

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