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Posted by le paon (Member # 29896) on :
Okay, here's the deal. I'm 16 years old, openly gay male. My parents know, my friends know, and if you asked me then you'd probably know too. Anyway, my friend Liz is like a mother to me. She's like 40 and has three daughters. She's really fun and accepting of everything. I'm good friends with one of her daughters, Bailey. Bailey is dating a kid, Martin. Here's the funny thing: Bailey and Martin think that I don't know I'm gay. I do of course. So I need a fun way to come out to them. Simply telling them doesn't seem enough. I know they'd be totally cool with it, so I want to have fun when I tell them. And I'm not attracted to her boyfriend so there aren't any werid "strings attatched". I'm open about so I want it to be cool when they finally find out that. Any ideas?
Posted by catalinacisne (Member # 27839) on :
Do you go to school with them? You could buy a magazine of gay erotica and "accidentaly" have it fall out of your backpack at an opportune moment. Or plaster your binder/locker with pictures of hot shirtless men.
Posted by le paon (Member # 29896) on :
I go to school with her boyfriend, but she'll be going of to college. That's amazingly rich, though. Brava!
Posted by wobblyheadedjane (Member # 11569) on :
One of my drama class acquaintances in high school had a couple of shirts made up - one that said "Yes, I am." and the other, "The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree," with a picture of a little tree befruited with rainbow coloured fruits. They were brilliant, but flew over the heads of a lot of my classmates. Still, I remember him fondly for his hilarious and often biting defense of his orientation in a Catholic high school.
Posted by le paon (Member # 29896) on :
Oh, that's classic! Oh, wow. I'll have to think about that...ha, that's hilarious.
Posted by Ikeren (Member # 26880) on :
I've got a friend with several of those shirts too, but in generally, I think you could find a more original way of expressing yourself then buying a mass printed T-Shirt.

"Let's get one thing straight - I'm not."
"Heterosexually Challenged." - two examples.

I've got an idea, but it is just plain bad, and I am not posting it.
Posted by BiGoddess (Member # 23917) on :
Wow, this post title was super intriguing! Not the kind of thing you see every day, eh? Anyhow, I think it's great that you want to make a good memory of your coming out.

Now, I don't know if you're musically inclined, but this one might be even better if you aren't: If you wouldn't be too mortified by it, you could write up a cheesy song and dance routine about your gay-ness (with nothing too explicit) and then perform it for your friends.

If that's not your thing, a variation on the erotic mag idea: You could decorate your room with pictures of guys you think are hot, draw hearts on them, paste pictures of yourself up next to them, all that good stuff, and then invite your friends over to see.

IMO, the shirt idea, while funny, might be a little overdone/cliched. I don't know, though. Whatever you want.
Posted by wobblyheadedjane (Member # 11569) on :
Just to clarify my original post: my friend hand-painted his own shirts, and this was about seven years ago. So if it's become cliched/mass-produced in the meantime, it was original back then (to my less-worldly high school self, in any case!)
Posted by le paon (Member # 29896) on :
Ahhhh! Marvelous, simply M-arvelous! Ikeren: Clever little minx, you are. Why won't you post your assumed "bad idea". You should post it. What if it's the perfect thing. Wouldn't you feel awful knowing that you made my coming out boring and ordinary. Please post it! BiGoddess: Top-notch! That's so funny, we're actually writing a musical together, so that's simply hilarious. I should tell Liz about these...see what she thinks...
Posted by TheWillow (Member # 29924) on :
Hey there! Glad to see someone have fun about coming out, and congrats on everyone being so accepting, and u being so open about it all.

I think the ''Lets get one thing straight - I'm not'' idea is good. But BiGodesses' idea clearly wins. Good luck. Bet u cnt wait to see their faces [Razz]
Posted by Ikeren (Member # 26880) on :
Removed: Admittedly, I showed poor judgement, and it served no need. I apologize. Playing on those stereotypes is far to volitile, and I should have used my good judgements.

[ 07-20-2006, 07:39 PM: Message edited by: Ikeren ]
Posted by le paon (Member # 29896) on :
That is unbelievable!! This might be THE one. That's insane and crazy and perfect. Oh my gosh, I can't even think staright, it's hilarious. And seeing as how I'm atheist, it's utterly nuts. Oh, I have to think about this, this might be perfect. Hahaha...
Posted by Miz Scarlet (Member # 3) on :
For future reference?

When you don't feel right posting something like this?

Just don't: we get those instincts for a reason a lot of the time.

Imagine, if you would, how someone who is BOTH gay and Christian might feel reading something like this, who might be going through exactly what you're putting forth as a mockery, especially when we make a point of saying we try hard to make this a safe space for everyone? You just posted something that sent a clear message that it is NOT safe for some.

Scarleteen isn't a place for humour at someone else's expense, nor for approaches which are purposefully divisive. I know you're smart enough and have been here long enough to know that, Ikeren, and able to put those community needs and priorities first before...whatever need it was this served for you.

Seriously? How disappointing.

I think we can be light about coming out -- and I think this thread looking for ways to do so is a great thing to have -- without making fun of tohers.
Posted by SnowLhite (Member # 29534) on :
Ooh! Ooh!

A slogan for bisexuals!

"I'm Bi the way."

And a subtler one for gays:

"If you're happy and you know it clap your hands
*Clap clap (or picture of clapping hands)*"
Or less subtley replace 'happy' with 'gay'
Posted by littlehottie (Member # 30307) on :
thats a funny song SnowLhite


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