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Posted by pierceme05 (Member # 19530) on :
Are there any big differences between starting your birthcontrol the first day of your period than starting on sunday? I went off the pill for a month (from being on it for about two years) and just got period today and the cramps have been pretty bad. Will my period end sooner if I start the pack now? Any information on first day starting would be helpful, I've always started on Sunday. Thankyou!
Posted by smileyjoseph (Member # 29269) on :
Never having taken the Pill (my doctor says guys shouldn't [Wink] ), I'm no expert. But I'm fairly sure you're supposed to start on the first day of your period.
I'm not sure about finishing your period more quickly... I suppose the hormones would interrupt the cycle, but whether menstruation can be stopped once it's started I don't know. Sorry. [Smile]
Posted by Miz Scarlet (Member # 3) on :
(Hey smiley? When you don't know the answer, do us and the user a favor and rather than guessing or what not, just don't post to something okay? Thanks.)

Either way of starting the pill is fine. So, really, it's up to you. The only real reason for a Sunday start to be common is that it tends to work out that one is less likely to have withdrawal bleeds on the weekends, if that matters to you. It's generally suggested that with a first-period-say start, the pill may be more effective earlier (but in either case, you'd want to wait a month of using it to go without a backup method, if you're sexually active).

Starting now would not likely end your period (though it's a bit late now, I suppose, sorry this post wasn't found sooner)
Posted by smileyjoseph (Member # 29269) on :
Sorry, I wouldn't really second-guess a brand-new post, but I figured since it had been a week it was worth saying what little I knew, and at least that would bring the topic back up to the top of the list to be noticed. But I won't do that in future. Lesson learned. Honest. [Smile]

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