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» Scarleteen Boards: 2000 - 2014 (Archive) » SCARLETEEN CENTRAL » Sex in Media: Books, Magazines, Films, TV & More » Love Line (a long rant from the SoupPrincess)

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Author Topic: Love Line (a long rant from the SoupPrincess)
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I realize that Love Line is not a book or a magazine, but I hope that it qualifies as an other form of media.

Loveline was my first introduction to many of the same issues and problems that are discussed here. I started listening to it because it was on the radio at the same time I drove home from work every night. I was quickly hooked. However, I grew bored and andgry at it very quickly.

Many of the same questions that Scarleteeb answers are also posed on loveline. However, it takes a very differend aproach to them. The questions are answered by Dr. Drew, who, as his name implies is some sort of doctor, and Adam Corolla, who doesnt apear to have any sex education credentials at all. Although Dr. Drew tries to answer questions as best he can, Adam Carolla often undermines his advice by making fun of the callers and giving bad advice.

No effort is made to screen the calls that are answered for their relavence or apropriateness. The same questions are asked over and over again, and many of the question seem pulled out of the air, something that real people are not actually struggling with. For example, one girl called the show to share how she masturbated with Jello and a turkey baster. Like The Jerry Springer Show, a sort of freak show atmosphere prevails. A disrespectfull attitude is taken towards the callers, many are insulted and their problems are made fun of.

What is more important, Love Line does not share Scarleteen's views on the importance of condoms. Very little effort is put into supporting safer sex. I cannot think of a single instance in my entire history of watching and listening to this show that a caller was advised to wear a condom for oral sex or for sexual activity outside of intercourse.

Love Line is very popular where I live, and it distresses me that people will get the wrong idea about sexual health and safety by listening toit/ watching it/ going to its website.

(Thank you all for listening to me rant.)

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Lady Moonlight
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SoupPrincess, I have to say that you have more tolerance than I do. So far, I don't think I've been able to listen for more than five minutes because I get so angry and frustrated. I agree that at least one of the hosts seems far more interested in being sarcastic and witty (read: making fun of the callers) than in actually giving real and helpful advice.

For example, the first time I ever heard the show, a guy called in wanting to know if his homosexual urges were "normal". Adam immediately jumped in and asked him if he still had his "behymen". What he wanted to know was whether the caller had had anal sex, a question that was unhelpful, irrelevant, and intidimating. The caller didn't even understand the term (it took me a minute to figure it out myself) but the guy's need for reassurance and education was obvious, and he sure didn't get any from Love Line.

How sad that many folks may not know that there are other (and far better) sources of information.

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Gumdrop Girl
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Adam Corolla is a disc jockey at Los Angeles KROQ by trade, but his in-your-ear approach to DJing landed him in the co-pilot seat after Ricky Rachtman left the station (to go to KLOS, think -- Angelenos back me up on this?).

I'll give Dr. Drew Pinsky a thumbs up, though 'cause he has to work with a housebroken gorilla.

The thing you have to realize with certain media are the demographics they attract. Loveline is on MTV and carried on Alt. Rock radio. We know MTV to be the mind-numbing, insipid, sheep-farming, lowest common denominator already, so I'll say a bit about what my experience in radio promotions has taught me. Practically every alt. rock radio station in America has Howerd Stern as their morning show. If that doesn't already say something, I don't know what does. Their target audience is the 14-25 age bracket, and predominantly male. Two, radio is something of an idiot medium. You click on the radio and listen. That's not like a website, which requires a minimal amount of computer savvy to use, or even a magazine which requires a menial amount of literacy.

No wonder all you hear are the nutbags.

Actually, the callers are screened by production staff before their calls are answered. They ask their name, age and problem, all of which information is easily falsified.

As for the attention paid to safer sex methods, it seems to me that Dr. Drew is more apt to advocate abstinance. no column or program I have ever read or listened to has advocated condoms more than this one. The Sex on Tuesday column at my uni is appallingly devoid of condom awareness. condom use is usually mentioned at the very end of the column and weighed in as viable an option as risky fluid bonding activities.

Huffing and puffing, oh lord, I can't even keep up with myself anymore.

I'll let you know if I need to mouth off again...

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for one, i love the show loveline! and besides the people that call them are listeners they know that dr. drew will take them seriously and that adam will not. thats why they call. not many people will be interested in the show if adam was not on there. it makes it funny. and besides, the show came on mtv. it cant be all serious. they answer the questions. and when it comes to like rape or molestation victims, or something of that sort even adam corolla is serious. he knows when to be serious and when to goof off. and one reason they dont stress the condom issue is because people dont want to be calling in and talking to their parents. they dont want to be critisized about what they are doing. remember most of the people that call loveline are not as mature as the people on scarleteen. viewers and listeners of loveline know what its all about. they dont take offense to it.


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I like Love Line too. Not for its advice though; for its humor. Sometimes Adam does go a bit far though. Dr. Drew is sometimes goofy because he's with Adam (it rubs off, I guess.) But if you look at his web site, it's got a lot of information in it.

I think of Love Line as opposite advice. Some advice is really rediculious, so I would do the opposite. This is not always true though. When I want advice, I come here.

Unhappykoger is right about seriousness. When it comes to molesting, rape, etc. Both guys are happy to help, and serious. Dr. Drew gives out hotline phone numbers and stuff.

I like Love Line, but I do agree the advice they give is not always accurate.

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Heck, I listened to loveline for months. It has moments where it is extremely entertaining, and I think that Adam Carolla is on The Man Show is pretty entertaining too.

However, I just can't shake the feeling that people who are trying to get advice are brushed off and not taken seriously. I think that Loveline should decide wether it wants to be merely for entertainment or for information because when the two are combined, it is neither entertaining nor educational.

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I'm in agreement with you on this one, Soup, from the little I've heard.

Rape and molestation aren't the only serious sexual matters out there. STDs are darn serious. Look at someone who is dying from one, and you get the picture.

As an author for many years, I've always been one for responsible journalism, and this subject matter -- in whatever media, when presented as fact and help -- certainly should fall under that umbrella.

The assumption being made with things like this is that everyone gets that it is supposed to be humourous, and thus, knows to take it with a grain of salt. Unfortunately, a lot of people just aren't that bright.

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Lady Moonlight
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I'd just like to throw one more comment into the pot on this topic.

Some friends and I were discussing LoveLine and how much it infuriates us the other evening, when one of my girlfriends had probably the most offensive story yet. Apparently a woman called in very upset because she had been sexually abused by her father (or maybe stepfather) as a teen and now as an adult had recently found out that she couldn't have children. She stated that she felt "cursed by God" and was generally very upset. Adam leaped in and responded that it was just as well that she was barren because all sexual abuse victims make lousy parents and should never have kids. Really.

My friend is a sex abuse survivor (NOT "victim", as she makes clear), has been happily married for over 5 years. She is also 5 months pregnant with a very wanted baby. Needless to say, she went ballistic.

Furthermore, I totally agree with her. I plan to write the local radio station which carries LoveLine and explain why I do not listen while it is on. I would also request that anyone here who feels the same way would do the same. Letters to radio stations may have an impact if there are enough of them. Similarly, letters to whoever advertises on MTV during the LoveLine time slot might have some impact. After all, if offended people are turning off the TV or radio then the advertising isn't reaching us. Money talks, even if common sense and good taste doesn't.

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