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Posted by k_leigh7692 (Member # 30348) on :
I've been taking Levlen 28 for about 4 months now and haven't had any problems. I've tried looking up info. on this, but I can't seem to find anything.

I'm sexually active in a monogamous relationship with my boyfriend of 2 1/2 years. Recently, we had sex and used an "ultra-thin" condom. I've been taking my BC regularly and I am supposed to start my placebos today. But when we had sex, the resevoir tip didn't exactly work as planned and some of his semen leaked out of the top.

I was wondering how does birth control work EXACTLY. What days are the ones I have to watch out for? Does it start with my placebos or before? I should start my period in about 4 days, but what is my chance of becoming pregnant? I'm thinking pretty low, but I want to be sure.

Thanks for the help!
Posted by kitka (Member # 22756) on :
You're right - your chances of getting pregnant are very low as long as you've been taking the pills when you're supposed to.

Levlen's a combination pill; since you're taking a consistent dose of (synthetic) hormones, they suppress ovulation and prevent your ovaries from releasing eggs. No eggs, no fertilization, no pregnancy.

Even when you take placebos, you're still protected. There are more than enough hormones remaining in your system to prevent ovulation.

The bleeding you see on the placebos is a "withdrawl" bleed - not an actual period, because menstruation occurs when an egg is released. From what I know, BC was designed this way to give women the psychological 'comfort'/normalcy of having a monthly amount of bleeding.

The days you have to watch out for are the first and last days of the pack. Miss those, and you lengthen the time you go without the pill.

Sometimes your withdrawl bleed won't start on the first couple of placebos - it depends on the pill you're taking and your own body chemistry.

Using extra lubrication usually keeps 'em from breaking. If you find the ultra thins don't work for you, you can always go back to your old brand. Kudos for being safe about sex.

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