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Author Topic: Birth Control Methods
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What have you used, and what has worked for you and what hasn't (not just in terms of preventing pregnancy: finanically, in terms of ease of use, side effects, etc.)?

And when talking to your gynecologists, doctors or clinicans about birth control as a young adult, what have your experiences been? Have you ever been lectured or scolded for asking about it?

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Well, I've only ever been on the pill (ortho-tricyclen, ortho-novum, though now i'll be switching to Alesse28 because of high BP) and used condoms....and thats just way to easy to use those I've never had any side effects (well aside from my elevated blood pressure from ortho-novum) and nothing has ever been overly expensive, even when i was paying for my pills on my own from planned parenthood. Now my pills go through insurance so its only about $15 per prescription (two packs of pills). And condoms arent expensive and obviously not at all hard to find either.

I have never been scolded by my gynecologist, in fact she was very happy that i asked about it. My doctor keeps a log of information about you from year to year including if you're dating someone and how long. When i went to visit her last week for my yearly exam, she asked if i was still with my boyfriend and if we had engaged in intercourse like i thought we might. And i told her the truth, yes and just a few months ago. She was overwhelmed with joy to find that i had waited a little over a year to have intercourse with my boyrfriend. And we then continued to discuss why she wishes more of her patients would do things "the old fashion way"...

I think its very comforting to have a doctor that really cares about what is going on in your life. It definately makes it very easy to ask a question

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I was on Ortho Tri Cyclene for 2 years. I loved it, but after a while I found it very difficult to remember to take that little pill everyday. So I asked my doctor about switching to Ortho Evra. I LOVE IT.

My "periods" are much lighter and shorter then they were on the pill. It's easier for me to remember, too.

I wasn't really sexually active when I originally went on the pill. My mom was there too. My doctor was really nice about it. I went on it to control my periods first and foremost. The fact that it adds extra protection when I have sex is just an added bonus. The only lecture I got was the pro's and con's about hormonal birth control.

Financially, the patch is a bit more expensive, probably because it's newer. The pill we got a 3 month supply for $15 through the Boeing Insurance medication supply. It's mail-away pharamcy, and ours come from Nevada. The patch is about $35-40 a month. I'd do the patch, personally.

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I've been on the pill for a little over a year now. I'm currently on my second type. I started out on Aleese but it gave me bad mood swings and so now i'm on Triphasil. The side effects i get from the pill are swollen/tender breasts about two weeks before my period and a shortened period. My cramps are a lot lighter which is nice. On top of the pill i also use condoms. We use Kimono micro thin and love it. We've talked about trying some other types though because Kimono's are kind of expensive. My pills are covered by my insurance company and the condoms my boyfriend and i buy.

As for being lectured/scolded by my doctor? Yes i have expirenced that. When i went in for my first pap smear and getting the pill before i had sex she talked to me for about 20 minutes on how my boyfriend would probably not pay attention to my needs sexually and may forget the condom so i needed to make sure i made him use one. She talked to me about not being taken advantage of by my boyfriend and when i break up with my boyfriend to keep using condoms. She made gross generalizations about boys, specifically my boyfriend, and kept using a condecending tone of voice while explaining all of this. She talks to me like i'm too young to be having sex and that i need to beware of boys because they're evil and all they want is to get into my pants.

Since then i've tried to make all my appoinments with another doctor i enjoy much better. She asks if i want STD testing and just checks to make sure that i'm still using condom and that my relationship with my boyfriend is healthy.

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First off, my family doctor is uber Christian so I found it really difficult to talk to her about sexual things-she just didn't make me feel comfortable. I decided if I wanted someone a little more open-minded about this stuff, Planned Parenthodd or Family Planning was the way to go.

Planned Parenthood was very nice and very willing to answer all of my questions. One thing I did discover, however, is that doctors and nurses only know so much and that its very important to do your own research on things and let them know what you find. I am the most confident with doctors that are willing to admit that they don't know something and willing to listen to me and take into consideration what I have to bring to the table.

Knowing my forgetful self, I knew right away that the pill would not be a good idea. After speaking to them about my choices, I decided to go on Depo. I wasn't too concerned about the side-effects since I've not gotten them from anything else before. I was sure to go out and get Calcium supplements just to be on the safe side of things (especially since my grandmother has osteoporosis).

Well, things did not exactly turn out as planned. At first, I thought everything was great-wow, don't have to spend money on pads and tampons every month (this is before I dicovered great things like re-usable pads <include them in your book!> ), I don't have to worry about ruining my underwear, I can have sex anytime of the month without my partner being grossed out...

However, things rapidly began to change.

Suddenly, I didn't feel like ever having sex. I was never in the mood-even for masturbation.

I got the worst headaches I've ever experienced, not migraines, but very severe headaches that seemed to last forever, and OTC meds would help, but not make them fully go away.

At first there was spotting, but that went away soon. It took my awhile to realize, but I did soon enough-my vagina was not producing its natural discharge anymore, at least, not enough for me to need pantiliners really.

The final and major blow was the reality of not actually having my period. By the time I was ready for my 4th shot, I couldn't stand it anymore. I am one of those lucky girls that never has any problems with her period, it just comes and goes without cramps, bloating, irritability, and all the stuff you guys (or rather, gals) get. So, needless to say that when I started to get all those symptoms, I was a bit weirded out. Add to that the fact that I wasn't getting my period, and you'll see exactly why I became freaked out. In the end, it all just made me feel like less of a woman. I missed my period. I missed my body doing what it wanted to do.

So, in Oct '03 I switched to OrthoLo. I had been getting nauseous since my last shot so they thought that maybe a low dose of the pill would be better for me and advised me to take it at night.

My life in general had become more organized so I felt safe in taking on the responsibility of remembering the pill everday. I looked at my life overall to find a time I was most likely to remember to take it and got two watches (one to wear and one to have on my keys in case I forget to wear the other one). I have taken the pill religiously and never missed one yet. I'm back to not having symptoms or headaches and having a very much "in-the-mood" vulva

But of course, I have a drawback. I have been gettng my period twice every month! On schedule everytime, but twice-two very much full periods. Once 1/2 way through the pack, and again when I'm on my 2nd day of sugar pills.

This last month has been the worst though. Instead of getting two periods, my body just decided to keep bleeding, so since last Tuesday (its now Friday) I've had a full period. Tomorrow is my last day of actual pills until the sugar pills.

So I made an appointment and I guess I'll see what else is out there for my options. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm more than happy to hear them. I won't post my e-mail because I know you'll edit it, but I'm sure you can look it up in your database if need be.

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My mum had problems with the pill & headaches before she had me. That's why she stopped taking it. Condoms rock!!!


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I went to a local clinic and got Alesse for free...the lady was very nice and respectful of me. she made me feel comfertable and treadted me liek and equal. Alesse gave me very bad depression and anxiety so i went on a new pill with more hormones i think. so far everyhting is goign good.. I got no lectures and when i got a very bad UTI the lady at the clinc was really nice and supportive she agve me medication and made me feel comfertable with beign sexually active. It may be because i live in Canada as opposed to the US because i hear awful stories of doctors scoldin young women for using birth controll and gettign abrotions but the religious presure in Canada is much less.
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The only bc I've been on is Ortho Evra. I've been on that since August of last year, and it works wonders. I also use condoms as a back up method as well.

I have either had little or no cramps, my periods have been lighter, and my periods last 4 days instead of a week.

I am glad I got Ortho Evra tho, because I am very forgetful, and taking pills is something I forget to take all time (I'm already on other meds, and I STILL forget to take those).

The first 2 weeks I had the patches on, I would feel more nervous than usual, and I felt nauseous, but that was it. I haven't had that since then.

When I had my first gyno visit, I asked her if it would be okay if I started on a bc like Ortho Evra, she said "no problem!" She wrote the prescription out right then and there, no questions asked.



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As far as birth control, I'm on Ortho-Cyclen. The original reason I was on it was for irregular periods. I've been on it for almost a year now, and it's done wonders for my cycle and seems to be working for bc too.
I haven't noticed any side effects, other than my skin seems to have been more consistently clear since I started. As far as weight gain, I haven't noticed any that I can't attribute to my junk food habits. My breasts have gotten maybe a tiny bit fuller, but I haven't needed to go out and buy all new bras. I give Ortho-cyclen two thumbs up.

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This post is way old, but I may as well answer it.

I've always just used condoms, and I've never had a problem with them. I've thought about going on birth control a couple of times, but given that I've never had any condom incidents I don't particularly see why. (Yes, I know that it lessens my minimal chance of pregnancy, but honestly, not by all that much.) I also really dislike the thought of having foreign, potentially mood-altering chemicals in my body; I'm bad enough as it is. I'm also fairly sure that there's no possible way I'd remember to take a pill every day.

Besides, condoms are cheap, especially if you're in college, where most health places have either free or super-reduced prices. Speaking of which, I need to go pick up some more, I think I'm out. Anyway, it's definitely the way to go for me.

Nobody's ever yelled at me for having sex, they just always ask what kind of birth control I'm using and seem satisfied when I tell them. I did have one woman tell me that I should be using spermicide with condoms (which you shouldn't).

Before I was sexually active, I had an interesting encounter with my pediatrician. I was getting a checkup (I think I was 17, for reference) and in the middle of the questioning she asked whether I was sexually active. Technically, at that point, I hadn't had p-i-v intercourse yet, so I said no. Now, I knew that since I'd done just about everything but, I definitely was sexually active and should have told her that, but that's not the point of the story. I remember when I told her I wasn't, she said, "Oh thank God, I hate it when you kids come in here and tell me you're having sex!" Which earned a half hearted "heh heh heh..." from me.

Anyway, I'm really done now.

(PS--don't lie to your doctors, I'm a terrible example. But if it makes it better, I rectified the situation at my next visit and all my doctors know now. Even my dentist. OK, not my dentist, but you get the idea.)

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So far, condoms by themselves seem to be alright. Still, I realize the risks and sometimes I will feel "if I use it right I'll be alright" and other times I feel totally insecure and defenseless, wanting to curl up into a little ball with fear because I don't have tons of birth control available to me and I'm so afraid of the consequences. Those wise, literary elitists who like to state that courage is being afaid and doing it anyway, were not keeping sex in mind. Being afraid and doing it anyway can be the most life shattering advice. Play it as safe as possible. "Ovaries don't care what age you are."

"You know, for a man with no dignity, you certainly have a lot of dignity."

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