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Posted by Amy A (Member # 40137) on :

I'm just wondering what the line is between having periods that are regular vs. irregular.

My cycle isn't always the same number of days long, but it's always between 26 and 29 days. It can be 26 days one month, and 29 the next, with no apparent pattern.

Also, I've been having periods for about three years now, if that affects anything.

I'm sure this is nothing to be concerned about, but does it count as having irregular periods? Is it worth mentioning to my doctor at my next checkup?
Posted by Blair_20 (Member # 41253) on :
Hi Amy,
I don't think you can put a line between what is regular and irregular. Every woman is different when it comes to their menstrual cycle and from what I know, most women don't have periods that come at the same time every month. I wouldn't say it's anything to be concerned about, unless you are having other severe symptoms. You can mention it to your doctor just to be safe, but I'm sure you're ok. Mine are never regular and I'm healthy and fine.
Posted by Amy A (Member # 40137) on :
Thank you for the reassurance =)
Posted by BiGoddess (Member # 23917) on :
My periods show up in 25- to 28-day cycles, and I consider them regular. I think a variation in a few days doesn't really make that much of a difference. What I think of when somebody says "regular" is that they generally know about when to expect their period, and about how long it will last. Not any absolute, one hundred percent specifics, just kind of an idea.
Posted by Amy A (Member # 40137) on :
Good, it sounds like most people's periods are relatively regular, like you described.

I guess it's different for everyone. One time this girl told me she could predict within an hour window when her period would come [Razz]
Posted by atm1 (Member # 37835) on :
That's very unlikely, though when I was on birth control pills, I'd always get my period within a two hour range (boy, was the convenient!), but I don't know of anyone not on some form of hormonal birth control who has that experience.

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