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Posted by hs123 (Member # 35336) on :
Ok, so it's finally time I ask this question. Ive just been chillen around the site hoping this goes away, but now I need some tips...

I got my wisdom teeth pulled almost 72 hours ago and I'm in excruciating pain. I kept ice on it, and then did heat, I followed all the post op instructions, but they said that by now I should be able to deal with the pain without pain medicine, and I absolutely cannot. It hurts that badly. It's waking me up in the middle of the night when the pain medicine wears of, and it's just excruciating.
My parents are telling me that it's normal, but is there ANYTHING I can do? Really the pain medicine seems only to be helpful for the first 2 hours after I take it, and then the second 2 hours I'm forced to just ride it out till I can take more.
My face is extremely swollen, and I know that's normal, but it's not going down at all.
I can feel the stitches just digging into my mouth and it's killing me.

I have to go back and see the doctor on wednesday. is there anything i can do to "make it" till then? again, i can't sleep, it's excruciating to eat, and i can't even lie on my side cuz it hurts my face... Any suggestions?! I know there's gotta be some people out there who've had their wisdom teeth removed... Any pointers?
Posted by orca (Member # 33665) on :
Aw, sweetie I'm sorry you're in such pain from that. I had mine out when I was 13, but I can't remember being in that much pain. Then again, they say it's less painful when you're younger. My doctor gave me some mild steroids to take, so I think that may have contributed to the decrease in pain.

I do remember creamsicles (the popsicles with ice cream in the center) being extremely soothing, though. Smoothies were also pretty good, too, as I remember. I'm sorry I don't have much to offer other than that. You might want to have your parents call the doctor up to see if there is anything more that can be done. I hope you feel better soon.
Posted by hs123 (Member # 35336) on :
Well, its all kinda of a waiting game I guess. Apparently this is normal...
BUt I was just wondering if anyone had any other tips that maybe I hadn't heard of...
I've been eating sorbet, but I can really hardly open my mouth enough to fit a spoon in it. I guess I'll have to just wait it out...
Posted by hs123 (Member # 35336) on :
Oh, just another quick question though... What really pushed me over the edge painwise last night was this salt water rinse the doctor's office told me to do...
It made my stitches feel like they were digging even harder into my skin, and that's when it all really started to hurt... My dad said, that even though the saltwater bit is protocol, salt can be particularly rough on stitches, especially in the mouth, but it's for hygiene that they need you to do it... But i was just wondering.. Cuz well, my dad says a lot, hahaha.. so is this true?
Obviously I dont plan on not washing with saltwater since it's doctors orders and all, but just out of curiousity...

Btw orca, you are seriously on top of the boards and questions.. It rocks! Thanks!
Posted by KittenGoddess (Member # 1679) on :
You need to call your dentist back now.

Honestly, this sounds a lot like a case of dry socket. I had it when I got my wisdom teeth removed several years ago and it was almost exactly like what you're describing. Don't make the same mistake I did and try to wait it out...if it's dry socket, the pain isn't going to go away on its own at this point. You're going to continue to be miserable until you get back of the doctor and get it treated. I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep, all I could do was lay there and cry because it was so bad and it only continued to get worse. At 72+ hours, you shouldn't be having that kind of trouble. Not treating dry socket can actually slow down your healing process, so you don't want to let that sit. Sometimes dry socket is also associated with other it's possible that you've got an infection working in there right now. When they treated mine, it was really easy. They washed out the areas and then packed them with little sponges soaked in this stuff that smelled/tasted like cloves. The relief pain relief was almost immediate and the healing was much faster.

So I'd really encourage you to NOT wait this out. Call the doctor, tell them what you're experiencing, and ask what to do. That kind of pain is not "normal" (though if it's dry socket, that happens in something like 3-5% of all extractions) and you shouldn't try to live with it.
Posted by hs123 (Member # 35336) on :
Wow, ok, I'm gonna call the doctor then... what exactly is a dry socket? Does it hurt to get it fixed?
Posted by hs123 (Member # 35336) on :
WOw, okay that you so much, i just called and they told me i needed to come in right away... Funy though, at the exact same time my mom called and was like, maybe you have a dry socket call the doctor...
But thanks!
Posted by KittenGoddess (Member # 1679) on :
Dry Socket from the Mayo Clinic

I'm surprised your doctor did not give you information about dry socket and what to look out for prior to your procedure. Usually there is a packet of information or a brochure that they give you about that.

As I said, when they treated mine it was not bad. They just cleaned the area with warm water (which wasn't the best feeling ever, but it was not anywhere near as bad as the pain I'd been enduring) and then packed the holes with little bits of cloth soaked in a clove-like solution. It didn't taste the best, but anything was better than the pain. The solution helps with the pain and helps the area to heal on its own. I think I had to go back to have the dressings changed a couple of times (I went back every-other-day for this, I think). It's irritating to have to go in for it so many times, but they'll be quick treatments (like maybe 5 minutes, tops) so it's not so bad.

Hopefully your doctor can get this all fixed up for you pretty quickly. Dry socket is just something that happens to some people. There are risk factors that make it more likely (like being a smoker or on hormonal birth control), but sometimes it just seems to happen at random. It's not a big issue, but it definitely is uncomfortable and needs to be treated.
Posted by hs123 (Member # 35336) on :
Yeah, I just got back. I have 2 dry sockets... It hurt like hell when they put the dressings on, they had to lay me down and gimme oxygen cuz I was about to pass out... They said I have to come back again tomorrow to get more put in, and then wednesday to get them taken out.. i'm dreading it.
Posted by KittenGoddess (Member # 1679) on :
I had 2 dry sockets as well (both on the bottom).

It should start feeling better for you soon then. It certainly isn't comfortable...but being able to sleep and eat should make up for that. [Smile] It did hurt when they pulled the material out, but as you go you should find it gets easier. Once you're to a point where you don't have the packing in there anymore, they'll probably give you a little syringe to rinse out the holes several times a day. Doing that will help with the healing as well.

Hope you get feeling better soon!
Posted by Leabug (Member # 27966) on :
(And make sure you DO use the syringes and rinse as directed, even if it hurts!!! I had dry socket too, and didn't quite rinse properly since it hurt and I'm wussy, and it got infected, which was a terrible experience- worse than the dry socket was, for me at least.)
Posted by hs123 (Member # 35336) on :
Do y'all remember if they numbed you up before they pack all the dressings into your mouth, because they didnt numb me and it was absolutely excruciating...
Posted by KittenGoddess (Member # 1679) on :
No, they didn't numb me before doing the packing.

I'd guess that you may have had more pain because you had so much more pain prior to getting the dry socket treated. From what I've heard, the longer you wait to have it treated, the more painful the packing often is because you are already so sensitive in the area due to the prior pain you were experiencing.

When I they packed mine, it was painful especially the first time. It seems like each time they re-packed, it was better than the time before. So hopefully once you start to get this under control, it won't be so bad.
Posted by hs123 (Member # 35336) on :
Well, I mean, I didn't wait that long. Really, it was only really bad for a day...
THey said the packing shouldn't hurt as bad next time, but if it even hurts half as bad I dunno what I'm gonna do...
They said it's so sensitive because the clot isn't there and your nerve is exposed so there's a lot of nerve sensitivity...
They also said that actually, if it's just a dry socket and no infection, they heal on their own but it's not recommended because it causes so much pain and can take a very long time to heal.
Posted by KittenGoddess (Member # 1679) on :
It does take longer to heal with dry socket. The two sites I had that did not have the dry socket healed in like half the time of the 2 with dry socket. My understanding was that treating it helped with the healing (not like it's going to be magically healed the next day or anything, but relative to everything else it can help) because the having the tissues and nerves so irritated and inflamed slows down your body's natural healing. (Also, when you've got dry socket, it's so much harder to clean and care for the areas properly due to the discomfort that you're more likely to let things get in there that might start an infection, so the treatment helps in that respect as well.) You may have just had a lot of irritation or maybe more nerve exposed than "average" and that's why the treatment was so painful.

Hopefully it'll be better for you next time. Hang in there!

(You do want to remember though, for future reference, that if you have other dental work like extractions, you should always tell them that you had dry socket when you had your wisdom teeth removed. Apparently, if it's happened once you tend to be seen as being at higher risk for it to happen with subsequent procedures of a similar nature.)
Posted by hs123 (Member # 35336) on :
Is it logical for me to ask them to numb me or use laughing gas when they do it again?
I mean, I'm extremely nervous about having it done again, my mouth feels no better, even though they said it would. And it was excruciating. I mean, I couldn't hold still, it was just a reflex for me to try to move away from it because it was hurting so badly when they were packing it.
I'm having a friend take me tomorrow because I'm just really scared, but at this point I've not really slept through the night because I'm so nervous about it.
On top of just not being able to handle the pain, I have vaso-vagal reactions and I tend to pass out, so they had to lie me down flat and put cold packs on my head and everything... I don't see how it would be a bad idea to ask them to use laughing gas, but is it?
Posted by KittenGoddess (Member # 1679) on :
You can ask, it's hard to say whether they'll be willing to do that or not. You might consider calling ahead and asking if it's a possibility. Let them know that you are still having pain as well, you may need a different treatment.
Posted by hs123 (Member # 35336) on :
Thanks, yeah, actually it didnt hurt nearly as badly today. It smarted a little on one side, but it wasn't nearly as bad all around.
Thanks for all the advice though...
Posted by hs123 (Member # 35336) on :
A little question...
Okay, so yesterday, a doctor put in more dressings to cover the dry socket. In the middle of the night last night, they both fell out... well, I mean, the didn't "fall out' but way more than half of the strips were hanging out, so i took them out because it was causing me more pain just to have them halfway in... But anyways, I really can't get back to the doctor until tuesday, to get them repacked.
I just read through the whole info sheet they gave me on dry sockets, and it says how the dressings aren't even required really, and they only help with pain control, otherwise you'll heal on your own.
They also gave me an irrigating syringe, so since the dressings fell out I've been using it to get the food that's trapped in the sockets out...
What I'm wondering is, is it safe to wait a few days to get my teeth repacked. The pain is definitely there on one side, but it's no unbearable, and the other side is actually feeling much better...
From what I read it seems to safe, since the dressings don't do much, and since I used the irrigating syringe, (which by the way is pretty gross to see all those giant food particles come out of your mouth..)...
Thoughts, Opinions? I know yall arent doctors, but obviously a number of you have had this done...
All the info they gave me seems to imply that its pretty safe since, 1.) The packing is for pain control, and 2.) It's for keeping food particles out, but I'm using the irrigating syringe...
Posted by KittenGoddess (Member # 1679) on :
As long as it's not unbearable and you can thoroughly clean out the food particles (you're going to want to clean after you eat ANYTHING and if you're not going to be able to irrigate right away, you'll want to stay away from drinks other than water since they can leave residue), I'd guess you're probably okay to wait until your appointment. If the pain starts getting really serious again or if you're having trouble irrigating it, you'll want to call and get back in as soon as you can though.
Posted by hs123 (Member # 35336) on :
The pain is definitely not unbearable.. In fact, it's A LOT better than when I first went in.. Only one side is a bit sore...
I actually really enjoy irrigating it... I know that's gross but my mouth feels a lot cleaner once I see all those nasty particles, (which can be surpisingly large by the way) out of the sockets...
Actually, how deep are the sockets, because I was amazed at how much food could fit in there...

I also rinse my mouth out with saltwater after irrigate it.

So I guess it's okay to wait.

Also, another question... Shouldnt eventually the holes where the tooth was close up? And if so, how are they ever gonna do that if they keep sortof "opening them" to pack them...?
Posted by KittenGoddess (Member # 1679) on :
Generally the holes eventually will close up. Occasionally they don't, but that's usually related to something else. Mine, for example, have never completely closed up on the bottom. Yeah, it's a bit tiring that I still have to irrigate them...but that doesn't really bother me because I have what they call "pitted" or "porous" tonsils...which means they collect food particles as well, and I have to actually irrigate those on a daily (or almost daily) basis. (Remember I'm not the norm though, I'm one of the exceptions when it comes these issues.)

They aren't actually opening up the holes to pack them. The holes actually close from the bottom up. So what's happening is things are healing at the bottom and closing from there. You'll probably find that they'll put less packing in each socket as you go along. Also, with dry socket, they won't have to pack them for THAT long. It should stop being uncomfortable within a relatively short they won't be packing them forever.
Posted by hs123 (Member # 35336) on :
Well, they told me it could take around 3 weeks to heal...
The holes really don't seem to be closing up, they've been putting the same amount of packing in, and it just kinda falls out on its own though- but I've been to 2 oral surgeons and they both told me the same thing... Except one said I should be on pain medicine and one said I didn't need it, so since I can't really function on those drugs, I opted to not do that.

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