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Posted by hptmistruster (Member # 108240) on :
Okay, here's the background. I'm on the pill, and have been for 3 years. 2 pill packs ago, I missed 2 pills at the end of week 1 (June 30 and 31). I made up for them as directed. I took the next one correctly, then missed another 2 (July 2 and 3rd.) I made up for those as well as directed. I took the rest of the pack currently. However, I forgot about the backup recommendation, and had unprotected sex July 9th. This was 5 days before my withdrawal bleed.

The withdrawal bleed came on time. And I took the whole last pill pack correctly (never missed a pill). I am now on day 3 on my placebo week in that second pack.

I took a pregnancy test 3, 4, and 5 weeks after the unprotected sex (it's been 5 weeks today) and they were all negative. I have been getting some cramps and headaches since the sex, but I know that can be from something else, maybe from me thinking about it too much.

Can I be sure that I am not pregnant based on those tests? I only ask because I've heard of women only testing positive later on. But do most women get an accurate result when they test 5 weeks after unprotected sex? I've found so many conflicting answers, I just need one I can rely on: a straight answer.
Posted by hptmistruster (Member # 108240) on :
I also forgot to mention that I'm usually really good with my pills. Missing the pills this time had been the first time that I have ever missed any in the 3 years I've been taking it. It was a stressful week, and I'm just a little worried.
Posted by Molias (Member # 101745) on :
At the time when you took those tests, they would have been accurate as long as you followed the test instructions. For more information on taking pregnancy tests, you can check out this article: Peeing on a Stick: All About Pregnancy Tests

There's a lot of incorrect information online about pregnancy tests; do you remember where you came across information about people getting false negative results?
Posted by hptmistruster (Member # 108240) on :
I remember doing Google searches to see if it would be accurate, but I'm fairly certain unreliable sources popped up first, like Yahoo Answers. You know, where everyone can post their own answers, and not have any proof to back up anything. I guess I was just making myself crazy over it, and thinking that I'd be the one ending up pregnant even though it was negative this far after.

It doesn't help that on those sites, if you read people's stories, and sine of them day that they tested negative until like 3 months orange. I'm sure that's a very rare occurrence, but it's hard not to let that get into your head.

So to be clear for myself and to get out through my head: testing at 5 weeks after sex is accurate and I can trust the results?
Posted by hptmistruster (Member # 108240) on :
Sorry, I am on my phone and the autocorrect did a number on that reply. But I'm sure you figured it out. [Smile]
Posted by hptmistruster (Member # 108240) on :
I do apologize. I am on my phone and the autocorrect did a number on that reply. (Even after I tried to fix it the first time!) But I'm sure you figured it out. [Smile]

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