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Posted by Faith54 (Member # 27855) on :
Hello, everybody! I've been in a great relationship for a year now, and I don't plan on having sex in the near future, but I've been doing my research. I do have a question though. What is everyone's opinions on spermicidal lubricated condoms? Do they actually work, or would a normal lubricated condom be just as safe? I want to be as prepared as possible when the time does arrive, plus I'm just curious. [Big Grin]

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Posted by karybu (Member # 20094) on :
There isn't enough spermicide on a spermicidal condom to kill the amount of sperm that would be present should a condom fail. As well, spermicide is basically dish soap - it tends not to be very nice to delicate genital tissue, and can cause little abrasions on the tissue that make transmission of infections easier.

Your best bet is going to be a non-spermicidal condom with lots of water-based, condom-safe lube like Astroglide or KY. Using a condom that's already lubricated is fine, but the amount of lube on a lubricated condom usually isn't enough to be much help. Extra lube is a Very Good Idea; it helps prevent condom breakage and makes things a lot more comfy for everyone involved.
Posted by Jayce (Member # 28694) on :
On spermicidal condoms, is there any spermicidal lubricant inside the condom? If there is, I can see it killing off what sperm is in the precum. That way if you're like me and you pull out even if you have a condom on, what sperm that could of been inside the condom would more than likely be killed off.
Posted by blueveggie (Member # 26508) on :
jayce, to let you know pulling out w/ condoms is kinda frowned upon around here- not needed, and more likely for the condom to slip.. [Smile]

dunno about it inside though, granted as i've never needed to know :-O :-P
Posted by Jayce (Member # 28694) on :
I see. I hold the base of the condom as I pulled out. But as I remember even when I was finished, the base of the condom was still pretty stuck against the shaft, so I doubt that particular situation it would of slipped off.

And I don't really care if someone frowns to my precautionary methods. It's something I practice so I'm more at ease in my mind.

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