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Posted by LiiVE x L0VE x LEARN (Member # 28289) on :
Okay, so this is a weird question and probably not on the right boards but i couldnt find anything better. So i have dark hair on my lower stomache right around my belly button area and i used to shave it but it keeps getting darker so i stopped & now it is just un-attractive looking so ive tried using Nair bleach on it & everything. nothing seems to help it really. Does anyone have any suggestions at all?!!? [Confused]
Posted by BelleMorte (Member # 27890) on :
maybe wax it.... I dunno... Is it little enough to pluck it?
Posted by dailicious (Member # 22471) on :
If it really bothers you, you can always try a removal method such as waxing or plucking the hairs, like BelleMorte suggested.

Or, even better, less expensive and less painful than that? Accept it. Hair is normal anywhere on your body, we're mammals, we're supposed to be somewhat fuzzy. Chances are the only one noticing this is you, and the reason it appears darker (hair cannot get darker after you've shaved it, no matter what anyone says) is probably because you're worrying more about it now.
Posted by LiiVE x L0VE x LEARN (Member # 28289) on :
it has gotten darker, it used to be blonde and now its black. My friend noticed it when we were in our baithing suits & asked me if i shave my stomache. Which now makes me want to get rid of it, theres no way i'll be able to get it waxed. But i will try and pluck it, it just sounds really painful...its right around my belly button. thanks for the help
Posted by LiiVE x L0VE x LEARN (Member # 28289) on :
Well it is noticeable because my friend has said something about it before when we were in our bathing suits. Its gotten darker because i used to shave it and it was blonde then, and now its gotten a little thicker and darker.
Theres no way i would be able to wax because thats expensive, i could try plucking but its right around my belly button so that could be pretty painful. is there any other suggestions? thanks for the help!
Posted by JamsessionVT (Member # 17924) on :
Shaving does not make hair darker or thicker. It may seem that way, but that's a total wives tale.

You don't have to go to a salon to get a waxing job done. There are plenty of good at-home waxing kits on the market. And waxing is done far less often than some of the more common hair removal processes.

Really, best bet? Accept it and move on. Is it really worth putting yourself through a kinda painful experience just for cosmetics? Honestly, think about it.
Posted by LetMeBeHappy (Member # 28882) on :
av got hairs on ma tummy if that makes u feel any better ... that ure not the only one. ad try waxing as eventually the hair start to thin out or something i've been told, and eventually u won't av to wax it again.
Posted by sparky's lover (Member # 33222) on :
I have the same problem. Mine is more like a happy trail that goes all the way down but I know what your going through. I really do. I hate waxing because its expensive and painful as well as plucking. Right now I just shave it but it comes back, I cant find a way to help it. Bleaching hasn't even worked for me. My boyfriend noticed it the other day and I was completely embarrased. He said he didn't care but I cared. He said its no big and that he doesn't mind it but I'm still very self conciuous about it. I can't wear shirts that show my stomach and I hate wearing a bathing suit.
Posted by Gabrielle21 (Member # 32532) on :
I have that too, and I just get it waxed off when I go in for the "bikini treatment". It really isn't that painful, especially if you have a bit of fat on your stomach region. It numbs the nerves. Try it once, see how it goes.
Posted by Heather (Member # 3) on :
Lordisa, why do y'all CARE?

Obviously, doing the work that I do, I'm not a dope: I get why you've been taught to care, I understand some of the cultural mandates.

But I just have to put it out there with things like this, because I think that basic question is asked all too infrequently.

Why do you care about this, about natural patterns of body hair which men and women alike all have? How does so much concern and worry about things like this benefit you? Heck, if you wax it off, how are you even compensated for the cost and the discomfort? If something like this takes up any real estate in your day, in your mind, what happens to all of the stuff that DOES matter? How do you emotionally justify the more important things, the more empowering and affirming things, losing time to stuff like this?

As something additional to think about, might any of you so concerned about things like this, feeling so bad about your normal bodies, considered that it's possible that what's making you feel so bad isn't the hair (or the five pounds, or the tummy that looks this way, etc.), but instead, the lack of body love and acceptance, and the constant negative messages you're giving yourself ABOUT your body?

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Posted by selina (Member # 33376) on :
i have it and i feel insecure about it when all the other girls walk around showing theirs. but i pluck every so often
Posted by cyndy2007 (Member # 33635) on :
i have some hair also, like the happy trail, and my b/f likes it. he always kisses it and rubs it with the tip of his penis. i also have a patch of fuzz at the lower part of my back that i didn't like but he says it turns him on.

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Posted by hunnybunny888 (Member # 29737) on :
I've got hair on and under my belly too! and even some more thats a bit thinner and shorter all the way up my stomach and chest! the hair from my neck goes down farther than on most so I've got some hair on my upper back too, and my lower back and my bum!
I used to feel SO self concious about all this hair...especially when my friends would see it and make fun of me. I used to wax, bleech, anything that would make it unnoticable. But really, I got over it. It's just like guys who have really hairy chests. Alot of them are really self concious about it and wax or shave...but would you really care or be turned off if your bf had some chest hair? Probably why would he be turned off by yours. As heather said it's really just natural, I've grown to take comfort in it, cause its part of my body and makes it more original to me!
Posted by Gwaihir (Member # 27276) on :
Considering how many of us have posted here saying "I've got hair on my stomach!" (and guess what: so do I.) I'd say it's not all that freakish or unusual as you might think. Frankly, it would be much easier to just accept and love it because most if not all of us have it.
Posted by Rayn (Member # 29306) on :

I really do. I have a small ring of darkish hair around my bellybutton, and then a little trail going down into the pubic region. I like it. I'm human, a mammal, female, and it really doesn't bother me. I'm not really hairy, genetics-based or otherwise, so I was a bit weirded out when I got hair on my stomach. But then one of my friends told me that hair around your belly-button is both good luck and good fortune, and a trail leading down is even better luck, and I just shrugged and moved on.

My hairs are a part of me, and they are going to grow where they are going to grow. Short of laser surgery or electrolysis, they probably aren't going to go away, so I'll just have to love them ^^.
Posted by AWE (Member # 27366) on :
Have them and hate them.

I'm pretty hairy anyway so am used to plucking/bleaching/waxing most places. Just another one to add to the routine.

I wish I could not care, but I just think it looks so awful on me.
It's expanded and seems to have gotten darker.

Suggestions - If you can't love it and leave it, do your best to hide it, plucking doesn't hurt that much for me and doesn't take long. The odd bleach session and waxing makes me feel better on special occasions (Apart from when it doesn't work)
Posted by LollySocks (Member # 31077) on :
Lol, I shave my tummy.

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