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Author Topic: I need your help! Im freaking out about my exams!
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I didnt know whether this is the right place to post this so i thought id do it here!
I have my GCSE's in four or five weeks and i am panicking so much! Does anyone have any advice about revisisng techniques, not being nervous, and doing well in the exam? Pls help! I really wanna do well!
M x x x x

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For writing history/lit/anthro, etc. papers:

Outline before you tackle anything - major points of proof with supporting details. Set up your thesis after your outline is good to go, and create a strong introduction. This will give you a guideline as you write - you will have a "map" for your exam.

For revisions, isolate weak areas of your exams first, and correct those before you proofread the exam at large. That way you cover any gaps in your paper. Make sure to proof as well.

Say you've got 4 hours to sit an exam. (I get 6 1/2 hours in the US - I'm a Ph.D candidate in history). Your timetable should be something like this:
30 minutes - outline
2 hours - write
30 minutes - revise weak areas
30 minutes - proofread
10 minutes - rest (your eyes, writing hand and brain will benefit)
20 minutes - proof again

To not be nervous - make sure you get enough sleep (at least 8 hours) during the week before the exam, and the night before. Eat healthy; that will lessen stomach upset. Remind yourself that you know your subject cold. The more confident you are to begin with, the less nervous you should be. If you do get nervous, take a deep breath. Stretch in your seat; if you can get up and stretch, do that.

Hope this helps.

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Everyone has their own study and learning style; the important thing is that you see the information as many times as possible, especially for a topic where memorization of facts or dates is important.

Based on what works for me (I'm studying for finals at the moment, and this is basically what I do for every class):
-go through your class notes and highlight or underline the major or important pieces of information
-do the same with the textbook
-go through your notes and book again and copy out whatever you've underlined or highlighted (you'll end up with an outline of the course that covers all the important bits, and this is something you can look over as many times as you want)

Using index cards or something of the sort can also help you test yourself - put a question on one side, the answer on the other. For sciences like physics and chemistry, or any kind of math, doing practice questions is pretty key. If you can get your hands on practice exams, those are great study tools.

Good luck!

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I know how you feel meg, i myself hate exams why do they have to be so big and important, grrr. I get so over nervous I wanna be sick. Anyway this is not helping - let me see hmm...

...I think a helpfull thing to do is, for subjects where you have to remember alot of information (Biology or Admin) if you have a textbook you could try looking through the topics and wrting down all the bits you can never remember, like in biology the Nitrogen Cycle (who on earth figured that thing out, i hate it) and just keep going over it, maybe every morning and every night. But if ure like me and forget alot, then pin it up somewhere u'll see it inure room. Yes i no it is very tempting to put it in the bin, but thats not how to do it [Razz]

Another tip, and i know your probably bored stiff reading this, for something like maths (where equations and quick methods are the key) but those little sticky notes, and write inportant equations on them and stick them around the house (u'll drive everyone crazy but at least u'll pass), to remind you when you go into the kitchen for milk and cookies (my stress reliever [Razz] ) you'll remember the most difficult sum 2+2=5 [Razz] or 4 i think ... oh dear

Oh and another one, *everyone sighs*, try studying in different places that way you dnt get bored. Like one day you could study in your room music blaring, and the other you could study in the garden (yes this sounds lame, but if it's sunny it might cheer you up a bit)

There thats all I can think of.

Good Luck and just try your best. Happy Revising [Razz] [Smile]

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Here's one I used a lot for chemistry: Take a bright red lipstick and write out important equations on your bathroom mirror. That way, you can review them while you brush your teeth and you're basically forced to at least glance at them several times a day.

Also, invest in different coloured pens and copy down all of your notes. If you're like me, you scribble your notes in class in a thoroughly unorganized fashion, so going over them, sorting them out, and organizing them in a logical way helps. Underline important names/dates/terms with different colours, so when you're looking for something specific it's easier to find.

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Hey there. I am currently doing AS Levels and was in the exact same situtaion as you last year.

For revision techniques, it depends how you learn.

if you learn by reading and writing then make spider diagrams. Colouring them in also helps because your brain will be stimulated by the colour and help you to remember it. Stick it on your wall somewhere you will see it everyday and just spend about 10-15 minutes reading it through out the day so once when you get up before you go to bed, if you pop into that room for something during the day etc.

If you learn by listening, record yourself saying key points onto a tape or your mp3 or iPod or whatever and listen to it over and over again.

If you learn by doing associate the key points to objects and make stories out of it.

However you learn, try to make it colourful, light and fun. It's been proved that the more it stimulates your brain the easier it is to revise it and remember it.

Also, try not to stress too much. I'm a terrible one for that and have even had medical notes from the doctor to the school asking if i can do my exams by myself away from everyone else as exam rooms stress me out so much that i have panic attacks and pass out and all sorts and am so exhausted by the end of an exam that i can barely move (of course i have a medical condition that is aggravated by stress anyway). Try not to get like that! it's not fun and it's certainly not healthy.

Try some deep breathing for 5 minutes before your exam. Sit down and stretch out as much as possible, even lie down if you can, and breath in for three seconds hold for three breath out for three. It takes some practice but it gets oxygen into your body and relaxes you and wakes up your head at the same time. Try not to revise immediately before the exam too. Try to make your last revision for that exam at least two hours before, the night before preferably.

Other common sense things should be done too. Get a good nights sleep before the exam, get up at a reasonable hour so that you're not too tired but still not late for the exam. When you get there try to relax yourself as much as possible, the breathing technique is good for that. If you can take a drink and something to eat whilst in the exam take a bottle of water and some low sugar sweets. the water keeps you alert and is good for you as a bonus and the low sugar sweets will keep your blood sugar high enough that you wont suddenly get ravenous during the exam but low enough that you wont go hyper active. During the exam don't rush yourself, do what you can then go back and finish off other stuff. If it's an essay exam spend a few minutes planning at the start adn leave two or three minutes at the end to spell check and proofread. If you finish early check your work and then think about something else. Going over and over the exam in your head and thinking about whether you've passed or failed will do you no good at all and will only upset you because the likely hood is that if you dont feel you've done very well you'll be even more upset by the time you leave the exam hall having convinced yourself you've failed.

Most importantly, don't think about results day until it's about a week before. And even then give it minimal brain space. It avoids you upsetting yourself or getting stressed about whether you've passed or failed. And always remember that you have plenty of options no matter what your results are.

Good luck and i really hope at least some of this has helped!

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short, quick, and to the point-studies have shown (hahah im sounding SO smart) that eating different things can trigger memory, relax the body, or other stuff [Smile]

~chocolate relaxes the body
~mint triggers memory
~chewing gum while studying, then chewing that same flavor while taking the tests will asociate flavor with knowledge i think? worked for me
~aromatherapy, wear a perfume that makes you take a deep breath and enjoy the scent [Smile] oh wow, im sounding like such a hippie [Smile] te he

well im sure all will go well, and dont sweat it! think about happy things, or something exciting comming up, like SUMMER!!!

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