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Author Topic: Overweight and depressed
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I am such a hypocrite! I try to go with what i think not what society thinks. But i cannot help it, i look all over the place and oh your nothing unless your 5"10 and 11o pounds. Dude i am NOT that, i am 5'4' and i weigh 165, i am fat. When i am alone in my room i take my clothes off and look at my body, some days i love it and some days i want to kill myself for it. In the last year i think i have gained about 30 pounds, i want to lose it, in that time i have getten pregnant, lost a baby and gone through severe depression so that is probbaly a big factor in my weight gain. Yes so i would really like to lose about thirty pounds, but i want to do it in a completly healthy way. Soo can you guys give me any suggestions on doing this?
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*hugs* honey.

We do not advocate ways to lose weight here at Scarleteen coz we believe that being healthy is the most important thing of all. But maybe what you could do is see your family doctor and ask him/her what you could do if you want to lose some weight. Ask your doctor to recommend a healthy diet you could stick to and some exercises that could help you perhaps lose some weight and stay healthy a the same time.

I know you have just gone through a very tough time losing your baby. You need time to heal sweetie. We all go through days when we feel ugly and gross. I weigh a pathetic 100 lbs and I feel disgustingly thin and hate how people look at me as though I am anorexic. But what's important is that I am healthy. And that is what should matter to you too hon.

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First off, love your body how it is! That's the first step, cause then you will care about your health, and what you do to your body to lose that weight. Oh and if you want ideas, there's like 100's of topics on losing weight and depression! trust me on that one, just go to the search function and you'll find them! Happy hunting
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I'm sorry you've had such a rough time of it lately. I'm positive you're beautiful just the way you are. Most of us aren't completely satisfied with our bodies either, but it's about coming to love yourself and see the beauty that is inside you and how much more important that is than what's on the outside. You are beautiful, so no matter what anyone else thinks, remember that you are a goddess !Having said that, if you feel that you need to lose weight, my first suggestion is go to talk to your doctor. Losing weight the wrong way (ie. too fast, cutting the wrong things out of your diet, etc.) can have a negative effect on your body. Your doctor will tell you the best way to go about losing weight, and how much you can safely lose. In fact, alot of doctors can refer you to a clinic that is certified to help people safely. Where I used to live, my doctor referred people to a clinic where they also did physical and occupational therapy for people recovering from surgery and injuries. They would design a specific eating plan and exercise plan that would slowly and safely allow the person to lose weight. It was more about changing your habits, than about losing 10 pounds in 10 days, or something like alot of diets promise.

So I guess I'm just saying that first off, you need to make sure you're doing this for yourself and not anyone else. And second, be safe about it.


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Ya know what? I'm almost exactly like you ...

I'm 5'5 and 170lbs. Although i haven't lost a baby, i've been battling severe depression for almost a year.

I'm guessing the depression is linked to the loss of your baby ... ?? I think you really need to talk to someone. Maybe not right away, but when you're ready. Also, consider going to your family doctor and telling him what's bothering you, because he may put you on some medication that will make you feel better until you are able to talk about what's bugging you (talking will help too)

I'm gonna send this over to Support Groups b/c i think it's really best suited over there, instead of here ...

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Im 5'10" and 185lbs, and u know what? i have just this year started to REALLY love being myself. Highschool is a whole differnt ballpark and it has change me around so much. (or maybe its just the guys lol) but anyways, when u truly want to lose the weight you will know what to do(eat healthy and exercise, consult ur Doc before doing this) but that is a little know secret, so dont shove ur finger down ur throat and dont starve urself!
good luck

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I do understand what it is like to be depressed. First of all you've been through an awful lot and you have every right to take time to feel sad, cry, whatever. And second of all, don't focus all your energy on your weight being the main issue.

When I was anorexic, I was depressed, I tried everything to make myself get out of the depression but everytime I tried, something else would bring me down. Then one day I was really upset so I didn't eat for a day and I woke up the next morning looking a little thinner. I did want to lose weight, so the next day, I only ate breakfast and dinner, soon I was just eating breakfast, and then eventually I was only eating (maybe) a tiny snack. Having to think of ways NOT to eat all day, gave me something to focus on, to help me get through my day without feeling helpless. What I'm trying to tell you is, my focus was on what I ate, how much weight I could lose, it was something I could accomplish, since I wasn't accomplishing getting out of depression. And did losing all that weight make me happier? No. But it did take my mind off my depression so I wouldn't have to deal with it. You have to deal with it eventually though. And after I dealt with it, I finally felt happy with who I am.

Right now I think what you should do is talk to someone about your depression, it's tough to feel so low, and talking to someone can definitely help. Don't focus on your weight until you're feeling better about you. Then talk to your doctor about a healthy way to lose some weight. Hope everything gets better for you.

}{*Starry Ali*}{
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i know you don't want to hear ne more, itz whatz on the inside that counts. even though itz the truth, it still doesn't change the way you feel. try to loose the weight if it makes you feel so sad. i know that this is hard, after all you've been through, but join a dance class, an aerobics class, or just go for a run. try swiming. you have no idea how good even a little 20 minute exercize thing can make you feel.

i know what you mean about the hypocrite thing, im the same way. except on one thing. PERSONALITY IS EVERYTHING. to me, nothing else matters. think about it.

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I'm floating in your same boat. When I was 13 I was forced to have an abortion (my parents thought a child of rape would be no proper child). After the rape and abortion, I was diagnosed with severe clinical depression and only a month later, I attempted suicide. I felt used, worthless, depressed, and so on. I was hospitalized for a short period of time (behavioral hospitalization) and then I was put on meds, which made me gain weight. A year later, I had gone from 150lbs to 190. I was so depressed that I quit eating. I ate only a pinch for 3 months. I lost 35 pounds. It was painful agony, so don't think about it.

A year again and now I'm 15. I'm no longer depressed (psychiatrists aren't as bad as they are all portrayed) and I am very happy with myself. I'm 5ft 5in and weigh 155lbs.

My advice to you is cherish yourself. You and everyone around you is unigue and beautiful. Seek help for your problems and don't be scared to love yourself.


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sweetie I'm 5"2' and I'm 165. I'm husky but I'm not fat. you have to accept who you are. God made each and every one in his own image and you are beautiful. I feel the same way about the weight thing. I always feel that I'll never get a b/f or have a real life. I do though. it took a long time to realize it and I'm still trying to pick up the pieces. keep faith. you'll fing that special someone if you havn't already@
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