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Posted by nina_brown04 (Member # 17973) on :
I posted previously about a strong smell coming from my vagina. The smell was so strong that it was on my underwear and everything and when I wiped I could smell it on the tissue. It was never a foul smell..just kind of unpleasant and different. I had some redness and itching that disappeared after I used the yeast infection medicine. My vagina looks perfectly fine and the itching is gone but there is still a faint trace of the smell. The smell isn't strong like it was before...I have to sniff really hard to smell it after I pull my finger out of my vagina. I smell if for a second and then I dont smell it anymore. I really don't know how to describe the smell. It doesnt smell bad..its just not my usual smell.

I really dont think it is STD related. How long after exposure will a test for gonorrhea and chlymadia show a positive result? Like whats thei incubation period.? I've been reading on the net that a bacterial infection like gonorrhea can be detected almost immediately. I got tested maybe two weeks after my last encounter. The indicent was protected but the condom broke. This was in August. I had sex again maybe three weeks or so ago with a condom and no breakage or anything. So could it be STD related? Again..the smell isn't a foul smell at all and I can barely smell it. So it has gotten better and not worse. I was thinking it was from the yeast infection since the smell was getting less noticable everyday but there is still some trace of the smell and I used that medicine over the weekend and the beginning of the week.

Do you guys think this is anything to worry about? Std related? yeast infection related?..Do I need to go to the doctor?

P.S. I have no other symptoms. Discharge looks fine..vulva is back to pink...itching is gone. Just the smell is the only thing. Any advice would be great. Thanks

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Posted by dailicious (Member # 22471) on :
If your STI screening was only a couple weeks after your transmission risk when the condom broke, I'd consider getting another screening done in about a month or so. Certain STIs, even the bacterial ones such as gonorhea and chlamydia, are not always deteced on STI screens until a couple months or so after they've been contracted, which is why we recomend that new sexual partners have two full STI screenings, 6 months apart, before counting themselves clear from STIs.

It's likely the faint odor is nothing to be concerned about, though, as it sounds very likely that it could have been related to the yeast infection you treated, since even when you have successfully completed a treatment for an infection, it can still take a few days for all your symptoms to disappear completely.

If the odor becomes stronger again, or worse in any way, or if your other symptoms return, I'd head to the doctor, but right now it really doesn't solund like you have anything to worry over.
Posted by nina_brown04 (Member # 17973) on :
Thanks for ur advice! Also im wondering..if the smell was related to an STD or something like bv..would the smell be foul or diminsh day by day or would it stay the same? Since you said that some STI's take a while to show up on tests..I'm going to head on down to the clinic next week and get an STD exam just to be on the safe side. But I really don't think its STD related because I just got out of a monogamous relationship and we had gotten tested but just to be on the safe side im going to head on down there. Thanks for the advice though. I'll post an update after I go to the doc! Thanks again!! [Smile]

Also im wondering..if the smell was related to an STD or something like bv..would the smell be foul or diminsh day by day or would it stay the same?

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Posted by dailicious (Member # 22471) on :
The odor you described doesn't sound like the sort of odor that would come with a bacterial infection, period, let alone an STI. I mentioned the STI screening just because with an STI risk, only two weeks could very well be too early for a test to detect an infection. Just be sure when you go in again to let the clinic know when your last screening was, in case they think it would be better if you waited a bit longer or incase to them any of your symptoms were something they wanted to take note of.

And if you were to ever have a bacterial infection and your discharge did have a foul odor? It would not likely altogether stop or diminish until you got the infection treated.
Posted by nina_brown04 (Member # 17973) on :
Oh ok. I was thinking that if it wasnt yeast then maybe a bacterial infection..but its not a fishy foul kind of sweet, kind of smells like bread in a way mixed with my regular smell. I can still smell my regular scent mixed with this kind of bready, sweet smell. Like when I put it up to my nose Im not like "Oh man that reeks". I'm just like "hey I smell different." or "What is that smell" You know?

But regardless Im going to get checked out. Thanks for everything!
Posted by Heather (Member # 3) on :
That's a yeast infection type of scent: bacterial infections tend to be more metallic, or 'fishy" smelling, when they have an odor at all.

Again, I'm betting it's simply you styill healing from your yeast infection.

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