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Author Topic: A lump under my earlobe

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Oh my, I'm so scared, sometimes I get little zits around my ears, sometimes even inside them, but they usually go away. I noticed the other day a huge lump about the size of a marble under my earlobe. I suggested to myself it was another zit since I had one there in the past. It never really hurt though.

This "lump" under my earlobe (not behind my ear) is so sensitive. It hurts so bad, I mean it feels hard and like when your ears have been pierced and it's sensitive after and sometimes they get swollen, it feels like that. I know I didn't poke myself there or anything, I haven't worn earrings in my earlobes in forever (only the one in my left cartlidge). I think it may be a boil, could that be it?

Also, this may be helpful, the lump is under my right ear, now I have had my earlobes pierced for quite some time and I tried getting my entire ear pierced, like all of the access. Everytime I tried it, even a second hole, it would get real infected and I'd have to take them out and let them close up. Here about 3(?) years ago I had a bad ear infection and they said I had scrapes in my ear canal and that I shouldn't put Q-tips any further in my ear than the rims. I didn't listen and I still put them down there, but my ear isn't infected, I had that checked out. Could I have some kind of disease??

(Forgive me for asking so many questions, I was suspended for a week and I'm lost without it and all of these things, for me, are emergencies)

On my whole vulva I get benign sists and boils and stuff. Now as I'm sure you guys know, I'm obese. So I get these boils like on a regular basis. Back on January 4, 2001 I had to go to the emergency room because one was so bad, I couldn't even sit down and it covered my entire right labia. They lanced it (WHICH HURT SO FRIGGIN BAD!!!!). Just the other day I had just gotten through urinating and I wiped, and I noticed a large mass of blood. I knew I wasn't on my period, so I felt around my labia, I had another boil that covered the right side of my labia around my vaginal canal and urethra almost completely. That wasn't painful except when I took a q-tip and rubbed hydrogen peroxide on it. I had one above my clitoris, then I had one between my leg and my vulva (in that crease), which I might add was on the right side. It seems like everything happens to me on my right side. Could I have something wrong with the right side of my body? And is there any suggestions on why I keep getting these painful boils and benign sists on my vulva!?!? I am so scared! The doctor said it MIGHT be because of my being overweight but she wasn't exactly sure. Please, I am on my knees begging for help! I'm so scared. I know I'm kind of paranoid and usually things turn out to be nothing, but I don't know.

(In response to Beppie)

Beppie, that's why I come here, because my dad doesn't have a job and we don't have any kind of insurance, I have a medicade card which I can get a trip to the gyn with (i think), but I can't go see a doctor. I'm in tears right now, I'm so scared! This hurts so bad. I think it may be a boil, I'm gonna try soaking it in luke warm water with salt. If it's not gone by the end of this week, my mom said she'll take me to the ER... If anyone else has anything to add, please please do!

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For your first problem, see your family doctor. We can't tell if something is wrong over the internet, and none of us are doctors.

For your second problem, see your gyno. We honestly can't do anything for you- your gyno can, and it sounds like you need to get there pronto.

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I really have to go along w/ what Beppie said ... We're not doctors and we can't really tell you what's wrong.

I can, however, ease your worries a bit, i think. I get boils on my vagina and thighs all the time. I've had them ever since i started my period ... i get them under my arms sometimes too. I've been to a GP, a dermotologist and a GP specializing in gyn. ... And they're all stumped. I kept track of when they pop up and asked if it could have anything to do w/ my periods/hormones and that's the only thing we could come up w/. I was put on the birth control pill and now i only get them every few months. Being overweight could also be contributing b/c that was the first thing they told me to do; lose a bit of weight. Soaking in hot water and salt helps bring the infection to the surface so you can get rid of it (it'll hurt, but feel better in the long run) or just make it feel better anyway.

This is only my experiences ... but it's really important for you to see a doctor anyway. Infections are bad.

Good luck!

--Hollie West
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Ouch. I've got to agree with Beppie's advice to get help, becauseI really think these are problems you can't cure at home. I'd also suggest using camomile tea (don't I always?), on the boils for now, just to make them a bit more comfortable. The heat and herb should help draw out some of the toxins, but your doctor and gyn need to do the rest.
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This article from Web MD talks a lot about boils. You might want to read it and see if it helps you understand what's going on a little more:

boils (also called furuncles, carbuncles, and styes) are relatively common and usually pose no serious health threat. They can erupt around an inflamed hair follicle, usually on the face, scalp, underarm, thigh, or buttocks. Often, small boils arise and subside within a week or two. Deeper boils or boil sites with multiple pus-filled, pimple-like heads are probably caused by a staph infection and can recur in cycles or erratically for years after the first eruption.

Most boils respond well to a regimen of very warm compresses and careful cleansing procedures. Sometimes, however, boils fail to drain properly, or they become very painful and
inflamed. In such cases, a visit to the doctor to have the area drained usually is necessary,
and a 10-to-14-day cycle of oral antibiotics may be prescribed.

The article also has some health care ideas that you can do at home that might help you.

It's entirely possible (BUT I AM NOT A DOCTOR) that your boils are caused by a systemic staph infection or some kind of underlying infection. Only a doctor can confirm the presence of such an infection, and only a doctor can prescribe the necessary medications to treat such an infection.

In terms of being overweight, sometimes in the summer when it is hot or when I am engaging in lots of physical activity, chafing, sweat, or heat can lead me to get heat rashes or infected zits. I've found that taking showers after I get really sweaty, keeping dry, using cornstarch based powders such as Ammens or Gold Bond help a lot to keep that sort of problem at bay.


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Words of wisdow from entropie, who's having posting problems:

I thought I'd just add in that there is a huge possibility that these lumps are actually swollen lymph glands (or lymphatic drainage areas). Mine pop up quite regulary (sometimes accompanied by pain, sometimes not). They usually go down in a few days, but can be a sign of something being wrong, so it is always best to get checked out by a medical professional.


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