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Author Topic: Break the chain: Alcoholism
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My grandparents are alcoholics. I consider my dad to be an alcoholic at times. My aunts and uncles have been touched by it ...

And I'm 2-4 times more likely to follow in their footsteps, than anyone who does not have a direct relative battling this disease.

Our fate lies in our own hands. It's a fight ... To not get someone old enough to pick you up that case of beer so you can get plastered, to drown your troubles. Or steal your fathers bottle of vodka and down it in a matter of hours. By numbing the present, you're creating problems for your future. And your future children, should you have them.

Has anyone been affected by this? Either yourself personally, family members, friends ... How do you deal w/ it? Have they gotten help? What can you suggest to other scarleteeners in the same position?

Check out this article for more info ...

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my boyfriend, yes. (i hope he doesn't read this site.)...alcoholism runs in his family. his grandmother killed herself because of it. he knows that he's at a higher risk. i'm not really sure how it affects him, actually. i know i worry about him more than i would otherwise, if he didn't have such a big risk factor. when he comes home to visit me, he brings some vodka or something home and he takes shots by himself before bed. does that make him an alcoholic? no. not really. but it does make me worry...especially because he doesn't see anything unusual about it.


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My father is a big alcoholic; plus my mother, my father and all three of my sisters all smoke.

Strange, I've not touched a drop of alcohol in months, and the closest I've come to having a smoke is having an unlit cigarette in my mouth.

I'm a weak person. I have very little willpower. Yet I manage to stay clean. I wish more people found it as easy as I do

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Since before I was born my mother was a alcoholic and my father was a drug addict. My father eventually got help shorty after I was born because he wanted to be able to live and take care of his first child.
Sadly my mother is still addicted to alcohol and doesn't want help. This runs through her family. Many of my cousins are borderline alcholics and their parents are the same or worse. There is the exceptional few that haven't sucumed to this(They had a childhood I wouldn't want my worst ememy to go through). I am now 19 years old and have realized how dangerous this is to me. I used to hang out with friends that drank and did drugs... that has great reduced since. I have things I wanna do in life and dealing with problems like that are not part of it. So its something I deal with one day at a time.

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I wouldn't call my dad an alcoholic but he drinks alot and at one stage he drank until his liver was close to giving way. He goes out with his friends alot and when they go out, they drink. Alot. But other than that, he doesn't.

My mum said my dad used to sleep by the roadside after he was done drinking and only came home when he was sober enough to drive. But he has been cutting down alot because every doctor he sees issues stern warnings that he ahs to cut down.

Personally, I hate alcohol. The taste has never appealed to me. Now, chocolate. That's another thing. My brother seems to like to drink though. He takes sips of my father's brandy, wine and beer. And he's 11. That might be something to worry about. Although it could be just a natural curiousity as to what alcohol tastes like.

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hey i know how you are feeling, my mom and dad were both alcoholics and it is something i am hoping to avoid to adn i know it is not one of those easy things but you have to realize, that since we have seen the effeccts of it we are stronger and we have more motovation to not become alcoholics!

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All my family are alcoholics and since they come from Europe, its ok for me to drink it, which makes it harder to resist. I used to be an alcoholic, but I am recovering since I got alcohol poisoning. Its tough, but I find it easier if you aren't around people that drink. But thats just me...
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alcoholism runs in my family. my grandfather, whom i adored, died of cirrhosis as a result of alcoholism. my dad drank a LOT when i was a little kid, but eventually quit.

i've seen the damage that alcoholism can do to everyone around the alcoholic. my best friend's dad used to get drunk and beat her, and she'd call me crying at 3 am. (and it was funny- because when this dad wasn't drunk, he was the nicest guy in the world. he had a very high ranking job, the family lived in a beautiful house, he just wasn't the type you'd think would turn alcoholic. well, neither did my grandfather. it can happen to ANYONE.) he eventually went to rehab, quit drinking, but has health problems today because of his years of drinking.

i, myself, don't drink. i think there are too many risks associated with it (not to mention alcoholism, but the risks of sexual assault go up a lot when you're drunk. and i don't even think i need to get into drunk driving.), and besides that.. it just doesn't taste good to me.

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My grandfather, who died when my dad was four, was an alcoholic. It was what killed him, and my dad has no real memories of him apart from him being drunk and abusive to himself and his mother, even though they were divorced before he was even born.
It scares me that I probably have that tendency (and i do have an obsessive personality, I have to say) and because of that I have chosen never to drink. The few times that I have broken this I have made an absolute idiot of myself, as the tiniest amount of alcohol makes me as drunk as a, erm, very drunk thing. Last time I had anything was to drink was at a friend's party. I ahd the tiniest amount of someone elses WKD(alcoholic Irn-Bru) and ended up on the floor screaming 'I want a shag!' to anyone who would listen and throwing up in the toilets. So, I don't really get why people do this for pleasure.
I'd like to say my friends respected my decision, but they often don't. Until they see me paralyitic when they've given me something to drink. But they still drink way more than they should, and that worries me. But they won't listen to my 'evils of drink' speech-perhaps I shouldn't be so damn preachy but they're just so stupid with it it makes me mad.
Once again, that was a long incoherent and pointless post but that's my general feelings.

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Is alcoholism really hereditery? My grandmother was/is an alcoholic, so how likely is it for me to be an alcoholic.,,
also how do you *know if you are an alcoholic?

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Gumdrop Girl
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It's not hereditary in the sense that one day you will suddenly be seized by an overwhelming urge to pound a fifth of vodka.

However, some people have a genetic disposition to become addicted to chemicals. Once they start using a certain chemical, they are quick to become physically dependent on it. They pass this genetic disposition on to their children. If their children inherit the trait, they too will find it easier to become addicted to certain substances.

In the case of alcoholics, yes, they have to start drinking before they can get addicted. If you know your family has a history of dependency of alcohol, chances are, you will be more prone to become dependent, too, if you start drinking. Can I give you a number or percent predicting your likelihood of becoming an alcoholic? no. but if it's in your bloodline, I'd take that as a sign to be really careful.

Check out this quiz to determine if you have a drinking problem.

¿Qué es el dealio?

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