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Posted by d1TzY8 (Member # 372) on :
What are you guys thought about tanning?! Do you guys go to a tanning salon, or are you already naturally tan?! I cant stand being outside for too long cause I break out in a horrible heat rash that wont disappear for like a month..

Just curious. Do you guys know how high the odds are getting skin cancer from tanning beds?! I am the kind of person that will tan for like 3 days in a row, and then not go for like another month. I can hold my tans pretty darn well..LoL


Posted by jupiter (Member # 994) on :
I don't tan. I don't sunbathe. I come out at about six at night and still slather sunblock on like I need it to survive. Tanning looks great on some people, and I am perfectly happy to feast my eyes on some bronzed sun goddess. On the other hand, it doesn't look good on me. I have this milky white sort of Irish complexion, and the darkest I've ever gotten is slightly darker than parchment. If I even tried to go darker, I can tell that I'd look like some sort of minstrel show. Like the politically correct version of blackface. So, for all us pale girls who don't like to look like the spokeswoman for Red Lobster (my other alternative) - very white skin is also becoming, in a sort of Victorian way. There's a reason why women for tens of centuries (basically, all of 'em before this past one) have attempted to make ourselves whiter. It isn't because it looks ugly. Besides, we look cute when we blush.
Posted by SlowCookie (Member # 589) on :
I love the beach and I love the sun... I guess you have to if you live in south Florida, where it's summer pretty much all year round. I don't have to sit in the sun for hours to get tan, I'm Asian so that whole golden skin complexion runs in the genes. I'm still pretty light naturally though. I tan too easily and it's quite aggravating at times. Every single time I get in my car, I arrive at my destination with a browner left shoulder... and it's not as if I go driving with my arm out the window either, I simply put the windows down for fresh air...grrr.

I've never went to the beach for the sole purpose of sun bathing until this past summer. My boyfriend is Irish and his coloring is more pink than white . He was determined to be bronzed this summer (I told him that muscle definition and a tan complexion just wasn't an Irish thing but he thinks he's special ) So guess who he dragged to the beach with him every other day in his attempts to become Adonis? Me!

So there I am on the beach slathered with SPF 30 sunblock while TJ's next to me looking more like a baked lobster with every minute that passes. By the end of the afternoon, I'm 8 shades darker even though I've reapplied sunblock 3 times and well, TJ's a deeper shade of pink.

It's the end of the summer and I guess you can say TJ's succeeded... if you put him under orange light and squint really hard, he almost looks tan. Nah, he's finally got some color and he's quite proud of himself. I, on the other hand, have the whitest boobs and butt I've ever seen . That whole color contrast thing is horrible. People compliment me on my tan often but jeez, if they ever saw me naked, they would roll over and laugh like my boyfriend does every time.

Next destination: Nude beaches .

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Posted by Hanne (Member # 100) on :
As someone who burns very very easily, and who has suffered sunburn bad enough to need hospitalization (think blisters the size of CDs, all over your back, chest, and arms), I don't tan. As someone who has stood by helplessly as a dear friend and former lover lost his outer ear on one side, a good part of the skin on his shoulder, part of his nose, and sections of skin on his back to skin cancer, I don't recommend regular tanning to anyone.

Obviously, how badly sun or UV rays will damage your skin is going to be partly hereditary, but honestly, I just don't think it's worth it.

Interestingly, if you look at the history of tanned skin, you'll find that it has only been in fashion since the 1920's, when Coco Chanel dared to get tan playing tennis in the South of France and then returned to Paris looking -- or so people thought -- like a field hand, because she was so tan. It was a huge scandal.

But of course, she was also Coco Chanel, and it became fashionable to be tan, because in a world where most poor people were going to work in factories (and thus not getting tans), only people with enough leisure time to go outside and play around in the sun were going to get tans. Before the 1920s-1930's (and even today in many parts of the world), having a tan meant you were a poor farm worker who had to spend many hours a day doing backbreaking work under the hot sun... and not too surprisingly, pale skin that showed no sign of having seen the sun was associated with refinement and wealth. Even now, a creamy complexion is still considered elegant and beautiful, and many of the most beautiful women I know avoid the sun altogether because it will *damage* your skin and make it look older than it is even if there is no cancer-causing damage.

Just something to think about.

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Posted by lemming (Member # 33) on :
Just my situation here, but -

I'm half Hispanic and so I have a sort of natural olivey thing going on. I used to get real dark.

I think I like the way tanning looks on other people, but as Hanne said, I can't look at it without thinking of death. I think when we know so much about skin cancer's relation to tanning, it's absurd to think we would want to expose our skin to UV rays.

So as a result, my skin is VERY light *screen tan!* and I like it that way. ;]


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Posted by Pixie69 (Member # 406) on :
I'm half mexican (with a very very very dark father) and half american (with a very very very pasty white mother) and in my life I've gone through both phases. When I was younger I was darker, guess it's just because I played outside a lot. In sith and seventh grade I was pretty white. But in the summers I usually get a tan. Not on purpose, but just from having at least two hours of swim practice a day, plus swim meets last forever!

My mom is a sunscreen advocate. Everytime I get a "bad sunburn" (hint hint, a bad sunburn means my cheekbones are a little pink) she reminds me of how I'll be an old wrinkly hag.

But, as my mom says, "I'll love you even if you are an old wrinkly hag".


PS: even when I get a tan in the summers, you can barely tell I have tan lines...

Posted by Gumdrop Girl (Member # 568) on :
I tan very easily, and I try not to. It just happens. But I went to the Xgames a few weeks ago, and sat out in the bleachers for three hours san sunscreen. stupid stupid stupid!!! i swear, the flesh is falling off my body, I'm still peeling so badly!!!

Anyway, tanning makes your skin all leathery and rought. And the ultraviolet light freaks out your DNA atom by atom, leading to mistakes, which lead to cancer. no one likes cancer. tanned people on tv are sprayed with sunless spray.

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Posted by ThisGuy (Member # 968) on :
Blech...I hate women with more than a mild tan. Odd really - black, yellow, or white skin don't bother me. Sun-tan does.

Guess I got hit hard with all the sun tan warnings that came out when I was a kiddie. ;p

Posted by Circ'd on :
I don't mind heat, but I hate the sun. I used to burn very easily, but when I went to Kos (Greece) recently I found that I didn't need to use that much sun block at all. I didn't get brown, and I didn't burn - I stayed almost the same colour as i was before I went!
I think I've formed an immunity towards the sun. Oh well, my body has once again beaten back the forces of nature - I wonder what I'll be immune to next!

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Posted by tifa528 (Member # 1484) on :
*is shocked and amazed* And I thought I was the only "proud to be pasty" girl around!

I'm half irish and half scottish... and very light skinned. I think there is nothing wrong with being pale... I think it's beautiful - and hell, you'll still have beautiful skin when your 50 or so... who wants to look like an aligator? And why risk getting a nasty rash? ...ickies.

Posted by Pixie69 (Member # 406) on :
If you've ever seen Cider House Rules you'll know why I think "pasty chicks" are beuatiful, lol. The movie takes place way back in the day where it's fashionable to be pasty and in one scene this woman (who has the most beuatiful curvy body) is nude and she's just so Marilyn Monroe-ish. Very cool.


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Posted by lemming (Member # 33) on :
Yes! Brittany.

and her name is Charlize Theron.

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