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Posted by sexualghost (Member # 26692) on :
Hey guys,

Ok well i'm in a bit of a pickle, and need some advice and tips from other peoples previous experience.

So i've made the decision to join the Military. However i'm slightly overweight and severely out of shape. Anybody have any tips, advice or general information on how I can lose weight fast and get into shape. Thanks for the help:) Any advice would be appreciated:)
Posted by Heather (Member # 3) on :
Thing is, this is a site focused on what he can do to best support everyone's health.

And losing weight fast is never good for anyone. It just isn't.

Your best bet is to talk to a trainer about a healthy fitness program. Heck, while I certainly would never point anyone to the military, since you're going there already, ten bucks says there's someone there you could talk to who has dealt with these scenarios with recruits before and hook you up with some good resources.
Posted by sexualghost (Member # 26692) on :
Thanks Heather for the quick response. And sorry for the question lol thought it might be good to ask here, if anyone has had any experience or same problem and what they did...but you are right thanks for directing me.
Posted by Gumdrop Girl (Member # 568) on :
The military's been less stringent on the weight requirement, but FITNESS is key. Start exercising lightly and work your way up. Get used to running, and doing push-ups and crunches. They're fairly basic when it comes to exercise (no odd yoga postures or new-fangled cardio machines at boot camp).

It also helps to develop good dietary habits. The food in the mess hall is chock-full of calories, but it burns off with hard training. Still, I've seen too many sailors with Bud Light bellies.

And in other useful advice, be money savvy before you head off to the military. Too many folks go in ignorant and immature. Check-cashing shops exploit new soldiers/sailors/airmen like crazy. Don't be o e of them. Get a checking account and learn to save.
Posted by sexualghost (Member # 26692) on :
yeah well things are a bit different here in Canada...while there isn't a weight restriction persay you have to be in awesome shape before even going for basic...i've recently joined a fitness club, and have set short term and long term goals for myself, so i think that's a start. In any case thanks for the advice it's much appreciated [Smile]
Posted by sexualghost (Member # 26692) on :
Ok so new question totally unrelated but i figured i'd keep everything together...does working out alot lower your immune system, I say this because i've noticed since starting to work out and change my eating habits i've been getting sick with colds and flus and just about everything under the sun that's not sexually related...could these two things be related?
Posted by LucysDiamonds (Member # 30315) on :
Do you work out at a public gym? Because if you do, you HAVE to make sure to wipe down equipment before and after you use it. Germs are spread so easily in gyms that you really have to be extra-careful. (That goes double if you use the locker rooms/changing areas/showers, because those can be super-icky too.)
Posted by sexualghost (Member # 26692) on :
Yeah it's a public gym, and yes i do take those precautions, I rather have this thing about not wiping down after i use it, i personally find it disugusting seeing other people who don't but yes before and after i definitly wipe there any relation to actual physical activity?
Posted by Leabug (Member # 27966) on :
I've found that if I'm working myself too hard with exercise, then I am more prone to getting illnesses like colds and such, too.
Posted by Selkie (Member # 33078) on :
Being fit massivly increases your immune systems abilities to handel infections and the like. It strenghens your entire body, and blood flow throughout your body is increased and becomes better. Since the antigens in your body need to move around to find the infection, then it finds the infection quicker. Since your body is fit and ready for whatever comes, you can produce white blood cells better and faster. You *might* have a slight decrease in immune effecency for a tiny bit after working out, but since it usually takes about a week or so befor your body notices an infection, then it really shouldn't matter.

Advice to lose wieght, from a wrestler: watch what you eat. When I was losing wieght, I generally ate small amounts, and advoided the snacks. Avoid candy, and when you feel slightly tired from working out, push push push. When you push that is when your getting fitter and losing wieght. If you need to make a weigh in that is soon, lose a bit of water wieght, and immediatly drink afterwards. Don't dehydrate yourself in a long run. Also, if you start feeling sick because your not eating enough, then eat more. Your health is more important then your wieght. Also, I took a multi-vitamin every morning, since I knew I wasn't going to be eating a ton. I recomend you do the same.
Posted by sexualghost (Member # 26692) on :
Selkie that's the best advice anyone has given me so far in and out of Scarleteen and thanks to those who responded i appreciate it [Smile] It makes alot more sense to how i'm feeling now! And the world comes together [Razz] thanks again:)

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