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Posted by cupcake (Member # 4356) on :
I'm SURE I saw something about thsi kind of thing floating around somewheres, but gosh darn it, I can't find the darn thing. GRR.

I was just watching a show on CTV about how they figure gay men came to be. (that sounds wierd... that's what they said... hmm...)

They were saying something about how whenever a boy fetus develops there is an increased risk for some virus. So the mother's immune system sends certain antibodies to destroy this infection.
These antibodies inhibit the development of certain parts of the male brain, specifically the part that controls attraction to women.
AND with each male child, these antibodies get stronger, hence the theory that the more older brothers a guy has, the higher the chance he'll be gay.
Apparently female children have no effect on the immune system.

Now that sounds to me like a polite way to say gay men are brain damaged, but maybe that's just me.

Thought this show was rather intresting, actually.

Any comments?

(mods if i'm just blind and couldn't find the thread I'm thiking of, please tell me. I'll invest in glasses. I swear it was there somewhere..... grr.)

Posted by indigodazed (Member # 6681) on :
Wouldn't it need to also apply to females?
I mean, if it were something like this, why would it only apply for one gender? It doesn't make too much sense to me...most of the gay males I know are the oldest children in their families.
Posted by Pumpkin_Pie (Member # 5822) on :
Why am I gay then? I don't buy it.
Posted by Milke (Member # 961) on :
It only applies to one gender because it's Y-chromosome dependent. If I recall right, the rest of the show linked being lesbian to a more masculine body type (idea sort of works for some women), and said that otherwise they just don't know why some women are gay and others aren't.

'Every day is like Sunday'

Posted by indigodazed (Member # 6681) on :
Yes, I understand that. But I meant, if something is the cause of homosexuality, shouldn't it apply for both genders? Otherwise, it makes no sense.
Posted by DrQuack5 (Member # 2748) on :
I've heard something about prenatal influences, but nothing about that theory.

The one I've heard deals with females getting higher testosterone levels and males getting more estrogen levels than average, which then increases the chances of them being homosexual.'s something like that...

Posted by Confused boy (Member # 1964) on :
With all due respect, I think those sort of theories are doomed to failiure. The human brain is such a complex thing that no one thing can cause it to grow in one particular way. Besides that, the environmental and cultural factors add another layer of complexity to the situation. This means you dont just ask why people are gay, you ought to ask why people are straight!

I feel that any theory that tries to reduce an entire field of pyschology to something that can be explained in a TV show is pretty worthless.

Posted by cupcake (Member # 4356) on :
hey, hey, hey.
i just brought it up cause i thought it was an intresting concept, and something people have a lot of different opiniions on.
Posted by TenohSetsuna (Member # 6092) on :
I'm sorry. My apologies, especially to cupcake. The theories *are* interesting.

Although I wonder... if scientists find a biological cause for homosexuality and bisexuality, will it make people any more accepting of LGBT people?

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Posted by cupcake (Member # 4356) on :

I'm not seeing it going to happen... nice idea though....

i think it's something only time can help. which sucks.

Posted by Zeno (Member # 5125) on :
I'm afraid I have to disagree with you, Confused boy. Of course human psychology is a very complex matter, where both biological and environmental factors play a role. But it's simply impossible to form a holistic theory of what's going on without also concentrating on the small parts.
I also doubt that the theory 'tries to reduce an entire field of psychology to something that can be explained in a TV show'. Although I'm certainly no expert on the matter, I'm pretty sure that the scientists involved know their statistics, and that none of them ever claimed that this or that would 'make you gay' beyond doubt.

I also don't think that they're saying that 'gay men are brain damaged' as cupcake said. I believe that nature doesn't give us any reason to classify _any_ phenomenon as a bad thing or a virtue. It's mankind that categorizes (with pretty ugly results sometimes, I must agree).

Posted by cupcake (Member # 4356) on :
It's just the way they said it... I was like, huh? That's kinda how it came out.

Sounds pretty messed to me.

The show didn't go and say everything can be attributed to that. Albeit I didn't watch all of it (the homophobic mother walked in the room), but they went through a bunch of different biological theories about it.

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