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Author Topic: Tongue Peircings
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Ok, I want a tongue ring very very badly. I have wanted one since 1996 (lol I'm 17 now). I know 5 people who have gotten them, and theirs never got infected or anything. I am wondering a few things: 1.) What are the chances that mine will get infected? 2.) I've heard that if it hits a vein or something, you could die. How likely is this? 3.) how does this affect oral sex? (I mean, can you still do that when you have a tongue ring?). thanks!

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hey-if you really want it done--go for it! If it gets infected, take it out. Use the mouth wash they give you at least twice a day!! Very important! As for dying...thats hihly unlikely, they will look for a vein and not go through it, make sure you go somewhere clean and where they know what they are doing. As for oral makes it better!
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Oooooooo!! I love peircings. Haven't got one-but I love them.
For infection-you have as much of a risk as any one else. Chances are you won't get one if you keep it clean, using mouthwash, brushing etc. When you get it pierced, it will swell for a few days, and be kind of painful (but you can take ibueprofen for that). You'll get this plaque-y crap around the piercing, which shouldn't become harmful if you brush it away gently. If it does become infected, take it out immediately, and go visit your doctor for antibiotics.
If you go to even a mediocre piercer, hitting a vein shouldn't be a problem (and I'm not saying you shouldn't go for the best-always get piereced at a well known, sterile facility). To see where the veins in your tounge are, the piercer should thouroghly go over your tounge and mark where the barbell will go. But if a vein is hit, you can't really die, but it can temporarily or permenately paralyze your tounge.
You can do oral sex while you have a tounge ring. You just need to be careful that it doesn't get caught on your partner's condom (yes, do use a condom or dental dam, especially if you have an oral piercing). You might want to take it out before performing, but if you don't make sure the barbell is screwed on tight.
So if you really want one, go for it! Tounge piercings are said to hardly be painful, and they look great!
For more, check out

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I before E except after C

once again, the chances of you dying from a tongue piercing are about the same as a meteor crashing through your bedroom window right now and killing you. it could happen, but it's not too likely.

but you ahve to take care of those things. you don't know of anyone who had their piercing get infected, but i do. a guy in my caluclus class in high school had a bad piercing, and it caused his tongue to infect, swell up and hemorrhage. he was out of school for week.

i have enough trouble maintaining my ear piercings, which i have had before a lot of you were born, so as much as i'd like a tongue piercing, it's been out of the question for me.

as for fellatio, in some urban lore, people feel that a tongue piercing enhances their ability to perform oral sex. but that's hearsay.

also, i hope you have your parents backing you up on this because if I'm not mistaken, at a lot of places, you need to be 18 with valid ID to get a body piercing.

if you decide to go ahead with the body modification, take care of it, and be aware that if you decide that it's no longer right for you, there will be a scar on your tongue.

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Hey everyone, thanks alots! I just heard from my friend that you can't give oral sesx for 6 months after you give it..or something. Also, I'm not even gonna be having this done till this summer or so..cuz I'm only 17 and my mom always says not till I'm 18 (I won't be 18 by this summer, but I'll be out of High School)..maybe I can convince her. Lol!

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I know someone who got his tongue pierced, and he did a bit of research into it. Apparently tongue peircings actually get infected a lot LESS than other piercings because the mouth has some sorts of natural disinfectants in it. You have trouble eating for the first couple of days.

I didn't ask him about the rules for oral sex, but I would say taking extra care to make sure the condom doesn't tear sounds good to me. The thing about waiting six months before doing it sounds somewhat odd though. If that was the case you'd have to wait six months before putting anything in your mouth. If it's supposed to be due to healing time, the fact is that tongue piercings aren't like ear piercings, which heal after about a month, and in many cases after that you can go for ages without wearing earrings, and the holes will still be there. I've gone months at a time without wearing earrings myself, and my holes have never closed up. Tongue piercings, however, will always heal up in a matter of days, so I would imagine that they don't heal over in the way that ear piercings do.

And just a disclaimer- most of this comes from things I've been told by someone who got their tongue pierced- I haven't read any of it, and if I am wrong in any of it, please correct me.

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You'll be fine if you do what everyone is telling you to do~clean it and take care of it! Gumdropgirl your so funny!! lol....But neways I have this friend and she got TWO tonuge peircing. TWO!!!! But the one did get infected and she had to take it out.
I have heard that oral sex is better with it peirced, but I wouldny know cuz my boyfriend doesnt have his peirced.
I dont have anyhting peirced on me but my ears, and when I get an infection, ewwww, they hurt and get all crusty and nasty! So just becareful and take are of it right, if you do that you should be A-OK!!

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i was going to get my tongue pierced but they said that i cant becasue of the way the veins run through my tongue. my husband has his done though


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Usually, they'll peirce it right in the middle of your tongue, between the muscular tissues. (your tongue is actually two muscles connected in the middle by fascia)

However, you can still get your tongue peirced if the hole on the bottom is placed off-center, away from the vein. It's a pretty typical procedure, and although you'll have a crooked tongue ring, it will pretty much look the same, since not a lot of people see the whole thing.
you can also get different sorts of placements, like off to the side, or even the tip (which can sometimes cause problems with teeth and gums).

No one ever said that tongue rings HAVE to be done dead center... and besides, wouldn't you want to be just a little different?

Tongue rings are less likely to get infected... although i've heard of tongue infections. Just be sure to rinse with DILUTED mouthwash (1:2) every time you eat , drink or smoke.

the healing process takes about 4 weeks, and after 8 it should be healed enough for oral sex...

happy peircing!

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