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Posted by *stardust8717* (Member # 8580) on :
I think there's something wrong with me. I've been an emotional wreck. I don't get it . . . I'm not pregnant, it's not pms. Every little thing makes me cry, everything's scary. Especially stuff about school starting. I'm afraid of getting lost, afraid of everything. I don't know what to do. My mom is kinda mean to me a lot, and lately she actually makes me start sobbing.
I know it's probably not any kind of "teenage body changing stuff" I've been through that already completely. I just think I'm going crazy!!
Posted by KittenGoddess (Member # 1679) on :
Even if you've already gone through puberty, sometimes hormonal changes still occur (even if it's not PMS). It just happens sometimes. It could be triggered by stress, or changes in eating habits, or any number of other things. It's just kinda part of the experience.

Try to ride it out. If it becomes too much of a problem, or continues for long periods of time, then definately seek professional help.

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Posted by Goodbye_blue_sky96 (Member # 6829) on :
Just hang in there, babe. Make some new friends, or something. Do some extra-curricular activities. Get your mind off of what bothers you, or you can deal with it, maybe you could see the school's councellour? Or just talk to someone you trust! Hope this helps!
Posted by TXRebelGirl (Member # 9782) on :
I am freaking 26 and I have JUST NOW realized how much exercise can help when I'm feeling like you're talking about. I just got put back on a high-hormone birth control pill (for ovarian cysts) and I am a WRECK AND A HALF. The only thing saving me is my morning walk or bike ride...just a suggestion...

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Posted by Ssexxigurl18 (Member # 4811) on :
Well sounds to me like you just need to relax a little and not worry soo much about everything....Just try to make good decisions and realize everyone does make mistakes sumtimes and noone is perfect...

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