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Posted by brainbox1986 (Member # 5624) on :

I am 15 years and 4 months old. And I started masturbating 5 months back when I was watching a Blue Film. I don't want to masturbate as my friends say it is harmful to our body. But even after too much controlling myself I masturbate. My height is 5'4" and I dont have moustaches, beards and other developments.

I want to ask that does masturbation effects growth rate of body, I mean stopped increase in height. I am undergoing a height increment program. Pls answer my queries??

Posted by -Jill (Member # 5375) on :
Here at Scarleteen masturbation is certainly not taboo; it's something that gets discussed a lot. Here's an article will give you more information about it: Jerking Off. If you still have questions try using the search function on the message boards.


Posted by Beppie (Member # 94) on :
No, masturbation does not harm you in any way, it does not stunt your growth, and it does help you discover your sexual self. Aside from that, it's the only form of completely safe sex.
Posted by 311 (Member # 5613) on :
im not a doctor, but i know for a fact that masturbating will in no way affect your physical development whatsoever, so keep whackin' it!
Posted by ThisGuy (Member # 968) on :
What a poetic description.

Rap music: keeping the black man down since 1991

Posted by John Doe (Member # 3836) on :
What 311, it doesn't give you hairy palms, make you go blind, send you to H#ll, stunt your growth or give you carpel tunnel syndrome?


Posted by JagTheTeen (Member # 1062) on :
What...? Masturbation...make you short..? Oh dear GOD! ALL THE MEN IN THE WORLD ARE GOING TO BECOME MIDGETS! Hehehe just being strange, like usual, in no way does it harm you. It can help you, make you feel better, but never harm you. As long as you are careful, aka don't pull, tug or pinch is a general rule for me, hehehehehe, but then there is some who like that even sooo just erm...explore. ^-^
Posted by CandyDreams123 (Member # 5593) on :
I've acutally heard somewhere that the more you ejactulate it will decrease your chances of prostate cancer, so how is masturbation a bad thing???
Posted by John Doe (Member # 3836) on :
As far as the growth stunting part goes, all I can say is I'm 6'5", and when i was a teen, well lets just say that my favorite toy was always close at hand. (it still is, and I'm 42) I also started much earlier than you did, I suspect that almost 15 is pretty late to start wrestling with the one eyed monster. I suspect that you are mearly a "late bloomer", nothing wrong with that, its just how god made you.

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