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Posted by Beppie (Member # 94) on :
A lot of the time, people will feel insecure about quirky, individual things about their body, but in actual fact these quirky things are extremely cool and receive much admiration from others.

So, what parts of your body are a little bit quirky, and yet extremely cool?

Posted by Gumdrop Girl (Member # 568) on :
folks seem to dig the hair. i have really long black hair that's dyed blonde in the front. it catches attention.

but i think i have cute toes, too. which is odd since i find feet to be dirty and disgusting. and i have nice ears; there's a cute little notch in my right ear.

A waist is a terrible thing to mind.

Posted by BJadeT (Member # 2057) on :
I love scars! That sounds really weird I know, but I think a body without scars is a body without a history-and your history is what makes you interesting! I don't have any major scars but I have a few little ones with interesting stories-like the one on my forehead where I got knifed by a bowl of flour (don't ask) and the one that looks like a caesarean scar underneath my belly utton where the nurse got the tape that they use to seal the umbilical cord shortly after I was born. I'm also always attracted to people with good scars. Hmmm..a little odd now I come to think of it!
I also love my birthmarks-the brown one on my little finger and the 'beauty spot' underneath my right eyebrow. They're kind of nice and reassuring because no one else has them eactly how you do.
Oooh-and I can wiggle my nose which is probably my body's best function!
Posted by -Jill (Member # 5375) on :
My breasts are two different sizes. I love it. It almost gives each of them their own personality but the difference isn't big enough to make bra shopping difficult. I also have this tiny little red spot between them. It's just like a red freckle. I have no idea what it really is but it's been there all my life without any problems. I have one on my finger too. And, something that's unusual in my little part of the world, I don't shave any of my body hair.
Posted by Laura (Member # 3426) on :
I'm missing two teeth on the bottom. (The canines, I think - the ones just outside the four in the center.) I had the baby teeth surgically removed back in my days of braces, in hopes that it would inspire the permanent teeth to grow in faster. They never grew in. My mom says I should get surgery and braces again, since (as she says) people won't take me seriously if they see I have missing teeth, but I kind of like it. It doesn't really interfere with my chewing, and it's nice and symmetrical. And why do I want people to take me seriously anyway?

ookuotoe, I'm with you on not shaving, too.

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Posted by DarlingBri (Member # 5036) on :

Freckles... have loads, love 'em.

Slight gap between my front teeth, which I like in a Lauren Hutton kind of way.

My feet are big, but beautiful... I think they're very pretty!

Posted by cupcake (Member # 4356) on :
it's SO the scars!
i dunno, i agree with BJadeT, tehy're awesome. They can tell you everything you need to know, everywhere you've, been what you've done, in some ways.
I really like this one on my left cheek. I'm a sailor, and i got hit with the boom a few years ago. it only comes out sometimes, and i thnk it shows a lot of my personality
Posted by littleone (Member # 4571) on :
its the scars for sure.
for instance, i have both elbows scratched up and covered in minor scars because i fell off my bike several times
i think of it as something physical to show that im a tomboy
and i love hearing about how other people got their scars.....its interesting
Posted by girly2499 (Member # 4188) on :
I love scars, too. I have dozens (some self-inflicted, some with nifty stories). I love the freckles I have (maybe 25 at most). I have one thats on the outside corner of my left eye that isn't noticeable but I like it, and a small one on my right cheek. My second toes are longer than my big toes. I get crap for that one but I still love sandals. I have a white spot (kinda like a birth mark I suppose) on my upper right arm that just doesn't tan. I'm naturally tan and it just looks like a patch of white freckles. I can also bend my pointer finger on my left hand all the way back and I get kicks out of that. :P
Posted by Aria51 (Member # 653) on :
I have the little Lauren Hutton / Madonna gap in my teeth. I suppose it's kinda cute.

I have the world's longest tongue. Gene Simmons has nothing on me.

I have about a million little scars, the oldest being between my eyes and the newest being inside my bellybutton. I have a bunch of little beauty-marks on my face, including one on my lip where people used to put fake ones.

I really like my accent. Watch "Fargo" and you'll know what I'm talking about.

And I have size *checks bottom of shoes* 12 feet.

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Posted by Pixie69 (Member # 406) on :
I've got these two little brown spots, like really dark freckles on the palm of my right hand, which someone once thought was very cool. *shrugs*

I've got beyond-waistlength hair, which is really uncommon for people my age.

Umm...that's all I can come up with today. The rest of me is normal...ten toes, ten fingers, all the usual stuff.


Posted by Celtic Daisy (Member # 2971) on :
First for me too, is my size. I love my size, even if people do call me a midget, hehe. I'm 4'11, and i have the face of a 12 year old. No really, i do, the guy at the red river ex guessed i was 12 and i won a bear because he was more than 2 years off.

Also, my feet. They're so cute. I wear size 4, i've gotta have to smallest feet of any 16 year old girl.

My eyes, which only one person has actually commented on, but i think they're the coolest colour. They go kinda brown and green, which i guess is hazel. I prolly think they're so kewl because eyes are the first thing i notice on other people.

My hair. It's really fine and soft, but no volume. I used to really hate that but not so much anymore, and also i love the colour the front is dyed...a nice bright purple, soon to be blue.

My scars. I have so many. tons from my cats, one from an IV when i was in the hospital after my diabetes diagnosis, one in the shape of y on the back of my leg from falling through a slide.(long story)

My stretch marks. you don't hear too many people say that, but i really like them. I think they're kewl, because they really say something about how you've changed and grown.

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Posted by 'rin (Member # 1950) on :
i like my shoulders which somehow managed to stay in the shape they got into when i threw shotput and discus back in highschool. they're much more defined than any of my other muscles but i think that's kind of cool. i also like that my hands and feet are small for my size - i'm almost 6 foot even and i can wear my guy's shoes (he's 5'6) and my hands are smaller than his. i used to think it was freakish that i had such small hands but i've decided that they're cute.

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Posted by Miss Thang (Member # 5508) on :
I have freakishly long toes. They resemble fingers. They are long and skinny. So are my fingers. People tell me I should be a hand model. Yes, that would be a rewarding career! I can suck my stomach in so far that from front to back, there is about an inch and a half of stomach. It makes my ribs stick out really far, and I look like a victim of starvation. It's kinda funny.
Posted by Etch (Member # 182) on :
My hair is waist length and people either love it or hate it, rarely in between. Its also a really cool (dyed) burgendy color. But my hair is really thin... but it looks like it is really thick.

My ears are small

I have really big thighs...

I have these scares on my right forearm just below the elbow froma bike accident that look like faded stretch marks. I dont notice them much anymore unless someone asks if they are stretch marks. but who cares if they are anyway?

Posted by kythryne (Member # 5460) on :
Although they didn't come pre-installed on my body, my favorite parts of my body are my tattoos and piercings. Getting them done has been extremely symbolic and healing for me, and each one means something special to me.


Posted by smittenkitten (Member # 2297) on :
I like my tubby stomach, because the skins sooo soft (though there have been times I've hated it!)

I also like my breasts, even though they have stretch marks. Some nights when I get undressed I sit on my bed and cup them, let them drop, cup them...

I also like my butt, it's curvaceous, although a bit hairy, and reminds me of those women you see in old paintings.

I guess it looks like I'm into fleshy body parts!

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Posted by Maharet (Member # 3806) on :
I love these topics

I was born at 24weeks (four months early), so I've got a range of cool stuff from that
One, is that I am very underweight. I think I'm about 162cm tall, and I weigh 43kg, that's.. (gets calculator)... 94.6 pounds I think, (6.75 stone?).
Because I'm so skinny (or I think that's why it is), I have a really cool belly botton, just tiny lumps of flesh, with no flaps of skin around it at all, it's hard to describe.

And, for the scar people , I have scars on my right side level with my breasts, that has pulled my right breast and nipple over to one side so they look uneven. It doesn't effect underarm hair growth. Finally, I don't shave, most of it's fine and light (thanks for the genes, mum!!) and I love the feel of it.

Posted by BJadeT (Member # 2057) on :
I agree with Celtic Daisy about stretch marks. I used to hate mine and try to get rid of them but they actually look pretty cool. They're kind of wavy and silvery and strangely beautiful. Wow, I never thought I'd say that. This is a brilliant topic Beppie!
Posted by DarlingBri (Member # 5036) on :
I am totally A-OK with my stretch marks. I have one very deep one that sory of annoys me, but I like how it feels, so that's OK.

I can pick things up with my toes (thanks, dad!) and I can whistle and hum at the same time (good party trick).

Scars: I have a big one from a truck accident on my left shoulder. It used to bother me, but now I like to display it and send the message that bodies that are not perfect are still good bodies for living!

Posted by Rose_y (Member # 5500) on :
My freckle/mole/birthmark/beauty spot which is beside my nose kindov. Its mostly like a small birthmark., I think. I've always hated it but guys seem to love it.
Some kindov Cindy Crawford thing.
Who knows.

Posted by Daydreamer24 (Member # 5578) on :
Cool Post...

You know how some people's second toe from the left is sometimes longer than their big toe? Mine is. I think it's really strange, but anytime anyone asks, I tell 'em it's a sign of intelligance!

Hmm... The host of the Newlywed Game once said that...

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Posted by girlie* (Member # 5257) on :
When i was in grade school, kids made fun of me because of my lips! they said they were to big...and my mom always told me older people WANTED bigger lips. so i went to school, told the kids that, and jsut stuck it out. now being the age i am, i love it! i have the nicest pout is what first caught my guys eye way back when, he says. he commented that i remind him of steven tyler...hehe
take that grade school kids!lol....

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Posted by JagTheTeen (Member # 1062) on :
Three things 8)
I ALWAYS get comments on my shoulders, very broad. At church I was asked if I had shoulderpads on, hehe.
Second, people love my eyes. Watery blue.
And third, this is only my knowing about hehe, to the right and above my belly button is a little...indentation. Have had it for as long as I can remember. It's just a little black and blue dip in my skin, not big at all, just always makes me happy when I touch it. Hehehehe. And hey..I don't have any scarssssss. *Whines* But I've been through some hurtings, but nothing. I just don't scar..I heal fast and don't scar. Doh. ^-^
Posted by FlutterBy01 (Member # 5668) on :
hmm. i have this cute little dot thing on the inside right side of my nose... its so small but i always notice it, i have this little purple dot on my leg that the dermatologist called a skin abnormality... and there are those interesting skin indents on my wrists, that when i hold my wrists up next to each other they align perfectly... interesting...

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Posted by Zanney (Member # 8696) on :
This thread is always relevant!

My "quirky" bits are my eyes - very, very blue. I also thought they were just "eyes", but I'm always getting comments on them.

And I have a little dimple thing, which I think just makes me look like a doll (or at least, something out of an Enid Blyton book), but I get heaps of comments on that one too.

Posted by Olive (Member # 8964) on :
I have tons of freckles but a few really awesome ones. I have one on the palm of my left hand, I think its cute. And one on my little toe and one near it but on my foot.

I also have many scars. I have one on the right side of my chest above my breast, it's just a cat scratch, but I think its sexy . And i have stretch marks on the sides of my upper theighs from my butt. but oh well, they dont bother me.

Posted by mistress_monkey (Member # 7467) on :
i have a little scar on the upper left side of my right eye from when my cat latched onto my head when i was seven.

there's a small gap in between my front two teeth that kinda makes me look like i'm twelve, but i kinda like it.

also, the toe next the big one (the second in command ) is crooked, and crooks toward the other toes. i always like to make stories up about it, like i broke my toe drop-kicking a grapefruit 30 yards or something, but i always thought it was the cutest lil' thang.

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Posted by BamaSpam (Member # 9537) on :
lol You're not going to believe this

I have a third nipple. It looks more like a mole and it's under my left breast. I was wondering what it was for the longest, and my gyno informed me that it was just a little nipple. No, I can't feel anything with it, but I play with it from time to time.

So HAH! Anyone else with a third nipple?!

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Posted by foxfire (Member # 8676) on :
I guess me and Celtic Daisy have alot in common. People often mistake me for a 12 year old. I weigh 86 pounds and I'm 4'11 and 3 quarters. Even if there not technically 3rd (or 4th) nipples I have 2 moles on my stomach that makes it look like I have four boobs, just the bottom two havent grown up yet. I also have soo many freckles and fire red hair which my boyfriend loves.
Posted by ~You*Know*Who~ (Member # 1412) on :
I love threads like this, makes me feel good about 16 year old self Sorry if this is long, but these threads inspire me to find things I like about myself!!!!

My eyes are bigger than anyone elses I know. And they are dark dark brown. I used to want blue eyes when I was little, but now I wouldnt want any other eyes.

My strech marks. For the longest time, I hated them. But one day I was looking at them and they almost shimmered. they are a beautiful shimmery silver color. and they feel hella cool. I love them. They are really PRETTY!

I also love scars. On me and on other people. I love hearing stories about scars, I think they are a sexy attribute on a guy. And on myself, they're damn sexy. They show you have stories.

My skin color. I am the whitest person I know. about the shade of that peach crayon. And I get alot of crap about it. I cannot get tan for anything. But I like it. Its part of me. Its unique. Its fair and unblemished and I think its beautiful. And im not giving myself skin cancer trying to change somthing thats already beautiful.

My breasts are Perky and the perfect size. I have a meduim-large B cup. I dont even need to wear a bra. My boobs can hold their own.

Posted by DrQuack5 (Member # 2748) on :
I like my size, too. I'm 5'5" and, by those handy little "ideal weight charts" (note the sarcasm) I am waaaay obsese. I'm 147 pounds, but it's all muscles.

Those people who try to guess your weight at carnivals and such ... they've got nothing on me.

I have really really nicely structured and musuclar arms. They have such a pretty form.

And my eyes are pretty darn blue.

Posted by Nico19 (Member # 9092) on :
I like my breasts, I used to not like them because they were small, like 38B, but I love them now, I can go braless and they somehow seem less obscene and gratuitous, plus some celebrities like kate hudson and mena suvari have smaller chests and they look great.
I also like my hands. My wrists are so thin and feminine, , and I have long slim fingers that look so elegant.
plus I like my eyes, there a deep green colour, and everyone else in my family got blue, but I wasn't.
Wow, this made me feel better about myself, lol,
Posted by HockeyGrl (Member # 9401) on :
Ok I just have to say I feel butterflies reading all of your posts...I had NO idea that there were girls out there that had "abnormalities" and were ok with them hahah...I`m so used to the whole Blonde Beautiful long legged media image I completely forgot that there actually ARE normal people out there !!

The one thing about myself that is unique (well apparently not so) are my stretch marks on my breasts! I`ve played hockey since I was 5 so growing up my chest was basically restrained under the weight of hockey equipment so when I grew up a bit and began playing occasionally my chest began to grow "normally" and created stretch marks! I hated them but hey, what can you do --- I say LOVE YOURSELF ANYWAYS!

I also have freckles and a tiny nose...I`m Irish..go figure! heh


Posted by earth girl (Member # 7759) on :
Originally posted by Maharet:
I love these topics

I was born at 24weeks (four months early), so I've got a range of cool stuff from that

I was born at 28 weeks, and I think my small, neat navel has a lot to do with that

I also have massive thumbs. I compared my hands to a friend with much bigger hands than me, and although her fingers were much longer than mine, our thumbs were nearly the same length. Odd!


Posted by Maryha (Member # 7897) on :
What a fun topic!
Well, I think my bellybutton is definitely on the odd side. . . It's like a cavern or something! But people seem to dig it, a lot my friends think it's fun to poke.
I like my odd toes. . . They are like puzzle pieces or something, it looks like someone squished clay together and formed them so they would fit together just right.
And I also like my scars. . . I have a few from chicken pocks that are either bumps or indentations on my back and one on my shoulder. I think they're strangely sensual.
Posted by OoMEoO (Member # 6026) on :
I'm not sure if i posted here already, but whatever....
Hmmm...lemme think, oyes, my thumbs are EXTREMELY curved, and I have a birthmark on each of my thumbs (and look exactly the same and are in the same spot) in the shape of boxes. They're really neato! hehe...o and if someone sticks something skinny deep in my bellybutton, it feels like im having an orgasm... not exactly, but similar!
Posted by ~You*Know*Who~ (Member # 1412) on :
IM BACK! This topic is kick ass, everyone loving themselves and all.

I like my lips. They're like, just full enough to be sexy. They're perfect!


Posted by Undercover Cinderella (Member # 4607) on :
I love my lips. Older relatives always said I had the nicest lips they'd ever seen on a baby. *muah*
Also I can fold my tongue in half. Thats kinda quirky. I don't mean like roll it but fold it in half so the tip points to the back of my throat. I've only met 2 other people who can do it.
Posted by Sporker101 (Member # 14914) on :
On my left ear, at the top where my cartilidge meets my skin, I have a tiny hole. I've only met one other person with it, and I think it's adorable. I also have pretty tiny wrists, hands and fingers, which I love even more.

And Undercover Cinderella, I can do that too. It's become a bad habit though. I often roll by tongue back and I can put it up to where your nose and throat come together. This also goes along with the fact that I have a very long tongue, and I can touch my nose and chin with it. And my lips are perfect for me.

I can also cross one eye and straighten the other, which freaks people out. My mom also tells me that my eyes are dialated more than most people, which I think it cool too. They also change color.

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Posted by pinkyboo (Member # 14920) on :
I have a little brown dot on my eyeball. Yes, it's on my eyeball. I've had it since I was born and I just love showing it to people.

I love the mole above my belly button. Just about every other mole on my body kind of annoys me, but I LOVE the one above my belly button. I just think my tummy would be boring with out at least one little speck on it.

Lets see.. what other little quirks do I fancy.. I like my pinky toe. All of my toes are long and thin, but my baby toe is chubby, and curls under. So it really doesn't fit in with the rest of them, but I adore it.

Posted by ????? (Member # 12675) on :
I Have A Black Scar!! im not sure if its common but i dont know anyone around here that has one. does anyone out thier have one?
Posted by spazgrl07 (Member # 14924) on :
I can't think of any quirky things like that about myself--other than I have the cutest dang feet in the world! And freckles. Not a ton of them, but just enough. I'm able to notice odd little things about other people better than I am about myself, though.
Posted by RileyDexter11 (Member # 14670) on :
I have the cutest little twin moles on my hip bones that I love but, I have a scar next to my right about (-----------) that long and I hate it cuz its on my face.
Posted by magpie (Member # 2340) on :
My body is full of quirks. One of my brests is a bit larger than the other, but no one even notices unelss I point it out. (Then they spend all day looking at my chest) My left hand is bigger than my right. (again, not noticable unless I'm playing piano) I have dimples on my cheeks. I have really small feet. They are womens size 5. Sometimes that makes it really hard to find shoes because girls' shoes end at size 4 and womens' shoes often start at size 6. I have a mold on the inside of my elbow. I used to have a big strawberry birthmark on my tummy, but it's pretty much disappeared.
Posted by - pure - (Member # 15018) on :
wow, so many good replies! I just like all the little freckles and stuff that are randomly everywhere - add character!
Posted by switchblade_mouth (Member # 13789) on :
.. ooh.

TEETH. My upper canine teeth are veritable "fangs" (IE .. real pointy!), and I love it. It makes me look vicious/fierce, which is fun. And, while I'm more of a rocker than a dark/brooding/underworld enthusiast, I still get huge kicks out of the "are you a vampire?" comments that little kids make.

I'm crooked too, it turns out, which I think is rad.

So I go to get my tattoo last Saturday. The plan was to get a nautical star, centered right below my breasts. But, after stencilling on and removing the outline several times, Alan (the artist who performed the tattooing) decided that I (like pretty much every one else) have a "crook" to the way I stand, which would have made such a symmetrical tattoo look "off-center" or at an angle, since my navel is such a stark reference point. The idea of having my own personal "bad alignment" makes me feel less robotic.

I got it on my back--beneath my neckline--instead, and am lovin' it hardcore. Yay first tattoo.

.. but I digress.

A lot of people remarked on scars. I dig my boyfriend's, and he has /a lot/ of 'em.

My favorite is a particularly bad one right in his groin area (about an inch away from .. a very tender organ). He got stabbed by a sword! He's self-conscious about it, but I think it's .. cute. :>

.. he also only has one working testicle, which I likewise find quirky-cute!


Posted by momomo (Member # 8636) on :
I look pretty normal when you first see me....
i like my shoulders because (although they are useless in my everyday life) they are so muscley and beautiful! (only muscle on my body that u can see!)
i have irish fingers which means that they are cute and short and fat, but it also means i cant play guitar (because i cant stretch my fingers far enough apart!)
I used to have scars on my palm that looked like a bar-code (self-inflicted....boring classes, lol)
i have 3 chicken pox scars, one in the center of the bridge of my nose, one on my right cheek under my eye and one under my lips on the left of my chin. they make my face pretty distinct, though u dont notice them right away....
i also like my hip bones cuz no matter how big my tummy is, they stick out like an inch. its cool!
thanks for this topic!
Posted by crazy_sexy_cool (Member # 13617) on :
Love this post! It's so positive!

Scar stories are so cool! I could talk for hours about them! I used to be a tomboy when I was a kid so my knees still bare the scars. I love my scars, scars are so unique to everyone, and most are the result of funny or exciting experiences!

I have a scar in my right eyebrow, I find it cool because a lot of people want one there because it looks "cool" or something, but I have one because like mistress_monkey, my cat (RIP) had latched herself onto my head, and just missed scratching out my eye by a few centimeters!

I also have about 3 chicken pock scars which I think are really cute, I have one on my inner thigh which looks so strange, even though it's fairly small it's kinda ingrained in my skin. I think those people with chicken pock scars will know what it looks like.

Freckles are really cute too, I have lots! I have one to the right of my belly button, and a hidden one under my breast which I only discovered a year ago since I was never curious enough to look under my breast! I know a cute quote for freckles.. "A face without freckles is like a sky without stars". (don't mean to offend those without freckles, you can look at it in another way, you've got a clean canvas!).

I also love my eyes, everyone says they are a different colour! Be it grey, blue or green! And if you look closely you can even spot some brown!

Though my breasts aren't quirky, I love em! Not too big, not too small.. even my girl friends say I've got lovely boobs! *gleam*.

OOoops.. I've gone on for quite a bit, but hey atleast this post really helped boost my self confidence!

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Posted by Sunset_Rose (Member # 10181) on :
I have a birthmark on my leg that looks like a shark!
Ok, so my more truthful friends say it more resembles a very odd looking fish, but no one disputes that there is a definate body and tail to that birthmark.
Posted by roofus (Member # 13973) on :
Well one of my breasts is bigger than the other, my eyes are never the same color, they change between blue and green. Hmm I guess thats about it for now...
Posted by nico (Member # 16412) on :
I have hundreds of beauty marks on my pale skin - just flat brown spots all over my body - arms, legs, back, and even my face. I've never for a second thought of them as imperfections. I think marks on a body are unique and beautiful in that way. I had a boyfriend last year who would always trace lines in between them on my back, and it was amazing and so soft and personal.

Posted by Daydreamer24 (Member # 5578) on :
Posted by curiousgeorge4 (Member # 16312) on :
I have a Madonna space in my front teeth, and a birthmark the size of my hand on my inner thigh (i've suprised a couple people with that one) which looks very cool when i'm tanned
Posted by EversBoo15 (Member # 15917) on :
well...My fingers. There are kinda in the middle of short and chubby & long and skinny. And they look sort of retarded I guess..LOL When I put nail polish on they seem to look short and chubby and w/o nail polish kinda long and skinny. I hate that. but I guess whats cool about them is that they move around in different ways. I love to see people try to copy me cause they think they can do it when they can't.

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Posted by anahati (Member # 14729) on :
My hair falls about halfway down my back, is this deep red coppery colour that's completely natural, and it's gorgeously thick and wavy. It also has a dozen or so hemp wraps with beads in it.
My scars. Self-inflicted or not, each one has a story.
My tattoo!
And the quirkiest one - my belly button is the best lint trap ever. Puts my dryer to shame. Some people think it's a little weird - but hey, I think it's adorable. And what I think about me counts far more than anything someone else would think.

when i look at you i squint / you are that beautiful. - ani D

Posted by lilith86 (Member # 11258) on :
I love this topic!

Alright, my favorite by far is a brown birthmark on my lower back that looks like a bunny with floppy ears

Also, my eyes are kindof a strange color; I've never been quite been able to determine it. I've heard hazel, grey, green, blue, all before. The best way to describe them (and the most romantic!) is that they look like the sea.

I like my chubby stomach too. It's taken me awhile to appreciate it, but now I wouldn't want to be any other way.

Posted by Anita18 (Member # 15951) on :
I have an ovalish spot on my left ankle that's lighter than the skin around it. Plus it never tans. It's almost invisible now (since I don't go around barefoot as much as I used to) but it's still there.
Posted by nico (Member # 16412) on :
lilith86, I'm totally with you on the chubby stomach thing. I used to hate it because I wanted the completely flat stomach like some of the other chicks, but then I saw an exhibition of Hindu and Buddhist statues at a museum, and I had a new respect for my slightly rounded shape. I like how it looks soft and womanly and sexy in a goddess-of-fertility way.

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