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Posted by ~jess~ (Member # 6304) on :
I'm unsure where to put this but i got a question.

I have a handicape- cp, more exact ataxia. my question is, can i still have kids with my disablity?

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Posted by Gumdrop Girl (Member # 568) on :
that depends on the kind of ataxia you have.

fyi: ataxia is a neuromuscular condition in which patients have difficulty controlling their movements. some forms are progressive and degenerative (meaning it only gets worse with time) or chronic. degree of severity can vary.

People with degenerative ataxia have shorter life expectancies. If this is a concern for you, then yes, it can affect your parenting if you were to die really early.

Some forms of ataxia are hereditary. In this case, you would be reffered to a genetic counselor who would help you weigh out the risks of having children and help you discuss your option.

Is your ataxia severe? Are you physically capable of independent living? These are valid things to consider when considering your ability to raise children.

Ataxia probably will not complicate aspects of parenting such as your ability to conceive, but some problems with voluntary movement can complicate delivery (though thanks to Caesarian Section, delivery is possible for people in such a situation).

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Posted by logic_grrl (Member # 8067) on :
If the ataxia is a result of cp (cerebral palsy), then it would *not* be hereditary or degenerative (unlike some other ataxias such as Friedrich’s ataxia).

People with cp can and do become parents, but cp can cause physical problems during pregnancy and birth, so it's vital to have proper medical support.

If what you're asking is do you need to use birth control to avoid getting pregnant, then yes you do! However, some doctors are unwilling to prescribe birth control pills to women with impaired circulation or mobility (including some women with cp), as they may be at a higher risk of thromboembolism. So you need to discuss this with your doctor so you can find the best method of birth control for you.

Posted by ~jess~ (Member # 6304) on :
I was just asking for future refernce.
actually my CP has become least server. Its not genertic, its a birth defect. see when i was coming out of the bith canal, i wiggled so much that i wraped the imbilicord around my neck and sufercated me. It effected my moter skills. such as my walking and coodnation.

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