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Posted by Bubblebaby99 (Member # 29308) on :
Ok, heres the problem. My weight is just about right ( I am 13, 5'2, and weigh 125) but I have a bit of a belly. everyone always teases me about it, and I want to get rid of it. Can anyone give me tips or sights to go on? And not just Eat healthy and excercise. Give me specifics.
Posted by Miss Lauren (Member # 25983) on :
You're looking in the wrong place, honeybun.

You're very close to your ideal weight; there is no medical NEED to lose 10 pounds. Additionally, it's unrealistic for you to expect to change your bodily appearance much, especially when you aren't completely done with puberty yet. Women's bodies change throughout their lives, but especially from their teens through early twenties.

Nobody is going to advise anything BUT healthful eating and exercise, if even that, because any other way is not healthy at all.

I'm sorry that you're having a rough time. Feeling self-concious about your body because of others' comments can be a hurtful experience. But why not focus on a more positive way to accept yourself, and shrug off those who don't? [Smile]
Posted by dailicious (Member # 22471) on :
Honestly, hon? No, you do not need to lose ten pounds. You are 13, and I am being completely honest when I say this: dieting and trying to lose weight at this age is unhealthy and ridiculous unless you are medically over-weight and at risk for health problems related to weight.

At 13, you are only in the beginning years of puberty, and trust me when I tell you, your body is going to go through a TON of changes naturally, which means weight fluctuations, weight shifting to different areas, the whole nine yards. Dieting at this point is NOT going to be healthy, and neither is improperly excessive exercise.

To add to that? When you lose weight, you don't get to pick and choose, and plenty of people who are very fit and are at a very healthy weight will naturally still have a bit of a belly. The flat-stomach ideal is sort of a silly, bordering on unhealthy myth.

Your best bet right now is to make sure that you ARE eating healthy- be sure you're getting the proper nutrients you need (calcium, iron, protein, etc.) and cut back on sugary and fatty foods (limit yourself to one carbonated beverage a day at most, make sure sugary snacks and candies are foods that you are eating sparingly, avoid foods with hydrogenated oils, things like that- that's just healthy good sense for life, not dieting). Also, find something active you enjoy doing and try and do it atleast about 30 minutes a day, three days a week. Biking, jogging, playing sports, really anything that you enjoy and that keeps you active.

And those are about the BEST tips anyone can give you! (If you want more information on things like foods which you should avoid in general, ask, since that is ONE more specific and healthy way of changing your diet for the better and that combined with healthy activity can help you have more energy, sleep better, and make sure your body is healthy!)
Posted by Gumdrop Girl (Member # 568) on :
You do NOT under any circumstances need to lose 10 pounds. no no no no no as someone who works out very regularly and has become very athletic over the past three years, no no no no no do NOT drop ten pounds!!!

You can tone your belly with some situps and crunches (buy a DVD or join classes at the gym). but if you are eating healthy and getting regular exercise already, don't change that. just add some abdominal exercises to your routine.
Posted by blueveggie (Member # 26508) on :
ditto Gummy- if you get your core STRONG, your muscles will keep everything flatter.

this includes crunches (regular and oblique).. easy easy easy to do, just make sure that you aren't doing them too quickly and that you aren't using your back (concentrate on your abs pulling your upper body up). don't need to sit all the way up. obliques- think opposite elbow to knee (don't touch, just think that general movement). start slow, do sets, not all at once.

Posted by RubyRed (Member # 30477) on :
Many people say like above. that there is absolutely no need to lose any weight at all. Your weight may be healthy already but if you lose a few pounds you are still going to be ehalthy. It's about happiness.
Dieting and exersizing are great. why not go out for sports? Work alot harder than you normally would. Pretty soon it won't be about weight. It will be about how much better you look.

Don't worry about the weight thing. you are still growing. just put time into how you feel and how you look rather than worrying about each individual pound you lose.

the only time you should worry about weight is if you are anorexic or obese. for those circumstances it just isn't healthy.
Posted by logic_grrl (Member # 8067) on :
Dieting and exersizing are great.

Hey, we're all about eating healthily and exercising, but encouraging people to diet when they don't need to lose weight is not something we're going to be cool with here, okay?

As you say, people shouldn't be worrying about their weight or obsessing about losing it when they're perfectly healthy.

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