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Author Topic: I am an Anarchist....
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And people think because of this i am selfish, inconsiderate, stupid, and disrespectfull. In some way's i am, all of the above, but not in the way that is speculated. I am a very nice, and helpfull person, and yeah i basically do whatever i want to, i don't recklessly, (most of the time) and i love a lot of people. i don't kill people, throw rocks,build bombs or wear all black. But i do have a beliefe that if i wanted to i should be able to.

I don't think anarchy has been viewed correctly by most, people think if we had the right to do whatver the wanted we would have crazy folks everywhere raping and killing. The validity of this assumption is in your own heart, what would you do if you had no rules imposed on you?

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I have yet to see a society that would survive if it was stripped of its rules.

That said, I am fundamentally in favour of obliterating the present capitalist system, and replacing it with something that works. An hour or two of a lawyer's time should never be worth more than a year of life for a child.

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I agree with ThisGuy. I personally have yet to see a society that can survive without any form of rules and laws. And the country I live in is one with some of the strictest laws. I used to hate them but as I grow older, I realise that they are there for a very good reason.

So until that day comes when there are no laws I think we should all learn to respect the ones that have been laid down. If you are unhappy about them, write a letter to someone in authority who might be able to do something about the laws which you feel are useless and worthless.

That is your freedom.

I don't think I could survive in a society without laws. Sure, if I could I would love to make up my own laws and rulings but other than that, I appreciate and respect the laws my country has made. And if I am unhappy about them, I write in to the Forum pages or to the respective ministries.

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A agree with the American form of government which is a Constitutional Republic. While full democracy is bad, a republican form of government is the only sane compromise. Within our Constitutional Republic we have states' rights which help to make our republic better. That is what my ancestors fought and died for in the War Between the States (1861-1865). They fought and died for states' rights and Virginia is proud of them.

"The greatest danger to American freedom is a government that ignores the Constitution."

-Thomas Jefferson

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I agree; too many people think that anarchy = chaos and smashing things. I'm sure that any idiot punks who actually believe this and claim they're anarchists when they're just destructive aren't helping this image much.

I'm not an anarchist myself, but I'm pretty close. I do think that the government is waaaaay too big right now (I'm speaking of the U.S. government in particular, but any of the first world governments fall under this category). Personally, I think that some rules, the ones that keep one person (or a thousand) from directly violating the rights of another -- such as laws that put convicted rapists, murderers, and theives in jail, or laws that forbid companies from doing something like letting carcinogens leak into the local drinking water -- are beneficial to society. If society were stripped of it's rules, I'd work hard to reinstate those rules, if only for my own safety. And once they were, I'd stop and be delighted, because that would be my ideal government. Of course, I doubt it'd last, as a lot of people out there have a different view of the government's job and would be working hard to reinstate the laws that reflected their views. Bah.

To the rational mind there can be no offense, no obscenity, no blasphemy, but only information of greater or lesser value.
-- Jennifer Diane Reitz

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"A government is like a fire: a handy servant, but a dangerous master."
--George Washington

I believe that the key to having a smaller and less intrusive Federal government lies with states' rights as granted in the 9th and 10th Amendments. I don't especially like how the Federal government has gotten to such a huge size. I believe that the bigger a government gets, the more it abuses it's power.

"The greatest danger to American freedom is a government that ignores the Constitution."

-Thomas Jefferson

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'Be whatever you want, do whatever you want, so long as you don't hurt anyone.'

Have I got my Hair right? I agree with that statement, for the most part, and realise that a hell of a lot of the laws we've got exist to enforce it, so I follow them. And if something bothers me, I try to act on it. I've worked and voted for a political party because I agreed with its platforms, which is a pretty simple and effective thing to do. My only problems with the above-mentioned idea is that it doesn't make explicitly clear that 'anyone' includes yourself, and that it's not very pro-active.
My partner, as a Wiccan, follows the 'An thou harm none, do as thou wilt' rede, which is very similar, and works for him, but again, I just don't find it provides enough guidance for me. If things bother you enough that you want to state them on a webboard like this, why not do something to actively change them, rather than complaining when people don't agree with you? Education and action are vital to any movement.

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You think that if you wanted to kill someone you should be able to? But you ARE able to. Anyone is. People kill other people. Are there 'rules' against killing? Yes. But if people should be able to do whatever they want to, and they want to make rules like that, then they should be able to make rules like that, QED. I think you need to elucidate your beliefs.

Personally, I see no appeal to a life without guidelines, rules, and limitations. Without pattern, without limit, without rule, this cosmos would not exist. This brief flare of life of which I am a part is an organized system and could not be any other way. The fact that it is organization on borrowed time (entropy will one day prevail) makes it to me all the more precious. We are a system existing in pattern, supported by outside energy, passing through time, given meaning by chaos and chance. I am grateful to be a part of it momentarily.

Now, because I know that I am a part of this wonderful thing, I know as well that whatever I do is part of the pattern, even if/as it is destructive to it. Yet because I am a creature with a symbolic brain and because I am Glad to be part of the pattern, I wish to honor it by living in my own rules and patterns. Sometimes these are those of the DC and sometimes they are not, but they are meaningful in as much as they are shared, not mine alone.

So I don't know how to answer your question. If I had no rules imposed on me? What about gravity? If gravity wasn't imposed on me, I'd die. What about the rules that govern language? Without them, you wouldn't understand what I'm writing right now, and I wouldn't understand what you wrote. I don't feel constrained by "society's rules," though often disgusted and diappointed in them. But I know that I can live, and live well, without a car or a job or high heels or money. I'm very confident in my ability to care for myself and my own, and with that matter settled, my interest in "society's rules" is one of playful, and yes, sometimes deconstructive, curiosity. But by and all, I spend most of my time thinking about MY rules and life's rules.

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